02 November, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: BEYOND Angel Aqua Skincare from Korea

Have you heard of Angel's Tears❤ It sounds so delicate, so gentle to me....but what exactly is it? Let's find out more from today's review of the all-new *super-sized* Angel Aqua Skincare series by BEYOND, a Korean sister brand to THE FACE SHOP. 

31 October, 2018

[FOOD] Going Adventurous at Chocha Foodstore, Petaling Street, KL

Chō Chǎ is one of the more interesting cafes in town which I think is worth trying out although it is not something new that is hyped up by the crowd. In fact, it has been around for 2 years now and has constantly been serving amazing Asian fusion cuisine that keeps me coming back for more.

Nestled in an old shop house at Chinatown KL, I really enjoy the cool comforts of the rustic interior decorated in warm tones of brown. Sitting on the long old-school benches, surrounded by potted plants and natural sunlight, Chocha is the place where I can spend my whole afternoon working alone or hanging out with friends. 

26 October, 2018

[TRAVEL] 7D6N Melbourne Itinerary: Central Business District - Part 1

Hello, we are in Melbourne City!

After 3 full days of driving around the countryside full of mountains, beaches and sea, it is time to bid adieu to the nature's beauty and explore the vibrant, colorful city of Melbourne. Out of our 7 days in Melbourne, we spend the last 4 days in the Melbourne CBD (Central Business District) area meaning we don't need to drive around anymore because everywhere in the city is so accessible with public trams and trains.

24 October, 2018

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Marcella & Co Korean Cleansing Balm & Lip Creams

It is fun and exciting to unbox new beauty products which I have gotten online. This round, my beauty haul comes from www.marcellaandco.com, a local brand which sells pretty affordable skincare and makeup products. 

Marcella & Co Mad Away Darling Cleansing Balm @ RM75 RM69* only!

*Enjoy RM6 OFF by using my discount code upon check out at www.marcellaandco.com:

*The first 200 customers will receive a FREE Travel Mini Jar!

Wait, you must be confused why does the title mention "Korean" when Marcella & Co is a 100% Malaysian brand. This is because the newest skincare addition in the family, the Cleansing Balm aka #MADbalm is Malaysia's first cleansing balm, made in Korea to deliver maximum benefits to our skin.

We all know how the flawless Korean skin looks like. But before feeding the skin with "nutrients" (skincare), it is important to first keep the skin thoroughly cleansed and free from impurities. That's why I am using the #MADbalm as the first step of skincare.

Kudos to the strong makeup removing ability! It does double the duty by removing heavy duty makeup (including stubborn mascara and eye makeup) on skin within seconds!

Think pineapple, coconut and mulberry! Doesn't that feel like summer already?

Interestingly, #MADbalm is crafted using Pineapple Extract (removes dead skin cells and treats breakouts), Cold-pressed Coconut Oil (keeps skin hydrated, soft and supple) and Paper Mulberry Extract (reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and uneven skin tone).

I don't think these tropical ingredients are commonly found in cleansing balms, but hey they work well and smell superb!

If you wonder how does the cleansing balm work, don't worry because an instruction sheet is provided!


The jar may seem a little bulky for travelling, but you can always store some separately in mini jar and bring around wherever you go. Nevertheless, the packaging is secured (No spilling) and air-cabin approved.


The balm-like texture melts onto the skin, covering all the pores and
"dissolves" all the makeups / impurities away. Not overly greasy after cleansing.

Throughout the cleansing process, it does not feel drying at all
as it helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.

This is pretty amazing! It melts away all my makeups including waterproof mascara and eyeshadow so effortlessly.

A great, quick solution for makeup removal without feeling harsh on the skin!

Marcella & Co Lip Creams

Marcella & Co is not just about skincare, but it also has a wide range of locally-made lip creams for makeup junkies to play with! With the new and improved formula, the lip creams are more lightweight, hydrating and last much longer than before!

The creamy texture slides smoothly onto the lips.

On my first try, I find that it has very high adherence onto the lips and
finishes off with a lovely matte coverage that lasts for long hours.

Bahama Mama - Nude pink for a natural lip makeup look

Havana Lana - Rosy pink color that creates a sexy kissable pout

Did I forget to mention that the lip creams exude mild rose scent too? Sweet!

If you are looking for value-for-money cleanser and affordable lip color without compromising on the quality,
then you should consider Marcella & Co.

Shop now at Marcella & Co. online store: www.marcellaandco.com

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Wallet Type

A wallet is an accessory you carry daily. Therefore, if your current wallet is worn out, you should be prepared to invest in a new one. Below are some important factors to essentially help you make a decision when shopping for an ideal wallet that suits your needs. 

22 October, 2018

2018 Year-end Travel Plans: Where to Go?

It's almost a wrap for 2018! ❤ I must admit that 2018 has been a great year for me with several sponsored travel opportunities. In the beginning of the year, I have watched the blooming sunflower field in Khao Yai, Thailand, thanks to the cheap flights which I manage to secure via Traveloka online booking site.

21 October, 2018

Harriston Chocolate - DIY Your Own Chocolate Experience

Hi! Can you smell the sweetness in the air? I'm making chocolates today. 

Well, who doesn't love chocolates? Mention chocolates and we'd think of the best chocolatiers in the world such as Belgium, Switzerland, Germany etc. But do you know that Harriston, a Malaysian homegrown chocolatier has its own success story to tell too?
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