11 January, 2009

Finally… I know that he has finally recovered.
Finally… I have made up my mind to take EST for SPM =Xx
Finally… I know I AM also alright with the silly things happened.
Finally… I have got my hair done too.
Super-straight like now is fugly, I know =Xx
But I gotta be patient for a whole month to get the natural look of my hair once again T_T

I supposed to go to APT for hair-straighten, but since the professional hairdresser had gone to another branch of APT, I have had to visit La’fiil instead of E & M where the place was extremely crowded. And if you want to do anything with your hair, don’t ever go to La’fiil in Carrefour. The service given sucks from the beginning to the end = =



P/S: It may not show significant look in both the pictures. BUT when you see it by your eyes, you will know :)


First of all, I made it a very open talk here, because I, too want you yourself to read this xD. You thought I would not know you’re here even if you didn’t drop any message? Ha-hass. I spent my weekends with two whole days in Kasturi [as usual],thinking that I could meet you once again. I don’t understand why you kept saying that I don’t want to see you anymore when I DIDN’T EVEN SAY IT BEFORE. And I wonder if you are the one who don’t want to see me xD, because you kept asking me bout my timetable for my week in tuition classes. I know you ARE the one who doesn’t want to get into the same class as mine. LOL I really don’t see any problem studying in the same class. We’re still friends, isn’t it? I really can’t imagine how would you react when you see me xD. Anyway, I do hope that you don’t skip classes like last year xD, and be hardworking like how you told me ba :)

*Oh fark, I spent two hours to get a stable connection just to update this post. Fuck Streamyx.

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