11 September, 2008

Happy Birthdaeeeeeeeeeeee,
Mervin !!!

Had Chemistry class with Spell today xD, for two hours…
LOL and Leon kept disturbing non-stop…kept calling “Baby….baby”
Whereas Fung Soon is suddenly out of sight T_T

Suddenly Kei Yan was back and told me everything with an angry tone LOL
Someone’s mum said that
-we should not have performances during the pool party;
-we should involve some games* [her suggestions were freaking lame, honestly]
-she will provide us the tables and chairs for teachers ONLY
[which means students have to stand LOL];
-we must wear swimsuits to play in the pool;

=.=” If it is so, then what's the point of our party? T_T
I hope not to change place lerh...
After that, we had our singing practice,
which is another performance of our pool party.
LOL Spell was there to be the judge,
He is so pro and I am so noob at singing T_T
I couldn't sing ALL the high-pitched part,
and all the while I had been using my 'fake' voice...
How to perform lerh with such fugly voice... aiksss

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