16 February, 2019

Interesting Facts on How Skin Care and Cosmetic Products Are Made

In the modern world, the interest in what's actually in beauty products is at an all-time high. Most shoppers are keen on inspecting ingredient lists before buying any beauty products. However, we are still in the dark on many of the processes that go into making cosmetics.

But, at a recent beauty and cosmetics summit held by S. W. Basics and Beauty Corner, we got to learn some fascinating facts about how skin care products and cosmetics are made, including:

14 February, 2019

Top Tips for Female Hygiene while Travelling

Let's be honest here.... How often do we neglect hygiene whenever we are travelling? For example, wearing the same pairs of jeans throughout the trip or not washing the hair for days.

Actually, it is extra important to maintain our personal hygiene especially for ladies when we are moving around different areas, worse still if under different climates. Luckily it is not difficult to do at all. To keep yourself looking and feeling fresh, here are some small items you gotta bring while travelling.... Trust me, they barely take up any space of your luggage!

12 February, 2019

5 Changes in Me after Mid-twenties (that you wouldn’t notice)

This post is a self-reflection post before 25 VS after 25.

I notice from the stage of entering adulthood till now, I have grown up a lot within just a few years’ time. Although people say the only constant in life is C H A N G E, I have never felt so much of a change until recently when I talk about it with a friend. I just turned 26 last November, and am already more than half going through my twenties. The most significant change is probably the transition from being a student to a working adult. But no, this is not the ‘change’ that I would like to highlight in this post.

Tips and Tricks: Looking for a Cheaper and Healthier Food During Peak Hours

If you have a busy schedule and you cannot manage to eat healthy with your daily routine, tendency is that your body will suffer. Not having a healthy daily routine may affect not only your body, but your work as well, that is why you need to make it a point to change. What we eat affects our energy and concentration. 

You need to maintain a healthy daily routine that fits your busy schedule and doesn't cost you a lot at the same time. Many people skip important meals or eat unhealthy because it is either not affordable or the preparation time is long.

Here are some tips and tricks for a healthier life:

11 February, 2019

[BEAUTY REVIEW] ALTHEA Exclusive Makeup Collection

Hello, February! ❤ To celebrate the month of love, I am here to share a simple makeup look to rock your Valentine's date night. Disclaimer first, I am not pro when it comes to makeup so this makeup look is something simple, quick and easily achievable. Hence, it is ideal for beginners!

The products I am using this round are from Althea Korea, the leading Korean beauty shopping site. Do you know that it has recently launched its first ever Althea Exclusive Makeup Collection?

There are concealers, lip tints, eyeshadow palette and eye glitters for now, but I'm sure they will be coming up with more exciting color makeup products soon. Everything is beautifully designed and made in Korea. ❤ 

Look at the spectrum of colors! Happy to see such warm chic colors that are well-suited for Asian skin tones.
Now, let's try out my Valentine's makeup look in just 3 steps: (1) Face, (2) Eyes and (3) Lips.

Step 1: Face Makeup
Flawless Creamy Concealer (6g) @ RM15 each
#01 Vanilla (Pink beige #21)
#02 Ginger (Warm ivory #21)
#03 Honey (Warm peach #23-#25)
#04 Mocha (Deeper yellow #30)

Foundation / Base is always the key to that perfect flawless makeup look. But how about those panda eyes, spots and blemishes that are not able to hide under the foundation? Then it's time for Althea's Flawless Creamy Concealer to do the magic...

How to use:
Dot onto targeted areas and blend out with a sponge or your fingers till seamless.

❤ Texture: Thick, creamy yet easy to blend.
❤ Coverage: Buildable - just apply few thin layers.
❤ Color: Highly pigmented - but make sure you choose your right shade.
❤ Benefits: Conceal, smooth and moisturise skin with its Aquaxyl component.
❤ What I like: Fairly good coverage and it stays put for all day long.

Step 2: Eye Makeup
Eye Palette Sunrise & Moonrise BCL x Althea (15.5g) @ RM140

The star product of the day is this Althea's 8-shade eyeshadow palette made in collaboration with Bunga Cintra Lestari (BCL), a renowned Indonesian artist cum beauty/fashion icon. The packaging looks so glamorous with the neon magenta wording printed on the black magnetic case. Yessssss, it's magnetic!!

"Sunrise & Moonrise" sounds rather magical, doesn't it? As the name suggests, the mix of 8 glittery, shimmery and matte pigmented shades are ready to be your perfect companion from gorgeous day time till sultry night time.

Let's take a closer look at the pearly shimmers, mattes and glitters....

#1. Shimmery nude 
#2. Matte light brown
#3. Metallic rose gold
#4. Metallic gold
#5. Rich brown with golden shimmer
#6. Deep wine 
#7. Pearly pink
#8. Shimmery purple 

How to use:
Pick up the product with your finger or a brush and blend out onto the eyelids.

❤ Texture: Creamy powder form that glides well on eyelids.
❤ Coverage: Easily buildable on the creases for more dramatic effect.
❤ Color: Highly pigmented, bold and warm hues. Perfect for that 'sweetheart' look.
❤ Benefits: Versatile for an array of looks suitable for different occasions.
What I like: The pearl, glitter and matte eyeshadow gives a long-wearing finish, without smudging after long hours.

For this V-Day look, I have chosen a matte brown base (#2), then metallic rose gold (#3) to add a layer of sheen, and finally I draw a liner using deep wine (#6) shade. For an added boldness, the edges are slightly touched up with shimmery purple (#8).

I personally love warm pink and purple combination, just to match with my hair color! 

Spotlight Eye Glitter (4.5ml) @ RM24 each
#01 Gold Light
#02 Pink Light

For a more glamorous and 'flirty' touch, Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitter can light up the eyes whether you prefer creating a subtle glow or a full-on glitter look. It can be easily applied as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. 

 How to use:
Apply directly onto the lids and gently blend out with your finger or a brush.

I am using the light pink glitter as an undereye liner to match with my pink purple eyeshadow.

❤ Texture: Thick liquid yet not sticky type. It glides on like butter over the lids. 
❤ Coverage: Easily blendable and completes the look with light, shimmery finish.
❤ Color: Light and subtly shiny.
❤ Benefits: It comes with a precise brush for eyeliner and a hydrating formula for easy blending. 
What I like: It sets on the eyelids and dries down very quickly. Probably the quickest way to glam up and look pretty!
Step 3: Lips Makeup
Watercolor Cream Tint (4.5ml) @ RM20 each
#01 Plum Cream
#02 Strawberry Cream
#03 Peach Cream
#04 Maroon Cream 

And lastly, don't forget the plump kissable lips! Althea's Watercolor Cream Tints come in pretty  transparent tubes which you can see exactly what's the color inside. Available in 4 must-have colors ranging from a natural, healthy red color to a luxurious burgundy.

❤ Texture: Thick liquid type but a tad watery (Be careful when using the applicator!)
❤ Coverage: Easy to build layers for more vivid color payoff.
❤ Color: Bold, pigmented and finishes off with a pretty gloss.
❤ Benefits: Moisturising (No more flaking), and convenient for touch up anytime anywhere. 
What I like: Long-wearing, hydrating tint type without leaving any sticky sensation. 
How to use:
Apply directly onto the lips with the applicator provided and gently blend onto the lips.

To complete my flirty lips makeup, I have decided to go with the lightest shade of red among all colors as it helps to tone down my heavy eye makeup. So #03 Peach Cream in Korean gradient lip style would be perfect! 

If you have minimal eye makeup on, then wear a hot red lippie like #01 Plum Cream and rock the night!

Beauty Tips:
If your eye makeup is rather  don't go overboard with vibrant red lips. 

Althea Exclusive makeup collection is now available here: my.althea.kr/althea-exclusives/makeup.
Let me know if you love my makeup look and share with me your experience with Althea makeup series too!

❤ ❤ 
To find out more about Althea, please visit:
Instagram: @altheakorea

10 February, 2019

5 Reasons to Shop via BuyandShip Malaysia

When it comes to online shopping, I just can’t resist the temptation especially when I have found out something new that makes online shopping even better – it’s an online forwarding portal called BuyandShip

BuyandShip has been serving users in China, Hong Kong and Macau since 2014, but I think it is relatively new in Malaysia and I am happy that my friend introduces this to me because it is SO different from the usual agent I use for my Taobao hauls!

08 February, 2019

5 Tips and Tricks that Lifts and Tightens Sagging Skin Instantly

An unfortunate effect of age is that our skin begins to sag. Skin can sag on our faces and our arms among other spots on our bodies. Thankfully, there are some procedures which can be performed to lift saggy skin. Some examples include the facelift and the eyelid surgery. While they are effective, these solutions are invasive and expensive. There are other methods to lift your skin that do not require a scalpel and are more affordable.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to lift and tighten sagging skin:

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