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15 February, 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Moving Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

Moving a loved one into a nursing home can be an upsetting time. You may feel guilty that you can no longer deal with their needs yourself. However, sometimes a nursing home is the best option for everyone. A nursing home should be providing 24-hour care, nutritious food and lots of activities to socialize and join activities. Seeking professional help might be best for everyone involved.

When choosing a nursing home, take care to choose somewhere suitable for their needs. Take your time and visit different places to see which is best. Some places are eliminating alarms in nursing homes - this might be something you need to watch out for. Alarms are important in ensuring that residents' needs are met and that they are kept safe.

04 February, 2020

5 Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep

No matter who you are, you cannot live a happy life without the sufficient amount of sleep. Despite all those macho claims that ‘I can survive with 4 hours of sleep a day,’ you cannot survive without the recommended amount of sleep every day. Otherwise, you will be trading your mental health, productivity and happiness. Several research attempts have successfully proven how connected sleep is to these aspects. As we all know, depending on medication or other inorganic methods is never a long-term solution. What you need is some natural ways to get better sleep. In this article, we have 5 of them.

#1 Care About What You Consume

Things that are part of your daily intake can affect how much sleep you get. A major player here is caffeine. You should reduce the amount of caffeine you consume during the evening time. More caffeine inside your system means it would be tougher to fall asleep. And, even if you manage to fall asleep, don’t even think of getting quality sleep. 

If you still want to embrace all those benefits of caffeine, you can consume it early in the day. That way, you can have productive day-times — without naps — while getting quality sleep at night.

#2 An Optimized Bedroom

The place you decide to sleep is another important factor in play here. Of course, it would be your bedroom, but you can make things way better. The first step is getting a mattress that suits your sleeping position and body type. While some people recommend roll up mattress, there are options in the memory foam sector too. You can also try adjusting the lighting conditions in your bedroom and getting a smart bulb could be a helpful decision here. Also, do try to add things that make you feel at home — even if you are far from home. That may be a dimmable light, some photographs or even a souvenir.

#3 Control Your Light Exposure

The amount and type of light that you are exposed to during different times of the day plan another role in the whole deal of sleep. The best idea is to get better sleep is to complement your circadian rhythm. You can do this by increasing the exposure to bright light during the day and reducing the exposure to blue light at the evening time. You can get some easy-to-use smartphone apps for the latter purpose. Research attempts have shown that the exposure to bright light has helped even those who are suffering from insomnia. If you don’t have a sleep disorder, you can expect better results for sure.

#4 Create a Sleeping Routine

Having a well-developed routine is a great natural way to fall asleep. This might require you to change your whole schedule, but the method works quite noticeably. There are a few steps you can consider. One, you should keep all the digital devices aside a certain period of time before. Two, you should be using the bed to only sleep. That is, don’t keep lying on the bed, thinking how to get back to sleep. Third, you can even set up some triggers like sleep music to control how quickly you fall asleep. Just keep in mind that this solution is a very personal one and that you don’t have to follow any models here.

#5 Check Your Health

Although many people stay away from potential diagnosis, you don’t have to. So, the first step to get more sleep is to ensure that you don’t have a sleeping disorder. You can do this with the help of a professional — and there is no need to stigmatize this. Sleeping disorders are way common in the age and you may also be a victim. Even in that case, you can try the abovementioned methods to get better sleep, along with prescribed medication. On the bright side, if you don’t have these issues, you can focus on the potential solutions such as altering the diet and removing stressful elements from your life at best.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the most effective natural ways to get better sleep. Most of these steps make changes to your environment and peripheral aspects and are completely organic. You are likely to improve not only the duration but also the quality of your sleep in the long run.

24 January, 2020

Paul Immigrations Reviews: A Big Step to Become Singapore PR

New year, new resolution! It is a brand-new year again and this is probably the best time we start thinking what do we want to achieve during the year, to align with our long-term life goals.

Personally, I think it is of utmost importance to step out of the comfort zone and take the courage to make important decisions that can improve our entire life. For me, I have been considering moving out of my home country and live abroad permanently. And Singapore tops my list of consideration, just like many other Malaysians who wish to start a new life outside Malaysia. I guess the reason why Singapore has always been one of the most popular choices among Malaysians is mainly because of the strength of currency and proximity from homeland. And it is of no exception for me too.

How to Start

Having said that, I have no idea where to start until I stumble upon Paul Immigrations website which rings a bell in my head on the need of getting a permanent residency in Singapore in future and being another step closer towards obtaining Singapore citizenship.

If you fall within one of the categories below, then you are eligible to apply for PR status:

❤ Foreign investors
❤ Students who have passed at least one Singaporean national examination (eg. GCE ‘A’/’O’/’N’ Level)
❤ Holders of Employment Pass or S Pass
❤ Aged parents of Singapore Citizens
❤ Spouses of Singapore Citizens or PRs
❤ Unmarried children below 21 years of age who are born within a legal marriage or have been legally adopted by a Singapore Citizen or PR

Paul Immigrations Reviews: What They Do

Paul Immigrations is a local specialist when it comes to the application of Singapore PR. Being one of the most renowned immigration consultancy firms in Singapore, the firm has a proven track record of more than 15,000 satisfied customers, and it has been maintaining a high success rate of approved applications over the years.

Well, some of you must be wondering, “Why do I need to appoint a consultant when I can do the application submission myself via the online portal of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA)?”

Yes, you are partially correct – The application can be done by ourselves, but the process can be quite complicated and tedious especially for those who are not familiar with the requirements, system and documentation etc. Hence, a dedicated specialist who is fully-equipped with comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the application process would be of great help.

As I continue to research on this firm, I realise the services provided by the team go beyond the usual assistance with aspects of the application process that can be done on our own. The most value-adding part of their services is the practical advice and assistance in terms of handling and processing all essential documents with an ultimate objective of increasing the chances of approval by the authority.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Strengths of Services

Step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process
❤ Don’t worry about the long list of documents required which can make the whole process tiresome. Based on several online reviews, the specialist team will work closely with us throughout the entire PR application process. Along the way, they will share expert tips so that we will not miss out any important documentation or furnish inaccurate information. No more risking the submission of an invalid application!

Preparing personalized cover letters
❤ For instance, they have a team of professional writers to assist with drafting a unique, personalised cover letter for each applicant to clearly demonstrate the individual’s strengths and accomplishments although it is not mandatory to submit a cover letter based on the list of documents required. Sounds good, right? No more hassle of cracking the head to write a cover letter ourselves!

Preparing additional essential documents
❤ I like the idea of them going great lengths to meet their customers’ needs. They always put customers' needs as their priority and pay great attention to details on the customers' background, education level, work experience etc. As they are aware that additional supporting documents that display your best qualities and contributions would be helpful for the application, they are able to help with preparation of such documents too.

Fast and accurate submission
❤ After having to go through the whole process of collating relevant documents, here comes the crucial part of the process: Online submission. As much as we are tempted to submit the list of documents requested by the ICA via the e-Service portal, it is highly not advisable. Let the professional helps to navigate through the system seamlessly and make our submission process an efficient and accurate one.

Managing the Uncertainty

For those who are unsure of whether to consider Singapore as their second home or which PR scheme to choose from (because there are 3 types in total: Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS) Scheme, Global Investor Programme (GIP) and the Foreign Artistic Talent (ForArts) Scheme), it is also helpful to seek professional advice from Paul Immigrations as the first step.

Instead of spending tonnes of time doing researches online, it is definitely easier to contact the team to understand what to expect during a PR application and perhaps overcome the emotional barriers towards permanent residence. 

What’s Next

Well, just sit back, relax and wait. A standard PR application should take approximately 4 – 6 months to be fully processed. However, some submissions may take longer, depending on the type of application and validity of the submitted documents. Don't panic, just wait for the good news to come!

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Conclusion

Hope the above gives you a better insight on how does the Singapore PR application process work better with the professional assistance. Don't keep silent and go through the tedious process blindly when the great assistance is only a phone call or an email away! If you have similar experiences of applying for PR, please feel free to share with me too.

14 January, 2020

Rat’s Celebrate the New Year with Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn!

Can't believe that Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Are you ready to usher the brand-new lunar year?

Preparations for the New Year is always a fun time which is full of anticipation and joy as we get ready for the thrill and excitement of the celebration with our family members. As the traditions go, my Mom will clean the house and prepare food for the feast while my sister and I make banners and decorations for the New Year! And my dad? He will paint the entire house, which will make it looks new!

13 January, 2020

[BEAUTY REVIEW] Bretti Brightening & Moisturizing Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse

*NEW* in my skincare regime: Let's make cleansing better and more effective! 

To me, cleansing is the most important step of skincare because without a cleansed and well-prepped skin, it will not be able to absorb the rest of the skincare steps that follow.

Bretti Brightening & Moisturizing Amino Acid Cleansing Mousse (150ml) @ RM59.00

Full product info: HERE 

So I am trying out this new product from Bretti - it is a gentle cleansing mousse with 3-in-1 function: (1) Facial cleansing, (2) Light makeup removal, and (3) Skin brightener / moisturiser.

12 January, 2020

A California Raisins Affair with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Hi! Are you a fan of California Raisins? 

It has always been my favourite snack since childhood as it is rich in nutrients
and tastes great with its natural sweetness. 

Some key benefits of California Raisins are:
❤ All-natural
❤ Naturally sweet and do not contain added sugar
❤ Fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in sodium
❤ Rich in potassium for better nervous system functions
❤ Great source of fibre, concentrated nutrients and phytonutrients

05 January, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Green Natural Seed Antioxidant Line

Are you feeling stressed? 

Do you know that stress, an unavoidable element in our daily life, is actually killing our skin day by day? Skin dullness, acne, roughness, sensitivity, dehydration and fine lines as well as wrinkles are common issues due to stress.

What should we do? Let's combat the skin stressor and de-stress our skin with the Green Natural Seed Antioxidant series!

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