26 March, 2012

Clan Dim Sum Restaurant @ Sri Petaling

This is a very famous dim sum outlet which many food bloggers went for food hunting. Coincidentally, it is located less than 1 km away from my house. When good food is all around my home, I just failed to pay much attention on them.

Finally todae I went to this outlet and tried their most feh-mes dish,
Signature dish of the Dim Sum Restaurant: 鸡窝包.
It’s a combination of chicken steamed bun and glutinous rice.

In short, 鸡包+糯米鸡=鸡窝包 
(Chicken steamed pao + Chicken glutinous rice = THE ABOVE PICTURE)

The bun itself is fluffy, and when the sauce of the glutinous rice mixes with the bun,
it turns out to be super yummy as you taste the smoothness of the chicken pieces!

The oozing soy sauce and oyster sauce is kept warm inside the bun.

Other than that, their yam bun is one of my favourites too! :D
It is small-sized, and the filling is 100% yam paste. A great choice for yam lover.
If you love eating dim sum, then Clan @ Sri Petaling is definitely a must-try!

P/S: This shop is crowded with tourists every weekend.
It opens at 8pm at night till the 12 noon on the next day.
Have them as dinner, supper, breakfast, brunch or even tea! :D

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