14 March, 2012

Food Republic @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre [Part 1]

Frankly speaking, I have not visited the food court at One Utama despite of my numerous visits to the shopping mall. Hearing that the Food Republic is opened since last July with diversified choices, I am tempted to have a try there.

It indeed overturns old perceptions of food court dining to fresh outlooks at new heights with new hopes and ideals. With an array of hawker food and express outlets (15 tenants altogether), I'm impressed with the good services from each stall.

#1 Salmon Pepper Rice with Cheese @ RM12.90 
(Add RM2.00 for cheese)

My all-time favourite at Food Republic is this hot sizzling plate from Pepper Lunch Express. Despite of the wide selection of chicken and beef, the best-selling hot plate is no other than this Salmon rice.

The iron plate consists of generous amounts of fresh Norwegian salmon, rice, corns and some hidden delicious cheese. All I need to do is to mix them evenly to cook well and serve it while hot! How simple it is for a filling meal. 

Originated from Tokyo, Japan, Pepper Lunch is famous for its pepper and the signature salty honey sauce. Both act as a flavourful condiment to spice up the dish! Enjoy it yourself, and you'd fall in love with it.

 #2 BBQ Chicken Drumstick Rice @ RM 7.90

Call me a typical Chinese, I have strong liking towards the chicken rice from Hong Kong Roast. With the crispy roasted skin, the meat is savory and I can hardly see fatty meats there. The secret of the dish is the thick honey hoisin sauce (family recipe of course!) which we normally use to roast in a Chinese style to make the skin into sticky sweet perfection.

 #3 Shish Tawook @ RM 15.00 (Chicken Skewers)

The next one in my Top 3 list includes this healthy platter from Tarbush Express, a Middle Eastern cuisine. Cubes of juicy boneless chicken breast are skewered and grilled to perfection along with pickled onions, fresh crunchy salad and fries.

It's suitable for a bread person like me as it comes with some flat bread, allowing me to have a pita wrap of the lettuce, tomatoes and pickled turnips. This sandwich version is indeed low-fat and healthy!

If you don't love having sandwich, then enjoy the dish on a platter with French fries.

Best served with Tarbush special garlic sauce, this Kebab platter is very unique and one of its kind. I'm quite satisfied with the exotically spiced chicken, although some say healthy seldom tastes that good.

If the above is not up to your preference,  
then stay tuned for other cuisines served in the Food Republic!

A full list of tenants there include:
  • Farmhouse Chicken Rice
  • Serimuka (East Coast Malay food)
  • Little Wok ("Tai Chow" in little wok style)
  • Rama 9 (Thai food)
  • Pepper Lunch Express VISITED
  • Hong Kong Roast VISITED
  • Shokuji (Japanese bento set)
  • Tarbush Express VISITED
  • Hot Plate (Fusion and local food on sizzling hot plate)
  • Western Cuisine Express
  • Teppanyaki Express
1. Personally, among all, I'd still go for Pepper Lunch and Tarbush.
2. The place is very inviting, with affordable price range. It pleases me well, considering the quality of the food. 
3. The non-smoking eatery is a bonus for me.

Food Republic 
S346-S347, Second Floor, 
One Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 
Bandar Utama City Centre, 
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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