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05 June, 2020

3 Tips to Avoid Smudging Makeup When Wearing Face Mask

Hi babes! How has the MCO / CMCO period been treating you so far? 

I guess we have entered into a "new normal" in which we have to wear face mask wherever we go. But don't let wearing mask becomes an excuse of not putting on makeup! Imagine when you meet up with your friends, colleagues or clients for a meal or coffee, you'll still have to show your face right? 

So it is absolutely important to apply proper makeup for different occasions and I am here to share some tips on how to avoid your makeup from smudging when wearing face mask...

...but before that, if you plan to replenish your beauty products, now is the right time!
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❤ Tips #1: Put on a good foundation layer

VDIVOV Silk Wear Makeup Base (30ml) (Peach)

Base. Base. Base. A good makeup always starts from the base. I am using VDIVOV Silk Wear Makeup Base (Peach) to create a smooth and glowing base with tone correction benefits. A light layer will do a great job, followed by my usual cushion foundation

VDIVOV Double Stay Dual Concealer (4.4ml) (23N Deep Ivory)

Then complete the base with a double-sided creamy concealer - (1) Stick for perfect cover on tiny spots, and (2) Liquid applicator for larger area. Don't forget to set your makeup with light powder for long-lasting effect, so that the foundation wouldn't smudge when wearing face mask for long hours. 

❤ Tips #2: Focus on the eye makeup

Well, while we wear face mask, naturally people will look at our eyes more than the rest. 
So if you wanna stand out from the crowd, then let your eye sparkle and shine. 

VDIVOV Mega Brow Pencil Auto (0.35g) (03 Dark Brown)

To maintain a good shape of the eyebrow in an easy way, here's my recent favourite.

Its unique hexagonal tip is useful to draw hair-like strokes for defined eyebrow.
And it comes with sharpener and brush at the other end of the pencil.

VDIVOV Eye on Gel Pencil Liner (0.5g) (BB803 Roast Brown - Pearl)

Who doesn't love big eyes? I'm using this waterproof gel pencil to add depthness to the eye line.
The texture is gelish-creamy type, so super easy to glide on.

VDIVOV Eye Cut Brush Liner (0.6g) (02 Brown)

If you prefer a finer and more pigmented eyeliner, then try this. 
The ultra-fine brush is marvellous - no joke - but not for those with shaky hands though :P

Freshnian Big Mascara (02 Volume)

Mascara always helps in "widening the eyes", especially for small-eyed Asian with short lashes like me.
So don't skip this step! I love how the Freshnian Big Mascara is slightly more wet than other mascaras 
and it is able to coat each lash well without smudging around the eyes.

The Face Shop Monocube (BR03 Matte Brown, RD01 Glittery Red, WH01 Top Coat)

Lastly, play with colors around the eyes if you want the eyes to look more attractive.
I personally prefer a range of pink to earthy tones which are perfect for all occasions.

❤ Tips #3: Use a face mist

Let The Face Shop Aloe Water, a fresh soothing mist to help set your makeup and
soothe your skin after wearing the face mask all day long.

Anyway... hope you find these tips useful.
Let's stay safe, stay hygienic and stay healthy!

All the products featured in this post are available at THE FACE SHOP outlets and online store.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
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03 June, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask

What's your favourite mask? When it comes to choosing a good piece of mask, I look at a few factors such as the type of material, absorption rate, moisture level and key benefits for the skin. And recently I found something that fits my dry and sensitive skin needs and meets my budget too. 

It is the NUViT Instant Restoring & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum, a 2-step treatment mask which offers hydrating, soothing, restoring and brightening benefits all in one piece of mask. 

NUViT, a medical skincare brand under YSP Industries is no stranger to me as I had my first encounter with NuViT skincare when I had a major acne breakout in 2018.

NUViT Instant Restoring & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask (20ml)
with Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum (2ml)

The mask is a 100% natural mask designed in the laboratory using a unique bacteria strain. I always prefer bio-cellulose mask because of its ultra-fine and highly pure fibre network structure that always better affinity, higher absorbency and penetration rate than any other types of masks. 

The best part? It can transport 90% of active ingredients deep into skin in JUST 10 minutes and deliver nutrient 8-15 times deeper into the skin! 

Some of the key ingredients are: 

❤ Palmaria Palmata Extract - heal, brighten, moisturise and protect skin
❤ Avena Sativa Kernel Extract - soothe and moisturise skin with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits
 Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid - deeply moisturise and condition skin while promoting wound healing
How to use:
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly and pat it dry.
2. Apply Step 1: NuViT Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum and pay gently.
3. Put on Step 2: Bio-cellulose Mask from the chin area up and press gently onto face so that it adheres evenly on the skin. 
4. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and gently massage the excess serum into the skin after removing mask. Do not wash the face.

 Step 1: NuViT Quintuple Hyaluronic Acid Serum
It is a very moisturising gel to prep the skin before putting on the mask.

Step 2: Bio-cellulose Mask
Remember to remove the gauze layer on both sides of the mask.

Remove the mask after 30 minutes and massage well.
Remember not to rinse your face after using the mask. Let your skin absorbs the nutrients first :)

 Transport 90% of active ingredients deep into skin in just 10 minutes
 Super hydrating as it can hold fluid 100 times of its dry weight
 Soothe and nourish skin effectively with maximum adhesion
 Eco-friendly, toxin-free, all-natural sheet

 The bio-cellulose mask feels very different from the usual cotton / non-woven mask.
Feeling soft and gentle on skin, it adheres very well without any "air bubbles" underneath the mask.

Feel after use:
❤ Because of its high holding ability of essence, the skin feels extra hydrated
and nourished immediately after use. Refreshing too!
 It is almost scentless - which is the way I like - so it does not
cause any discomfort to those with very sensitive skin.

 Available in a pack of 3, or individual pack which makes it
ideal for day-to-day use and convenient to bring along while travelling.

If you need a high-quality mask with hydrating, soothing, restoring and brightening benefits,
NUViT Instant Restoring & Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask is the right choice to go for.

Buy 1 pack of NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask (3 pieces) and get 1 piece for FREE at ONLY RM65.90 
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NUViT Bio-Cellulose Mask is available at Egreenbeans.com online store:
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22 May, 2020

Ver5ion 马来西亚最新的健康,美容和时尚潮流的资讯与趋势就在这儿!

Ver5ion 今日正式宣布上线,其 www.ver5ion.com 网站正式投入使用。该数码平台宗旨在于让马来西亚人民更加得以了解世界各地的最新健康,美容,时尚潮流与穿搭风格的资讯。 

“我们很高兴与大家分享这个平台,我们希望马来西亚人民能从中发现自己,并鼓励大家通过此平台激发您的热情。Ver5ion 首席执行官 Veronica Lee 女士评论道:“根据马来西亚人民幸福索引报告,数据显示大幅下滑,因此我们相信通过此平台的内容可激发读者们找到诀窍以达到自己内心的平静”。 

Ver5ion 拥有七个专栏; 时尚、美容、生活方式、博客、Ver5ion 商店、探索和品牌。从各种不同类型的内容,可让读者获得另一番的数码体验。此平台与其他不同之处不仅仅在于提供内容或购物体验,Ver5ion 是一个混合形式的网站,并鼓励通过自我发掘和了解自己的品味和偏好。 





Ver5ion 商店

在“探索”专栏里,您将能够发掘当前运行的隐秘交易、促销和特价销售。 另外,在这还可以节省很多购物费用!


Ver5ion 包含丰富的内容,可提供有关不同生活主题的见解,例如基本的衣柜单品、热带温暖天气的时尚趋势、完整的化妆刷指南、每个妇女需要收听的 9 位授权播客、让您可以在MCO 期间与朋友一起玩的 9 款免费在线游戏和应用程序,等等。

“鉴于全球大流行危机,我们希望大家能保持乐观,并鼓励采取新的变革。 同时,我们衷心希望平台的文章能使大家及时了解最新情况,以实现自身改变以及该如何更好地发展自己。” Veronica Lee 女士说道。

为了庆祝 www.ver5ion.com 的推出,当客户购买其内部时尚品牌时,Ver5ionShop 将给予20%的特别折扣。 此促销适用于 Ver5ion 商店旗下所有类别的精选品牌,促销活动从 2020 年 5 月 15 日至 2020 年 6 月 14 日截至,在此期间,客户可以节省购物费用于上衣,短裤,裤裙(裙子+短裤),上衣,裤子,连衣裙,裙子和西装外套。

由于政府在此期间采取了严格的预防措施,Ver5ionShop 将暂时为巴生谷内的客户提供送货服务。 立即浏览 www.ver5ion.com 或在 Facebook (fb.com/ver5ion / fb.com/ver5ionshop) 和 Instagram (@ver5ion.official / @ver5ionshop) 上点赞并关注他们,以了解更多有关 Ver5ion 的信息。

20 May, 2020

3 Things To Think About When Choosing A New Car In Malaysia

When buying a new car, it is recommended that you spend no more than one-tenth of your annual salary on its purchase, according to personal finance website Financial Samurai. Still, this can add up to a sizeable investment on your part. Malaysians are known for spending more on cars. High import and sales taxes coupled with maintenance expenses and installment loan interest charges can mean you are often looking at speeding at least RM800 per month on car expenses. With it being such a large investment, it is important that you get it right when choosing a new car.

Whether it is a family-friendly hybrid vehicle for road trips across Malaysia or your daily transport for work in the city, here’s what you need to know when choosing a new car. 

Will You Buy New Or Used? 

New foreign-made cars are extremely expensive in Malaysia, so it is worth taking a look at your budget to ascertain if you can afford the high excise costs. In Malaysia, excise duty averages between 60 and 105 percent. If you are insistent on purchasing a new car, local brands such as Proton, Perodua, and Hyundai Malaysia can help you keep your costs down. You can also opt for a second-hand car. Before heading out to buy one, take the time to research the different vehicle models ratings by other drivers. With such high costs attached to buying new cars, the Malaysian market is flooded with second-hand options. This will help you identify a reliable and budget-friendly model. 

Can You Afford The Car And Its Aftercare? 

Besides the initial purchase price or monthly installments, you should be prepared to pay for road tax, auto insurance, petrol, parking and annual maintenance. The road tax in Malaysia averages RM90 yearly and is dependent on your engine capacity, region and car type. For instance, a saloon with a 1600 cc engine capacity and owned in the Labuan region is required to pay RM28 in road tax annually. 

Then there are the annual maintenance, repairs and insurance for your motor car. The road Transport Act 1987 stipulates that all motor car owners must have road tax and motor insurance. Some car models will also have different insurance costs. This also protects you from additional costs in the event you are involved in a road accident. Keep all of these costs in mind when deciding on what car to choose. 

Have You Done A Test Drive And Assessment Of The Car? 

In a recent survey, 39 percent of car buyers said the ride and handling of a vehicle was an important consideration when buying a new car. While its features may look great on paper, it is only by test driving a vehicle that you can experience these features in action. For instance, you'll want to look at how well the car handles turns and corners and how responsive its steering is. This can prove to be very useful in emergencies such as emergency braking. Other things to look for in your test drive include its braking, fuel economy and wheel bearings. 

You also want to ensure any cars you are considering have been checked by an independent repair shop, particularly if you are buying a second-hand car. Many second-hand sellers neglect to mention issues in an attempt to command a higher price on the car. Getting a certified second opinion makes sure there are no nasty surprises later. 

Buying a new car is truly a long term investment.
Therefore, you want to ensure you not only get the best price, but get the best car too.

16 May, 2020

[Online Shopping] Short Dresses from kis.net

Hi, lovelies! ❤ How have things been throughout the "new normal" period? As much as I start to miss going to shopping malls and shop for my favourite clothes, I have been actively shopping online given the recent months of staying at home 24/7. It all started from my recent hunting for floral formal dresses like the blue piece I am wearing above. 

Online shopping is pretty addictive, don't you think so? I have stumbled upon a lot of fashion sites and one of my most recent finds is this large clothing manufacturer website which offers plenty of stylish designs and constantly updates new merchandise for sale at a wholesale price. It focuses on delivering high quality and comfortable clothing with its fine tailoring process and well-cut designs. Most importantly, it is always ahead of trend!

When I was browsing for short dresses for girls, there are so many designs and styles that catch my attention. I guess I have spent hours just to browse this website because there are too many things to choose from! One of my favourites is the above midi white dress in lace design. It is such a sweet-looking piece and I guess it suits my usual style too :P 

I think the length is just perfect for me, but if you like something shorter like mini dress or longer like foot-length long dress, they have gotten you covered too. 

Another piece which  I would purchase for my next vacation is this loose sexy solid color forest dress which exudes some Bohemian vibes. Probably suitable as a casual wear under tropical weather. 

Apart from that, you can find all sorts of clothing here from swimwear and jumpsuits to dresses and even plus size clothing. Among the more popular categories are the casual dresses, formal dresses, and floral dresses. Don't worry about shipping, because they can ship internationally in a speedy manner.  

Happy shopping and enjoy wearing different outfits!

12 May, 2020

Coronavirus: The emerging physicians told to be the life-savers


If things are according to routine, this situation of emergency occurs occasionally. Recently, when the phase of 10-hour working time was taking place, a Team 700 declaration was issued 9 times. All clients died, according to an emerging physician.

The physicians are the leading contenders in the department of pharmacy, and there is nothing in their practices that they may have analyzed for the complex situations they are witnessing frequently during this virus. The medical workplaces are now looking after 350 more clients, according to the recent interview given by the hospital panels.

Even though they have not been given that much of an importance, the COVID-19 patients are now highly dependent on these emerging doctors. Although the emergency room still works, however, most of the external admitted clients are taken away. The patients in extremely serious conditions are provided beds.

Going through the phase

During the earlier part of this eruption, the biggest question was the physicians who would provide the physician medical billing services to the affected people. As far as the affected people are concerned, one affected person makes everybody ill. Some of the clients may not have details about their illness, nor they may have the education. As a consequence, the objective of social distancing seems unheard of them.  

Consequently, if a physician has been set a task this big early into their career, it brings stress to them. Almost everyone that comes to the emergency room must go through the process of cannulation and bring on a ventilator. This usually is the objective of the ICU. However, they have a burden up their sleeves.

The clients require physician medical billing services that will take care of their blood pressure, a task usually completed by a physician billing specialist. However, there is an unavailability of those nurses. As a result, if the patients are not being provided the physician billing services that they require, it raises a few eyebrows. 

The physicians also inform us that it is just a myth that the aged people get affected by this. There are clients in their teenage life with no international traveling history or diseases. Alongside that, there was an aged man who was presented in the emergency room after he had a few symptoms of it. 

It is an astonishing disease, called Coronavirus.

The medical workplaces are provided twice the number of physician medical billing services. However, these services are already accessed completely. The entire services are used and the highest point will still take a long time. The most depressing aspect for them is the condition where not all of the patients who require physician billing services are not being given enough services.  

There is a whole different ball game when it comes to female physicians. They stay updated with their medical workplaces and emergency rooms after they have taken some rest, eat their food and look after their kids if they have. The necessities of life coincide with the stress they get frequently.

Often, if a hospital administrator looks after a client who has positive tests of COVID-19 they bring on PPE. When the administrator has completed their interactions, they use off the smock, equipment and they are carbonized. Usually, the physician billing specialist starts their working time wearing PPE, and does not take it off during the shift as you have to remain cautious.

  That has taken a little bit of the burden off their shoulders. Alongside that, these emerging physicians have been so much taking the responsibility, making an understanding that the provisions have been a long time coming. According to the physician’s perspective, their N-95 mask was used for a couple of days. Having said that, if these physicians are given publicity, it has to be seen whether it affects the medical workplaces surrounding them in terms of physician medical billing services.   

They say that once their shift is completed, many things go through their head emotionally and mentally. However, it is not the most important thing in the world right now. Their priority is focusing on their duties and saving the lives of patients. The entire scenario for these physicians is like driving a vehicle on a mountain road and your brakes stop working. The person does not have much to think, it is all about damage limitation so he can come down safely.

The physicians must be composed, confident and show maturity beyond their expertise. They discuss the aspects that are the most complex concerning what they implement. Alongside that, they agree that most of these implemented tasks may require a lot of analysis going forward.

According to these physicians, when a patient is brought to them in a severe condition, all they can see is the ventilator the person is put on and not the person. 

Being life-savers is something these emerging physicians never thought they would be in the initial part of their career.

11 May, 2020

How to calculate your child's BMI?

BMI; An overview:
BMI is categorized as the indication of body fatness as it is the measurement of weight and height of the individual. We cannot say that it directly measures body obesity, but according to researches, it correlates to direct measurement.For children, BMI is assessed through age and gender-specific charts. Growth patterns are different for genders so that charts are gender-specific.

To calculate the child's BMI:
The amount of fat and body weight is different for boys, and the levels keep on changing as they grow taller and mature. BMI calculator for kids is the frequently used fastest tool through which anyone can freely check BMI online. They assist you in screening whole body fat based on weight and height ratio of children.

BMI calculators:
Child BMI calculator is an extraordinarily smart way to have an idea about the body fat percentage, ranges for a healthy weight, and general health. Whenever you calculate your child's BMI, the most vital fact to remember is that it's not permanently concluding results in determining if your child is overheavy or obese.

How to use BMI calculators?
BMI calculator for Kids works on precise instructions. There are so many tools and each works on the same principle. Such tools demand you some information as an input and deliver you the required results as an output.

  1. You have to select the gender of your child. In any calculator, there will be two options (male or female).
  2. Tools will demand you to enter the date of birth of your child.
  3. Kids BMI calculator demands you to enter the height only in CM.
  4. Lastly, you have to enter the weight in kilograms.

  1. Once you have entered all the required information just hit the calculate button generally located at the end of the calculator.
  2. The calculator will give you BMI score and the percentile score
  3. Based on the score, calculators are functioned to tell if your child is obese underweight or normal.

BMI formula for kids 
Other than the calculators, some formulas can be used to calculate the BMI for children with ease. They provide you with the most precise results. Later on, you can take assistance from the BMI chart once you have the outcome.

BMI standard formula:
There is a standard formula to calculate child BMI:
  1. Weight ÷ (height x height) x 703.
  2. You have to put the weight of the child in pounds.
  3. The height of the child is required in inches for formula.
  4. You will have BMI when you will divide the weight by the height squared and then multiply that total by 703.
BMI metric formula:
To calculate fatness, there is another formula that is:
  1. Weight ÷ (height x height) x 10,000.
  2. Put the weight in kilograms but not in grams.
  3. Put the height in centimeters but not in meters.
  4. Now you can calculate the BMI when you will divide the weight by height squared and then multiply that total by 10,000.

BMI chart:
  • Kids' BMI chart is designed to tell you the health condition of your child according to the obtained percentile.
  • Underweight:  If the child obtained Less than the 5th percentile.
  • Healthy Weight:  The range for the healthy child is from 5th percentile - less than the 85th percentile
  • Overweight:The child will be considered overweight if the range is between 85th - less than the 95th.
  • Obese:Your child is obese if the attained score is equal to or greater than the 95th percentile.

To The End:
The BMI calculator for kids or formula is used to evaluate whether a child is underweight, normal, overheavy or obese. With the age of the children, the amount of fat in their body tends to change. It is the reason that BMI will fluctuate with time. Therefore, calculators are different for children and adults.

Such tools give you a hint about the health condition of your children. Still, before you conclude, you must visit a child specialist to have an expert opinion. Doctor if you are concerned about your child's growth.

According to some research, BMI cannot be taken as a good measure of healthy body weight. It depends on the weight and height of the child, not on body fat. If you want to know what body-weight is well thought-out as healthy, then you cannot rely on one type of measurement.
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