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15 December, 2019

[TRAVEL] 3D2N Itinerary in La Vela Khao Lak @ Phuket, Thailand

 Welcome to the paradise of Khao Lak! 

The beach is calling! Island vacation is one of my most favourite holidays and I am so excited to visit Phuket again (the last time I came was around pre-tsunami time - almost 16 years ago!). This round, our trip is a little more special as it is an adventurous combination of road trippin', beach getaway and food hunting.

Here's our 4D3N itinerary in Khao Lak:
Day 1: Arrival at La Vela, seafood buffet dinner / cocktail night at Kokulo Beach Club
Day 2: Breakfast, morning swim, massage session at Spa Qaqula, chill by the pool, food hunting around La Vela
Day 3: Breakfast, beach photoshooting, chill at Cotton Café & Library, food hunting in Phuket Old Town
Day 4: Phuket Old Town – Street art hunting, café hopping, etc

11 December, 2019

Yoodo's Community Day: Jumanji Movie Screening with SuperUsers

It's Yoodo's third annual Community Day! 

How fast time flies. From the last Yoodo's Community Day that coincides with the Grand Finale of Yoodo Presents, Malaysia's first interactive online concert a couple of months ago, Yoodo is hosting a day of celebration and fun to reward its loyal community again!

09 December, 2019

[FOOD] Easy Recipe with Healthy Yukiguni Maitake Mushroom

It’s a lazy Sunday and I am at home whipping up something healthy for lunch. I reckon we all have hectic lifestyle everyday, so there is more reason to eat healthily and live well!

Yukiguni Maitake Mushrooms by Yukiguni Maitake Co Ltd

The star of today’s menu is the Yukiguni Maitake Mushroom from Japan, or more commonly known as “hen of the woods”. Ever since I came back from my last Japan trip, I have been craving for it. Luckily I manage to get some from AEON supermarket (at only RM5.90 per pack), so let’s try it out…

27 November, 2019

“BELGIUM EDITION” Premium Sofa Collection Launch by MajuHome Concept

Time to unveil the “BELGIUM EDITION” Premium Sofa Collection by MajuHome Concept...

Do you agree that the living room is the heart of home? That's where my family and I gather and spend time together after a long day of being busy with our own affairs.

At this comfortable space where everyone gathers, it is important to have a high-quality set of sofa which is long-lasting and luxuriously comfortable.

26 November, 2019

Best Stylish Accessories for Women

Women love accessories as these are the pieces that complete their looks. That dress would not be as divine as it looks, were it not for that necklace. That casual look could be Instagram-worthy if there were a bracelet dangling on that hand. Accessories take dull looks and turn them into jaw-dropping, head-turning outfits that earn women a second glance. They show that a woman has taken the time to think her outfit through. And that thought earns them respect and admiration wherever they go. If you want to surprise that special woman in your life, here are some welcome ideas:

25 November, 2019

Top Designers In The Prom Dress Market

Image Source: Pexels

If you have your heart set on a designer for your prom dress, then you may want to read this article. With a whole array of designers out there, it’s a very crowded market. Sometimes it gets tricky knowing where to look and who the best in this area are.

18 November, 2019

Yayasan TM Tower Run 2019 feat. Potatoes USA as Gold Sponsor

Hello, weekend!  What's better than an early morning exercise on a healthy Sunday?

It was exciting for me to be one of the participants of Yayasan TM Tower Run 2019, a 1,296-step run held in Menara TM, from ground floor to the 54th floor.

Organised by Yayasan TM, this fun and healthy event marked my first experience of 'tower running'! As Soh Wai Ching, Asia’s fastest Tower Runner and World’s No. 2 mentioned, tower running is an extremely energy-intensive sport and hence we require large amounts of carbs to provide high levels of energy. Therefore, Potatoes USA was here to fuel our day with good carbs and nutrients.
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