17 July, 2018

Ledgit Blockchain Company Opens in Sentul, KL

Congratulations Ledgit for the grand opening of its very first headquarters office
in Pusat Perdagangan D6, Sentul!

Ledgit is not something new to me, as I have attended its very first eye-opening event in the digital ledger and blockchain industry - ‘The Future of Blockchain Industry Forum’ held in KLCC few months ago. Officiated by the CEO of Ledgit, Mr Ivan Ku, the event was a huge success with attendance of over 1000 participants from various industries and countries.

After I gained better insight on how the blockchain technology increases the effectiveness and efficiency in various industries and transforms the way of doing businesses during the forum, it was another honour to be invited to Ledgit's office grand opening ceremony.

The grand opening event is pretty short and sweet. It starts with a few words from the CEO, Ivan and a sharing session on what Ledgit is all about. The highlight of the day is the ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by group photo opportunity and media interview with Ivan. 

If you do not already know about Ledgit, Ledgit is probably something new that you haven’t thought of in the past. The masterminds behind Ledgit merges the ever popular blockchain technology and the smart applications platform to provide various solutions for us in the supply chain and cultural segments.

Regardless of which industry you are currently in, I am sure that you can benefit from utilising this technology to achieve a better competitive advantage, efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, it benefits the global financial market by adapting new ways to invest, facilitate peer to peer electronic cash transactions and more importantly for the betterment of financial ecosystem.

During the grand opening, Ledgit has also introduced us to its latest smart app: LEDGIT - Product Provenance, currently available at Google Play Store. The app can be utilised especially in the supply chain to increase the transparency, trust and efficiency in the overall flow.

With this, you can trace and track the origins of every physical products throughout the entire chain in order to be assured of the authenticity of the said products and to provide a high trust in goods especially in daily consumption products and luxury brands.

Here's a quick introduction on how Ledgit's smart app works.

With the application of “Ownership Transfer” integrated into Ledgit’s app and database, products are recorded throughout every point in the supply chain from manufacturers to distributors to retailers until end-users.

Using blockchain technology, it also provides certain features in the cultural aspects such as recording the intangible values such as cultures, beliefs, festivals, upbringings, skillsets, legacies, messages etc in their app and database.

I find this solution pretty fresh and interesting. Definitely suitable for each and every of us in the aspects of supply chain and cultural heritage. Like what Ivan says, Ledgit always holds to its tagline: “Rediscover The Origin, Leave Your Legacy”. 

Now let's watch how Ledgit can transform and improve the current supply chain and connecting the world by preserving cultures and legacies.

Feel free to visit Ledgit at:

D6-5-8, Level 5,
Pusat Perdagangan D6,
Jalan Sentul,
51000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2733 4645
Email: support@ledgit.com

Or join Ledgit on social media network:
Website: www.ledgit.com
Facebook: fb.com/LEDGITapps
Telegram: Join Group Chat

Scan QR Code below for WeChat Official Group:


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