28 February, 2024

Dear Diary | February 2024 Edition

Hello, February! 

February is supposedly a month filled with festive joy and happiness especially when spending precious time with friends and family during the Chinese New Year, but frankly for me it is a month of self-healing from the mixed emotions and confusion. I am still on the road towards recovery but am feeling better now :) 

01.02.2024 | Izakaya Shun. ❤ The month began with a Japanese omakase review in an Izakaya style. Pretty interesting concept tho! Feel free to read more about my food review here.

02.02.2024 | Hana Hana (華花) @ Tanjong Pagar
Just documenting down one of the most memorable Fri-dates since my last visit here in May 2023.

03.02.2024 | Time for CNY preparation! And here I am again, in Chinatown, to experience the vibrant street market despite the scorching hot weather. Lovin' the festive energy and vibes here! 

04.02.2024 | Workout weekend. What could be better than sweating it out during the pre-CNY weekend? I went for aerial yoga (too "advanced" for an amateur like me lol) and spin classes two days in a row, and it reminded me to get back into my usual exercise routine... Fun experience tho!  

Five Oars Coffee Roasters Heritage @ Tanjong Pagar | 
Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique @ Craig Road

04.02.2024 | Post-workout treat. It has been a long time since I last had such beautiful laidback afternoon - enjoying a good meal with a great companion. Slow afternoon like this is rare, and somewhat a real luxury in life :) 
Light to Night Festival 2024 @ National Gallery Singapore

05.02.2024 | Back to the annual art festival. ❤ Taking the centerstage this round is the enormous, luminescent saga seed at the Padang, symbolising energy and hope. I personally love the light projections which come with riotous compositions and vivid colors, which, again are full of energy!⚡️ And thank you team for featuring my photos on the official page. 

Also had this opportunity to visit the art exhibition featuring the Chinese ink master, Liu Kuo-sung (刘国松)'s masterpieces over the past 70 years. // Thanks for sharing with me your passion in art 

龙年大吉 Happy Dragon Year! 

10.02.2024 | Homebound. And I am all dressed up in white silk cheongsam for this Chinese New Year. Lovin' the prosperous decorations of a vibrant persimmon harvest in Mid Valley Megamall this year. 

P/S: Thanks CASETiFY for the CNY collab!

12.02.2024 | 年初三. ❤ Blessed to be able to spend the festive season with my dearest family and friends although it is only for a short 5 days of CNY. Hope that we can continue this tradition one year after another...

年初三 #ohfishieeOOTD 

The V day. 

14.02.2024 | ❤ Blessed. Our 2nd Valentine's together. Thank you for not only calling me a Princess, but always treating me as one. Thank you for always wiping my tears; and thank you for all happiness that you constantly bring into my life. 

2023 • 2024 | 感谢依然有你 

Going French-Japanese in the Michelin-starred Whitegrass. 

16.02.2024 | Belated Valentine's dinner. Thanks for arranging this for me, for us. And the heart-to-heart conversation we had till late night. Anyway, Whitegrass' degustation menu was full of beautiful surprises; read my full experience here

17.02.2024 | Workout Weekend. Finally spent a good weekend of self-love and self-care -- went for a one-hour mat pilate class, followed by visiting a bagel café I have been wanting to explore. It felt great to spend some quiet time like this with myself :)

Hiroshima Tourism Association's Ambassador Event

24.02.2024 | Welcome to Hiroshima (literally)It was such a privilege to be one of the tourism ambassadors for the Hiroshima prefecture. The event was pretty insightful for those who are interested to visit the prefecture. Hope that I will make my way to Hiroshima (and the surrounding islands) in the near future! 

Thanks for the certification, business cards and prefecture-exclusive merchandise.
Looking forward to more tourism events with Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)!

My first pottery painting class @ Am I Addicted, Orchard Central
| Singapore’s Newest & Biggest Korean Pottery Studio 

25.02.2024 | Let's get artsy! Our beautiful Sunday kickstarted with a one-hour pottery painting class which really tested my creativity. Designing my own artwork and painting with the special clay paint were not exactly the easiest thing to do, but it was a sweet Sunday well-spent on trying out new things with my favourite person.  

❤ ❤ 

February is nothing short of love, care, pain and tears.

The first half of the month has been full of tears, guilt, self-doubt and worry. However, I am glad that things have improved tremendously after several medical consultations. And I am finally regaining the momentum at work, and reviving my everyday mood.

It has come to my realisation that happiness not only comes from within, but also from our surroundings. When we surround ourselves with people or things that constantly make us unhappy, it would amplify the negativity in our daily life. On the contrary, when we constantly have people who are supportive of what we do while showing care and love, our daily life would then be at ease even during challenging times. People like this are rare gems and hard to come by; so cherish them with all your might while you can :)  

Way towards a better self, once again!


21 February, 2024

The Audition Process Demystified: Succeeding in Model Castings

Have you been invited to a model casting? If so, congratulations! You’re one step closer to launching a professional modeling career.

You’re excited, but you may be wondering how to prepare. Attending a casting call can be a little daunting if you’re uncertain what to expect. In this article, we will break it down and demystify the audition process once and for all.

Here’s what to know ahead of your next model casting call:

Anticipate a Wait

When you attend a model casting, you seldom know how many other models have been called in to audition. You could be waiting with just a few other people, or there could be hundreds attending the same casting as you.

To ensure you remain patient and in a good mood, clear your schedule ahead of time so you don’t feel stressed or rushed. Bring snacks so you don’t get “hangry” while you wait, and make sure you bring a book to read or some other way to pass the time while you wait.

When you get into the right frame of mind and anticipate some sort of a wait, you’re less likely to feel upset or flustered when it’s your turn to be seen. If you’re calm and collected, you’re more likely to be focused and ready to wow the room, which is precisely what you came to do.

Expect a Review of Your Portfolio

A large part of being prepared is looking prepared. So impress the casting team by bringing along your model portfolio.

A model portfolio is a book that showcases your past work. If you’re new to the industry, you can have friends or family take your photographs to reflect your look and style so you can build a model portfolio with those shots. A good portfolio will give the casting team an idea of your range and whether you may be a good fit for their project.

Consider bringing a comp card with you to the casting. A comp card can act as your business card, though it’s usually slightly larger than a postcard. In addition to a few photos, it typically includes your contact information, height, hair and eye color, and body measurements. It’s a good idea to leave your comp card with the casting team so you’ll stay fresh in their minds even after you’ve left the room.

Plan for a Brief Interview

Modeling is about more than just your look. It’s also about your personality. Models are often expected to sell a product, so you should also understand how to sell yourself. If you’re a print model, the casting team will want to know that your personality can jump off the page and grab a reader’s attention. Likewise, if you’re interested in a career as a runway model, you should know how to command a room. When you attend a model casting, ensure your personality shines through.

Be prepared to answer some questions about your model portfolio. For instance, if you have a professional portfolio, the casting team may inquire what project it was for or ask the name of the photographer who took the photos. Being prepared with the answers to these questions will make you appear professional and knowledgeable. You may also need to answer a few questions about your availability and, depending on the type of project, your comfort level with the job requirements.

Like any job interview, you should be prepared to answer some questions and make a good first impression.

Be Prepared to Take a Few Test Shots

The casting team may take a few test shots, or if you’re auditioning for a runway campaign, they may ask you to showcase your walk. If you’re new to modeling, practice some poses in the mirror beforehand so you know what looks work best.

Wear something simple, flattering, and form-fitting, and bring a few extra items to help you pull off a different look. For example, bring a pair of heels to showcase your walk or a hair tie in case the casting team wants to see your hair pulled back.

Anticipate Another Wait

After the model casting, you’ll have to wait to hear whether you booked the job. In some cases, you may be put on hold because the casting team is interested in you but hasn’t yet made a final decision. After their decision, they will let you know if you will be hired, or you may be released, which means the client will not book you for this project.

In many cases, you won’t hear from the casting team. If you don’t book the job, they may not contact you at all following the audition. So keep moving forward and auditioning for other projects while you wait to see whether you’ll hear something.

If you don’t book a particular project, you should know it likely has nothing to do with whether or not you’re a talented model. There are several factors that go into casting decisions, many of which are out of your control. So maintain a positive attitude and keep trying!

Another reminder—before you attend any model casting, you should thoroughly vet it. Be sure to meet up at a professional studio or another public setting. If you spot any red flags, trust your instincts. Partnering with a reputable talent agency is one way to confirm that you’re attending a professional model casting.

If you’re seeking representation, reach out to InnoVision Talent Agency. They work with models and actors of all experience levels. If you’re new to the business, seek trusted representation to keep your best interests at heart. They’ll help you navigate the casting process and be by your side every step of the way. So, if you’re just starting out and need a little advice and guidance, InnoVision is your team.

18 February, 2024

Michelin-Starred French-Japanese Valentine's Dinner @ Whitegrass, Chijmes

Valentine's Date Night 

It was a special Valentine's Day for us this year, and we decided to make it memorable by celebrating this beautiful day at Whitegrass, the renowned Michelin-starred French-Japanese restaurant in Chijmes.

Beautiful exterior of Chijmes | Lovely romantic setting in Whitegrass

Being awarded the 1-Michelin Star for 3 consecutive years, Whitegrass is known for its French-Japanese dishes which are inspired by nature and perfected by passion, resembling Chef Takuya Yamashita's culinary style of “La Cuisine Naturelle” (or cuisine of the natural body in French). 

With the freshest ingredients meticulously sourced from the chef's home of Japan, Whitegrass' Valentine's Day menu was nothing short of pleasant surprises and thrills for us.

Pour Commencer | Amuse Bouche

Our 5-course degustation dinner menu started with the amuse bouche made up of four bite-sized pieces of joy. Our favourites were the incredibly sweet taste and crunchy botan ebi, as well as the rich, deeply-flavoured truffle toast which make a great wine-pairing starter. 

Complimentary House Bread | Focaccia with Salted Butter

Anyone familiar with Whitegrass knows and loves its crunchy-to-the-bite focaccia. The focaccia was baked for two hours with olive oil and then served hot from the oven with house-made salted butter. We were impressed by their ability to create something so light on the inside yet so crispy on the outside. 

Complimentary House Bread | Sesame Brioche

Little did we know, the next item which further elevated our experience here was the black sesame brioche, which was served without any need for adding butter - thanks to the glorious texture and aroma created by 60% black and 40% white sesame seeds. So crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside!  
Entrée | Lobster with Amera Tomato and Orange

My all-time favourite is always the oceanic dish - Steamed and Aburi Lobster, accompanied by blanched vegetables sourced from Kyoto, rich hazelnut sauce with roasted hazelnuts, and a delightful amera tomato mousse. Every bite of this beautiful masterpiece was bursting with flavor and texture.

Happy food, happy soul 

Entrée | Maple Leaf Duck with Raisin and Sauce Diable

Suitably seduced, our senses were rewarded with a wonderfully rich, savoury, complex myriad of flavours from the Maple Leaf Duck along with the accompanying sauce. The umami of this dish was definitely more intense than the rest.  

Poisson | Poisson du jour with uni and sauce beurre noisette

Crowned with a large dollop of sea urchin, the fish, on its own, looked pretty unassuming. Until we took a bite of the luscious fish, we were blown by the freshness of the fish. Well done to the chefs who had presented the taste of the fish as pure as possible so that the diners could enjoy it at the freshest. 

Plat Principal | Joselito Iberico Pluma with Hatcho Miso and Kurata Pepper

As for the mains, it was my first time sampling the premium Joselito Iberico Pluma meat - the world's most prized hams made from acorn-fed pigs from Spain - cured in Joselito's artisanal process. The pairing with earthy Kurata Pepper, intensely flavorful Hatcho Miso sauce and pumpkin mousse was unique and delightful for me.
Palate Cleanser 

Doux | Avant Dessert - Œufs à la neige with Setoka & Fromage Blanc

While the Valentine's Day coincided with the Chinese New Year celebration this year, Chef Takuya's special dessert exuded lots of festive vibes. The plated dessert was citrusy and light on the palate. 

Doux | Mignardise

Last but not least, the finale of the meal came beautifully assembled in a wooden box. The Ichigo Daifuku was so soft and light with crunchy bits of frozen strawberries in it - something so different from the usual strawberry mochi we have. 

Whereas the Financier, again, was mindblowingly good. For a whole experience, take a bite immediately on arrival; the financier is hot and compact, and then another taste after five minutes to feel how dramatic the change in texture as it becomes crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  

To sum up, it was indeed an amazing dining experience in Whitegrass.
Would love to be back and go for the wine pairing menu next time.

Thanks for the memories ❤ // Je t'aime.

Whitegrass Restaurant
30 Victoria St, #01-26/27
CHIJMES, Singapore 187996

Reservation: +65 6837 0402 
Email: reservations@whitegrass.com.sg
Instagram: @whitegrass.sg

14 February, 2024

[TRAVEL] 3D2N Stay in Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach

Sawadee-ka! We are here for a beach vacay at
Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach 

Need a quick escape from the city? Here's the ideal place to go - a secluded beachfront hotel in Phuket with a private beach. We are here for a 3D2N long weekend escapade to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and serenity!

Phuket is only 2 hours flight away from Singapore.

❤ Only 12 mins by car (5.8km) from Phuket International Airport.
❤ The only setback is that it is located quite far away from town (1 hour).

Our deluxe room with a terrace overlooking the pool

While there are many types of beachfront rooms and private villas to choose from, we are pretty satisfied with the entry-level deluxe room which oversees the 400-meter pool in the resort. The room is so spacious and well-equipped with basic room facilities we need throughout the trip including an umbrella, mosquito repellent, etc.

P/S: Thumbs up to the amazing WiFi connection as well.

Pool view from our room :)

Lovin' the in-room marble bath tub for some relaxing moments.

Our traditional Thai lunch is ordered via room service from the resort's Andaman Kitchen.
The Pad Thai is my favourite here!

Quan Spa, luxury award-winning spa in the resort
At Quan Spa, let the miracle of water surround you.

Upon check-in, we head to the in-house upscale spa for a rejuvenating 90-minutes Quan Signature Massage (pre-booking is required). Adapting to its location, Quan Spa embraces and honors healing practices of its Phuket culture and infusing into Quan’s basic philosophy that water is at the core of the ultimate health-enhancing experience. 

With the professional treatment and calming vibes in the spacious room, our experience in Quan Spa is amazingly relaxing! Quan Spa is indeed a haven of calm, tranquility and relaxation.  

Lovin' the greenery in front of Quan Spa!

Admiring the tranquility surrounding the sands of Nai Yang Beach.

The private beach here is pretty quiet and calming - the perfect place where I feel most comfortable. Unfortunately, the weather has been gloomy during our travel there, and we can only look forward to the sunrise / sunset in future...

Lovin' the backdrop here! Perfect for OOTD shots.

Apart from the beach, we spend our relaxing afternoon with a swim in the lagoon pool.
And the summer weather is simply perfect for a lazy pool day.

Feast by the beach - Big Fish Restaurant

When it comes to dinner, we are at the resort's Big Fish Restaurant for a fresh delectable seafood fare and creative cocktails. My favourite is the Parma Ham with Cantaloupe salad - so refreshing yet savoury. 

Thanks for the memorable dinner. // 

The night view by the beach is just so lovely!

Seafood dinner at Kiaw Food Shack

Just a short walk from the resort, Kiaw Food Shack is a beachfront local restaurant which is worth exploring! The seafood is really fresh and delicious, which the service is also friendly. The only downside is that they only accept cash and there is no Internet connection here. 
Our breakfast at the resort

Another noteworthy point about Phuket Marriott is the wholesome breakfast spread - it comes with a wide array of selections including the local Thai delicacies such as minced pork omelette, green curry crab omelette and more.

Thanks for the beautiful memories. // ❤ 
And thanks Phuket Marriott for the great hospitality!

Overall Verdict:
Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach is definitely a good option if you are looking for a nearby tranquil escape into peaceful relaxation. The Marriott's top-notch hospitality is worth a mention too. Looking forward to my next vacay with Marriott-chained hotel!

Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach
92, 92/1 Moo 3,
Tambol Sakoo, Amphur Talang,
Phuket, Thailand, 83110.
Contact: +66 76-625555
Email: phuketmarriott.reservations@marriott.com
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