01 December, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: Mamonde “My Skin But Better” Makeup Collection

New month, new makeup favourites! 

It is almost holiday season now, and I am super excited to try out Mamonde's all-new makeup collection, “My Skin But Better” featuring All Stay Foundation Glow, Creamy Tint Colour Balm Glide, and Flower Pop Blusher for a simple yet glowy look to prep us for the holiday parties!

Mamonde All Stay Foundation Glow SPF 50 PA ++++ (30 ml) @ RM99
Available in 3 shades: 
21N Ivory
23C Rose Sand
23N Sand

A flawless makeup begins with a good base, so I have Mamonde's latest All Stay Foundation Glow which gives a natural glow and radiance to the skin with its ‘High-Refractive Oil Complex’ technology and rich moisture-delivery formula.

Texture: The soft textured formula allows for easy and smooth blending on the skin, with or without any blending tools, and it works wonder in smoothen uneven skin tone.

Feel: I like how it leaves the skin feeling dewy and hydrated all day, without turning cracky and dull. 

Benefits: The strong SPF 50 PA ++++ UV protection is a great plus point too.

Flower Pop Blusher (1g) @ RM56
Available in 3 shades: 
#1 Pinky Promise
#2 Rosebuds
#4 Delicious Love

Love rosy hues? This is for you! Infused with the Wild Rose extract and the Vitati Rose, the Flower Pop Blusher adds on a beautifully natural flush to the cheeks without feeling cakey at all. 

Look at the beautiful rose design; how can I resist this! 

Texture: The smooth surface powder provides a soft powdery texture that blends seamlessly onto the cheeks using a blusher brush. 
Creamy Tint Color Balm Glide (1.2g) @ RM42
Available in 4 shades: 
01 So Hip Pink
04 Mellow Red
08 Blooming Pop
09 Fresh POP

For the lips, let's pair the glowing skin with dewy, glossy and sugar-sweet lips. Creating a gloss finish, the lip balm is pretty slim yet sturdy, so it gives better precision and control in creating different makeup looks. 

Texture: The blend of soft wax and deep hydration oils allows it to glide on and coat the lips with a dewy, long-lasting gloss effortlessly.

Feel: I like how it gives a vivid color with dewy shine on the lips, without feeling sticky. 

With these products, it is easy to create new looks for this holiday season.
I choose the Subtle Pink look which is more towards coral hues and it gives a healthy glow to the overall complexion.
Delicious Rosy Look
❤ Foundation: All Stay Foundation Glow (of your preferred shade)
❤ Eyeshadow & blusher: Flower Pop Blusher #4 Delicious Love 
❤ Lips: Creamy Tint Color Balm Glide #01 So Hip Pink 

Subtle Pink Look
❤ Foundation: All Stay Foundation Glow (of your preferred shade)
❤ Eyeshadow & blusher: Flower Pop Blusher #2 Rose Buds 
❤ Lips: Creamy Tint Color Balm Glide #08 Blooming Pop  

Beauty Tips
Base makeup: 
❤ Mix 1 pump of Mamonde Red Energy Recovery Serum with the All Stay Foundation Glow for a naturally dewy coverage. 

Lips makeup: 
❤ Dap a little Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion onto the lips before applying Creamy Tint Color Balm Glide for a slightly matte look. 
❤ Mix with Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense for gradation lips effect. 

Mamonde All Stay Foundation SPF 25 PA++ (20ml) @ RM59
Available in 4 shades: 
*NEW* #21C Rose Ivory 
21N Ivory
23N Sand
25N Tan

Apart from the new items, Mamonde has also introduced a new shade, the #21C Rose Ivory for its popular All Stay Foundation. Probably a better option for Asian skin tones!  

Since I am a huge fan of Mamonde, please feel free to take a look at my past reviews of Mamonde products here:

30 November, 2020

7 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

It's not easy to pack and move everything yourself. In fact, you may not have the skills and expertise to pack and move your belongings. Hiring professional movers can give you relief. They will not only handle your belongings with care to avoid any damages. They will also arrive at your new place on time.

However, you need to hire the right mover because some movers are unreliable and untrustworthy. The best movers have several years of experience, have a good reputation, are reliable, are affordable, and are insured.

The following are seven reasons to hire professional movers. 

1. Safety

Hiring a professional mover guarantees your safety and the safety of your belongings when you are moving long distance. The workers of professional movers have undergone the right training. They can safely move heavy furniture up and down the stairs. They are capable of lifting heavy items because they are strong, and they work as a team. Check tips about long distance moving online to make you move stress-free and make the most out of the professional movers.

Also, the drivers of these moving companies observe all traffic rules and regulations. They are less likely to cause accidents or damage your belongings due to reckless driving. It is usually dangerous to drive a big moving truck. You do not have to deal with the risks of driving the moving truck. 

2. Reliability

It is hard to rely on your friends and family sometimes, especially when you are planning for a long distance move. Why? They can promise to help you pack and move, but they might fail to show up on your moving day. Your friends and family may have several responsibilities, so something important can come up on your moving day. You will have to look for someone else to help you move.

However, professional movers are reliable. You will sign a contract with your moving company. Therefore, you are sure your mover will show up on your moving day. 

3. It is Cheap

It is cheap to hire professional movers. You will avoid purchasing the necessary tools and equipment by hiring a professional mover. Movers come with all the tools and equipment.

By the way, it is expensive to rent or buy these tools and equipment, which you may use once. For example, professional movers own moving trucks, so you do not have to rent a moving truck. Your moving company will come with a moving truck that will accommodate all your belongings. Also, you do not have to purchase the packing materials.

4. Take Less Time

Professional movers take less time to pack and move your belongings to your new place. Professional movers are not only punctual, but their workers also work as a team.

Once their team arrives at your home, they will pack your belongings immediately. Then, they load your belongings into their moving. Your mover can even help you unload your belongings in your new home.

Therefore, a professional mover will get to your new place on time. However, you will spend a lot of time packing and moving your belongings by yourself. 

5. Accountability

Professional movers are insured, so they compensate their clients in case of any damages or lost items. Check the insurance of the mover before choosing one. This is because some movers do not have insurance. Do not trust them with your belongings. They can damage or lose some of your belongings and fail to compensate you for the loss or damages.

Additionally, check the insurance company of the mover because some insurance companies do not honor their claims. A good mover has insurance from a reputable insurer. 

6. Peace of Mind

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you are doing everything yourself. You do not have to go through all the stress alone. A professional mover can help reduce your workload. How? The mover will pack and move your belonging.

Some people still prefer to do some work to save some money. You do not have to do anything if you choose an affordable mover.

Also, you do not have to drive the moving truck because your mover's driver will drive the truck. Drive your car, and trust your mover with your belongings.

7. Movers Have the Right Equipment

Do you want to move your furniture? You will have to dismantle them before moving them. However, you may not have the right equipment for dismantling them. Do not use the wrong equipment because you might end up destroying your furniture.

Once your mover inspects your belonging, they will come with the right tools and equipment on your moving day. You do not have to search for these tools and equipment.

These are the top reasons to hire professional movers. However, some people choose the wrong mover. It is vital to hire the right mover. This is because some movers will not handle your belongings with care. They might end up damaging your items, and they will not compensate you for the damages. Therefore, doing proper research can help you hire the right mover.

25 November, 2020

Taiwan Expo 2020 in Malaysia Online @ 25-27 November 2020

Taiwan Expo is back in Malaysia!

Since the last installment in Penang in 2019, we are happy that this year Taiwan Expo is going online from 25 November - 27 November 2020. No worries about any travel restrictions, because you'll get to explore Taiwan Expo anywhere you want, be it at home, office or cafe etc!

This marks the 4th edition of Taiwan Expo in Malaysia, a popular trade exhibition to foster the business opportunities between Malaysia and Taiwan. During the opening ceremony, distinguished guests from Taiwan and Malaysia have been invited for a short speech via a unique virtual session. 

Dr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade,
Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

First and foremost, Dr Lee mentioned that this Expo is a meaningful event to showcase strength and competitiveness of Taiwan's multiple industry areas in Malaysia. They have successfully invited more than 600 Taiwanese businesses to participate in this huge event. Over the upcoming 3 days, it is estimated that more than 5,500 participants will be joining the Expo to enhance the Malaysia-Taiwan business collaborations.  

Ms. Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia 

Ms Anne further emphasises on the importance of fostering the economic and trade exchanges between Malaysia and Taiwan, as currently there are already thousands of investors from Taiwan who expand their businesses here in Malaysia. 

In fact, in 2019, Malaysia is Taiwan's 7th largest trading partner mainly for electrical and electronic products, scientific equipment, chemical-related products etc. Surely the bilateral trade between Malaysia and Taiwan will continue to grow. 

Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong
National President of SME Association of Malaysia 

Datuk Michael shared that over 30,000 SMEs have ended their operations throughout this pandemic period in Malaysia. The current economy in Malaysia is recovering decently, mainly because Malaysians are resourceful in times of challenge and look for new business opportunities during difficult times. This is exactly the reason why we gather here today for Taiwan Expo 2020 to tap into the Taiwanese technology and innovation through this Expo.

Mr. Khairul Annuar Abdul Halim, Director of China & Northeast Asia Section,
Exports Promotion & Market Access Division, Malaysia External Trade Development
Corporation (MATRADE)

Mr Khairul Annuar, on the other hand, mentions that "Halal Taiwan", one of the 7 pillars for this year's expo, indicates Taiwan's interest in enhancing the Halal awareness in Taiwan and allows for Malaysian businesses to tap on the huge ASEAN market.  

Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, Taiwan External Trade Development Council

On the endnote, Mr James Huang gives us an overview of Taiwan Expo 200 which gives visitors a 360-degree viewing experience in 13 themed pavilions across 7 major categories. With one click, you can make video call to chat with the exhibitors and explore the business opportunities together. 

1. Taiwan Food
2. Taiwan Lifestyles
3. Health Care & Beauty
4. Gadgets & Green Tech
5. Industry 4.0
6. Taiwan Tourism
7. Halal Taiwan

Dr. Suo-Hang Chuang, Chairman, Taipei World Trade Center; Dr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Mr. Khairul Annuar Abdul Halim, Director of China & Northeast Asia Section, Exports Promotion & Market Access Division, MATRADE; Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, TAITRA; Ms. Anne Hung, Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; Ms. Sharon Ho Swee Peng, President, Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei; Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong, National President, SME Association of Malaysia

The opening ceremony ends with a group photo among the distinguished guests from Taiwan and Malaysia with the butterfly hand gesture to symbolise Taiwan. Following that, the VIPs proceeded with a virtual handshake to signal the building of strong ties and cooperation between both countries.

Here are some of the key highlight events during this 3-day expo.

It's okay if you miss the opening ceremony. There are plenty of activities to be conducted across this 3-day Expo. Featuring 3D virtual reality (VR) exhibition, insightful online seminars, and exclusive one-on-one e-business matching sessions with 200 Taiwanese exhibitors, now everyone can explore endless business opportunities at Taiwan Expo from the comfort of your home/office!

Visit https://taiwanexpo.online/ to participate in Taiwan Expo 2020 in Malaysia!

Looking forward to having the Taiwan Expo 2021 physically in Malaysia again!
#TaiwanExpoOnline2020 #onlineexhibition #TaiwanExpoMY

24 November, 2020

U.S. Potatoes Fuel the Guinness World Records Towerrunner

Hi! What do you normally eat before workouts? 

When we need to fuel ourselves up with a quick energy boost, do you know that U.S Potatoes are great options especially for sportsmen, sportswomen and youths out there? 

U.S. Potatoes have always been well known for the natural, functional and nutrient-dense properties such as: 
❤ Rich in complex carbs, potassium, fibre and vitamin C
❤ Contains more potassium than a medium-size banana, which is an important electrolyte that aids in muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function
❤ Contains zero fat, sodium and cholesterol
❤ Packed with essential vitamins and minerals 

You can count on the quality nutrients in U.S. Potatoes for optimal mental and physical performance, as a medium (148 gm) skin-on potato contains 110 calories for energy and 26 grams of carbohydrates, allowing it to be the primary fuel for your brain and muscles. In an intense or prolonged exercise session, our body's own stores of carbohydrate will eventually deplete, hence it is important to replenish them.

Wondering how high quality U.S. potatoes work wonder on high athletic performance? We can see it from Soh Wai Ching, our local Malaysia's very own champion towerrunner (World No. 2 and Asia No. 1 towerrunner) has successfully attained a new Guinness World Records (GWR) by clinching the title of “Greatest Vertical Height Stair Climbing in One Hour (Male)”, beating previous record holder Mr David Robles Tapia from Spain. 

Soh broke the record by climbing 3 full climbs from the Ground Floor to 66th Floor of the building plus one full climb up from Ground Floor to 65th plus one floor with a total elevation of 1,295.95m. The total distance covered was 1,295.95m, equivalent to 399 floors. The previous record by David Robles Tapia (Spain) was 1.227km, which was equivalent to about 378 floors (3.25m per floor - as a standard height per floor). 

Guess what's the secret? It's U.S. Potatoes that acts as a fuel to power up the performance. U.S. Potatoes are a proven functional food for nutritious diets / meal regimes for fuelling high performances, and Soh’s climb was fueled by various U.S. potato foods and drinks such as U.S. Potatoes Enduro Drink, U.S. Potato Wrap, U.S. Potato Protein Rosti and Roasted Cajun U.S. Potato Wedges

Soh has been taking the U.S. Potato Enduro Drink during lunch frequently on the training sessions, and during the GWR attempt, Soh had the U.S Potato power drink during the descent from 65th floor to Ground Floor before the next climb.

So if you'd like to experience real performance while enjoying real food, it's time to try out different recipes with U.S. Potatoes! Have fun!

19 November, 2020

Technology as Vaccines for Business @ WCIT 2020

Taiwan Excellence exhibition is here again in Malaysia,
but in an online 3D virtual reality form this year!

Do you remember how impressive the innovations of Taiwan were last year during the Taiwan Excellence Hi-Tech Week 2019

This year, Taiwan Excellence will join the World Congress on IT (WCIT) from 18 Nov - 20 Nov 2020 and showcase 22 life-enriching smart products from 14 leading hi-tech companies in a bid to foster stronger business opportunities. Malaysia, being the host of WCIT 2020 themed “The Gateway to Southeast Asia” will be hosting a full-featured online exhibition due to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic.

To fully demonstrate the innovative solutions of Taiwan's ICT technology, a 3D Smart Taiwan Virtual Reality Pavilion is built using a 360-degree panoramic technology. Here we get to virtually meet 37 outstanding Taiwanese manufacturers in various fields, including 14 Taiwan Excellence awarded-winning brands who jointly present 4 major areas: Contactless Economy, Smart Living, Smart Retail, and Startup. There will also be B2B matching areas and online forums to create international business opportunities for Taiwanese businesses. 

As part of this prestigious event, Mr. James C.F. Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), has given an online keynote speech on the topic “Beyond COVID: Technology as Vaccines for Business”.

Beyond COVID-19: Technology as Vaccines for Business

It is an inspiring and valuable talk, especially for start-ups or SMEs. He has discussed how technology works as a "vaccine" for businesses to sustain, grow and immunise themselves from the global hit of pandemic. Look at how many businesses are struggling out there; Covid-19 has shown us how vulnerable our global ecosystem can be. How do we embrace the new normal and find new opportunities for growth? The answer is here: TECHNOLOGY

While we are waiting for a medical vaccine to protect our health, we can't rest on our laurels to wait for our business to recover naturally. So it is important to create our own "Digital Vaccine" and survive in the digital era. And to survive the COVID-19 era, every industry has to be a digital vaccine industry.

The brick-and-mortar business model no longer works effectively anymore. Now it is every business owner's role to be extra innovative in using technology and improvise solutions for a sustainable future. It can be leveraging on mobile apps, video calls, live chats and any digital tools you can think of. 

Based on McKinsey's survey on 3,000 CEOs from 80 countries, 63% of them said using digital tools maintained or improved their sales post-COVID-19. And a staggering 90% said they will continue their digital marketing campaign even if the pandemic draws to a close. 

Mr James Huang highlighted on the convergence of technologies globally such as Blockchain, Fintech, Internet of Things and Automation which change the world trade and business landscape.

In TAITRA, they have been using a business-to-business platform (Taiwantrade.com) to provide digital services and connect global buyers with Taiwanese suppliers. All physical trade shows throughout the year have been transformed into digital exhibitions, enhanced with virtual reality staging features, 360-degree 3D presentations, etc. 

With the aid of technology, you can imagine your business dramatically increases its scale, scope, speed of trade, reach of customers and flow of information. That's where we blur the lines between the digital and the physical, the online and the offline, the real and the virtual. On this great digital journey, Taiwan as a global ICT powerhouse is one of the best partners you can find to ensure smooth sailing all the way. 

Like how Mr James Huang said, let's regroup, rethink, and reprioritise. 
Master the new technologies and digital tools, so you can protect your businesses! 

Smart Connectivity, Smart Living

Apart from the inspiring talk, the 3-day event also features the exhibitors from Taiwan Excellence wiho showcase to us the future of digital technologies in action, such as:
→ Apacer’s industrial-grade smart remote monitoring software
→ Conferencing systems designed for mid to large scale meetings by Aver
→ In Win’s stylists gaming cases
→ Transcend’s shockproof and waterproof portable SSD solutions
→ Network storage solutions and switches by IEI X QNap 
→ World’s first industrial grade integrated switch that offers unprecedented level of compatibility by PLANET
→ Hyperfluorescence PMOLED Display by WiseChip. 

Smart Household Solutions;
How about enjoying a smarter living at home with these mighty household innovations? 

→ VAGO portable vacuum device by Big Good Design
→ Commercial hood dishwasher from G-Winner
→ Bubblingplus-Surprise beverage maker from Her Sheng Chang
→ Water-propelled massager from In-Trust Technology
→ Vinaera automated aeration machine by Mercuries
→ Arofly cycling computer with a built-in analytics function by TBS Group
→ Disinfectant device series by Eleclean

The aforementioned products are awarded the coveted mark of Taiwan Excellence, after a stringent selection based on the high quality, innovativeness, rigorous testing and outstanding marketing strategies. So, enjoy first-hand experience of some of these products at this year’s WCIT!

Feel free to visit Smart Taiwan Virtual Pavilion at: https://booth.cisa.tw/

25 October, 2020

[HAIR] Review: SANC Premium Hair Dryer

Today's review is kinda special because it is a premium hair dryer imported from Japan -
which I got from ToCoo Mall, a Japanese online shopping site which ships internationally.

Meet the latest SANC Premium Dryer, a product by hair specialist, Shoichi Tanimura!

Product Name: SANC Premium Dryer 
Size: 245 x 250 x 100 mm 
Weight: 505g
Rated voltage: 100 V
Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption: 1100W
Cord length: 3m
Country of Origin: Korea
Distributor: Trio Shoji Co., Ltd.
Electric plug: Type A (US, Canada, Japan)
International travel adapter: Required if your country is not using Type A plug 

Design wise, it exudes a very sleek and premium feel with a user-friendly button panel.

Function wise, it is one of the most premium hair dryers I have ever seen,
as it is fully equipped with 7 key benefits for healthy scalp and hair.

❤ Handmade 100% ceramic heater
More efficient, durable and portable. 

❤ Constant temperature
Energy saving and efficient.

❤ Gentle on scalp
The adenosine acid generated by far-infrared radiation can help activate cells, kill bacteria, and accelerate the discharge of waste products, so it improves the scalp condition while drying. 

❤ Negative ion generator
- This is my favourite function among all.
- The negative ion effect is maximised to prevent cuticles from being damaged or dry.
- It results in extra shiny and smooth hair condition. 

❤ Gentle wind
- Warm air and cold air will come out at the same time. 
- It helps to close the hair cuticles quickly, hence bringing gloss to the hair and prevent fading.

❤ Nano technology
- It gives the hair a sleek, shiny look while promoting antimicrobial effects.

❤ Not affected by harmful electromagnetic waves 
- Such electromagnetic waves which are normally emitted from all hair dryers, can now be almost eliminated through handmade 100% ceramic heaters.
- Safe for pregnant women, children and babies. 

Since it is a product from Japan, the plug may not suit certain countries,
and hence an international adapter is required. 


Life is short, so make every hair flip fabulous!

One of the best investments to make is to invest in yourself, especially on a good hair dryer that can help keep your hair scalp healthy and your hair always in a smooth, frizz-free and manageable condition.

Shop now at ToCoo Mall, and enjoy free international shipping!
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