22 February, 2019

[Fashion Review] 2019 CNY Lookbook with Dresslily

Happy Chinese New Year! ❤ It's spring festival, and everything I see in the fashion stores lately is mostly in RED. To avoid bumping into people wearing the same outfit as me (it always happens when we shop from the popular retail shops), I have gotten most of my CNY outfits online, and some of them are from Dresslily.

20 February, 2019

[FASHION] Korean Shopping Haul via BuyandShip Malaysia

Yeay, I am excited to share with you guys my monthly shopping haul once again, but this round it is more special because it is my first time shopping from the Korean No.1 online shopping platform, Gmarket in a fast and affordable way.

Gmarket is like a Korean version of Taobao China where you can shop for ANYthing there. Of course, Gmarket does provide international shipping, but I almost faint when I look at the shipping cost from Korea to Malaysia. So I opt for a cheaper alternative: using BuyandShip Malaysia services!

19 February, 2019

Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Catsuit

Good enough for celebrities, wearing a dancewear catsuit is not everybody’s cup of tea. Yet, you can wear it at home to experience the level of fun and comfort on your body instead of dressing gown or old sweats. Specifically designed for dancers, cat suits are made of stretchable Lycra and spandex fabric to allow free movement of the body. If you are planning to buy a catsuit, here are some tips on how to choose the right one.

18 February, 2019

Your New Year’s Resolutions Cost

It’s the beginning of the year and every new year’s eve, we make new year’s resolutions passionately and promise ourselves that we will make it happen in that new year. It is common knowledge that most of the new year’s resolutions don’t make past February. It is possible to make realistic resolutions like buying a strata-titled landed house by this year or at least read more than five books in the year. Before getting down to see some of the popular and overused resolutions to see how much they would cost.

16 February, 2019

Interesting Facts on How Skin Care and Cosmetic Products Are Made

In the modern world, the interest in what's actually in beauty products is at an all-time high. Most shoppers are keen on inspecting ingredient lists before buying any beauty products. However, we are still in the dark on many of the processes that go into making cosmetics.

But, at a recent beauty and cosmetics summit held by S. W. Basics and Beauty Corner, we got to learn some fascinating facts about how skin care products and cosmetics are made, including:

14 February, 2019

Top Tips for Female Hygiene while Travelling

Let's be honest here.... How often do we neglect hygiene whenever we are travelling? For example, wearing the same pairs of jeans throughout the trip or not washing the hair for days.

Actually, it is extra important to maintain our personal hygiene especially for ladies when we are moving around different areas, worse still if under different climates. Luckily it is not difficult to do at all. To keep yourself looking and feeling fresh, here are some small items you gotta bring while travelling.... Trust me, they barely take up any space of your luggage!

12 February, 2019

5 Changes in Me after Mid-twenties (that you wouldn’t notice)

This post is a self-reflection post before 25 VS after 25.

I notice from the stage of entering adulthood till now, I have grown up a lot within just a few years’ time. Although people say the only constant in life is C H A N G E, I have never felt so much of a change until recently when I talk about it with a friend. I just turned 26 last November, and am already more than half going through my twenties. The most significant change is probably the transition from being a student to a working adult. But no, this is not the ‘change’ that I would like to highlight in this post.

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