05 December, 2022

[Online Shopping] Fall/Winter Fashion Haul from RIHOAS

Do you remember my previous fashion wishlist after browsing through RIHOAS, the popular European-style fashion platform? I am so excited to share with you guys this round about my fashion haul from them specially for this fall / winter season. 

It is a season for warm, cosy clothing and also time to dress up for thanksgiving parties!
So, let’s see what I’ve gotten…

The Lapel Single-breasted Suede Jacket (Khaki / Size S) 
(Direct link: HERE)

Yay! Finally got my hands on the favourite piece of suede jacket in a classic khaki tone with lovely lace details on the collar and sleeves. This casual jacket is just so sweet-looking and perfect for travelling during the fall season. 

The quality is amazing and I love the delicate suede texture that feels so comfortable on the body. However, in terms of the fit, it may come a little loose to my liking, but nevertheless it fits well if I wear a knitted sweater in it. 

I love how the button-up details are intricately done too.
Now I kinda regretted for not getting the complementing suede skirt to complete the set.

The Wave Textured Pearl Strap Midi Dress (Pink / Size S)
(Direct link: HERE)

For my year-end dinner party, I have picked this piece of wave-textured dress in pink and it turns out to be unexpectedly simple yet elegant! I love the little details on the pearl strap that accentuates the femininity in every girl. 

The fit, again, is rather loose for me although I usually wear a S size. Nevertheless, it is still a dinner-perfect piece that allows others' attention on you :P 

Overall, it is a pleasant experience shopping with RIHOAS and
I would definitely be looking forward to more shopping spree with RIHOAS soon. 

Hope you enjoy your retail shopping and get your fashion inspiration from RIHOAS too!

27 November, 2022

5 Fail-safe Christmas Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

The festive season has landed! While you might be getting ready for a busy December with office parties and festive activities with friends, you’ll also have to find time for Christmas shopping. When it comes to purchasing gifts for your loved ones, you might find that some people are easy to buy for, whereas others are a bit more of an enigma. If you are panicking about what you should get a friend or relative for Christmas this year, consider the following fail-safe gifts that will always be appreciated. 

1. Foodie Goodies

Christmas time is the perfect excuse to indulge in delicious treats, so some foodie goodies will be a welcome gift under anyone’s tree. You could build a food hamper with a range of treats that they can sample or perhaps a couple of bottles of fine wine or liquor to share around the dinner table. Homemade baked goods or truffles can be another option if you want to give them something more personal and enjoy baking as a hobby. Alternatively, you could give them an exciting recipe book that they can experiment with or perhaps some utensils to use in the kitchen if they love to cook.

2. Home-spa Sets

Everyone needs to unwind sometimes, and one of the best ways to do this is by soaking in a relaxing bath by candlelight. If you’re stuck picking a Christmas gift, consider treating them to some luxury bath soaks and salts or other grooming kits that they can pamper themselves with when they need a little bit of a boost.

3. Homeware

Your home is your castle. A private haven where you can escape the rest of the world and get cozy when you need to. This is why it’s important to have a living space that reflects your style and feels comfortable, making homeware items another great choice for gifts. Whether it’s a beautiful new throw for the couch, some scented candles, artwork, or even houseplants, the person you are buying for will surely love the new addition to their home. Look at The Curio Collective for some inspiration.

4. Cozy Attire

Buying clothes for someone else can be tricky at times, especially as everyone has a different style. If you know the person you are shopping for well, you might be able to be bolder with your choices as you will likely know the types of clothes they like to wear. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t purchase some cozy attire for people you’re not as familiar with. Items like thick socks, jumpers, hats, scarves, and gloves are all great gifts that will also be practical during the cold season, too. 

5. Gift Vouchers

Finally, if you’re not confident enough to make the gamble when it comes to gift buying, opting to give the recipient a gift voucher instead could be a smart move. This way, they get to choose something they will get a lot of use out of and truly love rather than an item that will only gather dust in the corner of their house. 

If you are struggling to find gifts for certain people this year, think about these fail-safe options for presents that everyone will enjoy.

23 November, 2022

[Online Shopping] RIHOAS - My Comprehensive Fashion Wishlist

Hi, lovelies! ❤ When it comes to online shopping, it excites me each time as I discover new products available on global shopping platforms where I can easily gain access to international goods and at the same time enjoy absolutely free shipping services. 

Online shopping is pretty addictive, don't you think so? One of my recent favourites is Rihoasa rising fashion brand dedicating to elegance with retro charm, and born in Hong Kong, since August 2021.

The inspiration for Rihoas comes from a long legacy of European cinema. The visual appeal, the beauty, the romance, the artistry of the female in all her complexity–it sweeps us away. Among the most appealing outfits I have in my wishlist is the elegant dress collection with a touch of retro charm from Rihoas. 

The Button Up Long Sleeve Sweater Midi Dress
(Direct link: HERE)

This is definitely a must-have for the fall winter season! I love how simplistic, casual yet elegant the design is - bringing out the best, most confident self in every woman. Not forgetting to mention the sexy curve that shows in this bodycon dress :P And it is weather-perfect for autumn too. 

The Velvet Chain Strap Bodycon Maxi Dress
(Direct link: HERE)

As I continue to browse through the dresses section, I am elated to see my favourite long evening dresses available on the website in various styles, designs, colors and sizes. One that really caught my attention is this piece of velvety maxi dress in a classic green hue. It is, again, a sexy irresistible piece with intricate details on the strap and curvy tail design. Now I know where to search for my year end prom dress! 

The Lapel Single-breasted Suede Jacket  
(Direct link: HERE)

The Lace Trim Suede Skirt
(Direct link: HERE)

Another item that I really wanted to get from Rihoas is the set of suede jacket and skirt in brown tone with lovely lace details. This set is just so sweet-looking and perfect for travelling during the fall season. It can be worn as a set or separately - just mix and match, and I bet I will have fun styling with this outfit. 

If dresses are not of your interest, don't worry. There are plenty of European style fashion items offered on Rihoas ranging from tops and bottoms to accessories and even swimwear. I am sure you can find something that suits your style, mood and budget.  

Don't worry about shipping, because they can ship internationally in a speedy manner.  

Happy shopping and get your fashion inspiration from RIHOAS!

Website: www.rihoas.com

13 November, 2022

Dear Diary | 13.11.2022


Today marks the day I officially step into 30s,
Living in a foreign land (not so far) away from home,
Spending this special day with the few close ones,
And receiving well wishes from those who are close at heart.

One year ago,
I was eager for the reopening of the borders,
Dreaming of having weeks-long birthday vacay to the Land of the Rising Sun,
Planning for major transitions that I’d look forward to in the thirties and beyond.

Fast forward to one year later,
I decided not to follow where the initial path may lead,
And went for a whole different route I’ve never planned for in my entire life.
While the new adventure paves the way towards greater things,
Let the dreams of this little girl remain dreams for now.

Thank you, twenties.
It has been a memorable decade.
A 10-year quest of travelling places, meeting new people, exploring career path and finding love.
Especially doing fun, daring things that I probably wouldn’t do again.
And yes—overall a fantastic time.

I always think thirty is a fabulous age.
Considerably young, (still) full of energy, financially comfortable, and wiser than before.
What’s more important is the richness in mind that grows with age.
People once told me that I am “too old” to take risks and weave new clouds of dreams in the air,
But hey why let the age be the limit? 
Frankly, you are never too old to dream a new dream!

Now that I have stepped into the thirties, flirty and thriving,
I wish for nothing but the best of life in the next decade,
Keep the light-hearted yet brave version of me,
Surround myself with the right people,
Speak out my true feelings and be kinder to myself,
And live my life to the fullest potential,
Towards greater heights and endless possibilities.

Thank you, next. 

02 November, 2022

[FOOD] Sensen Sushi @ Jonetz by Don Don Donki, Sunway Pyramid

Welcome to the sushi galore at Sensen Sushi by Jonetz by Don Don Donki! 

Sensen Sushi, the latest sushi bar opened by Jonetz by Don Don Donki is here in Sunway Pyramid! It specialises in Nigiri Sushi, Gunkan and Sushi Rolls so you can just sit back and enjoy a wholesome Japanese sushi bar experience here. 

Some of the house specialty sushi here include Seared Wagyu, Conger Eel, Ootoro with Urchin topping, Toro Salmon with Salmon Roe, Fresh Urchin with Salmon Roe and Japanese Scallops. 

At the entrance, you will be greeted with a grab-and-go sushi bar counter.
For dine-ins, you can make your way into the restaurant instead.

The restaurant exudes true Japanese vibes, especially with the wooden carvings and use of Japanese wave patterns. And I notice how much they emphasise on freshness in all the food served here. 

The ordering process is seamless and quick as you can browse through the menu on the touchpad here.

For the base of the sushi, Sensen uses only Japanese rice which is specially mixed with some secret sushi vinegar which makes the rice more tender and tastes better as we chew. We notice the color of the sushi rice is slightly more yellowish as compared to the usual white rice. In fact, it already tastes amazing even on its own.  

Tuna Trio @ RM 21.80

My No.1 favourite!  The bluefin tuna here is carefully selected amongst the finest options available. The taste is characterised by its high quality fat, that's why I love Otoro (richest and fattest part of a tuna!) more than Chutoro, which is so smooth and melty on the palate. 

Shrimp Trio (Sweet Shrimp, Shrimp and Red Shrimp) @ RM 10.80

The shrimp / ebi sushi is equally fresh and gives a nice crunch on the palate too.

Conger Eel @ RM 17.80

Unlike the usual Unagi we usually find in other Japanese restaurants, Sensen serves Anago here instead. It is leaner than unagi, and instead boasts a sweet, delicate flavour. I personally enjoy its soft, buttery texture very much. 

Japanese Scallop @ RM 8.80

Another must-order item in Sensen! Highly recommended for its fresh, juicy goodness.

Don't forget to check out Tomita Seimai located next to Sensen Sushi for
its wide variety of authentic handmade onigiri made from premium quality Japanese rice too.

And after a heavy meal...it is always a good idea to walk around Don Don Donki
and bring your favourite Japanese goodies home.

So, come visit Sensen Sushi with your friends and family for the freshest sushi in town!

Sensen Sushi @ Jonetz by Don Don Donki, Sunway Pyramid
F1.39B, First Floor, Ice Skating Rink,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Sunway City,
47500 Selangor.

❤ ❤ 

Find out more updates here:

Instagram: @dondondonkimy

30 October, 2022

My Braces Journey at the Age of 30

I finally got my braces on! 

Getting braces has always been on my bucket list but I have not been taking this matter seriously until I fell sick recently and really slowed down my life to think about the things I would like to do to change my life moving forward.

One of them is, of course, getting braces. 

Fortunately, there is no age limit for braces treatment. Having said that, I probably feel more conscious about it than any other kid. One important thing I remind myself is that getting dental braces should be beyond the aesthetics benefits; it also helps reduce risk of cavities and gum disease - yay for healthier, happier smile for years to come.  

My last selfie before putting on the braces.

I always have "rabbit teeth" that look quite obvious at certain angle. So I started my braces journey by Googling some dental clinics nearby my place and made an appointment with the orthodontist. The first session was just a simple introduction and dental X-ray, and I agreed to sign up for the package without much deliberation. 

Removal of 6 pieces of teeth altogether

The next appointment was with the oral maxillofacial surgeon, where I got my wisdom tooth (left side only, top and bottom) extracted. This was the toughest part of the whole process and soft food has been my best friend ever since. 

I had another two pairs of teeth (one pair on left, another on right, both top and bottom) extracted during the following couple of weeks, in order to make way for the rest of the teeth due to my overcrowded teeth condition. 

The 'before' - yes, quite crooked :(

The first day of putting on upper braces @ 28 August 2022.

It felt like I couldn’t eat for a month (or more) because I had a hole on each side of my mouth. A week after having the teeth extracted, in end-August 2022, I had my top braces put on, followed by the bottom braces two months later. 

30 September 2022 - I can already see improvements on the upper row in just one month!

And then two months later, here's the lower braces I got on 30 October 2022.

I started off with smiling without showing my teeth (and braces) but hey now I just own it. Time flies, people hardly notice until I point it out to them, and you know what? I'd still think it is brave and I believe that my future self will thank me for it. 

In the midst of my first few months with braces, I decided the thing I missed most is eating without cutting the food into very small pieces. The journey still goes on... and I will get used to it eventually. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to updating you guys on my braces journey in the upcoming months! 

29 October, 2022

[REVIEW] PARROT NATURAL Botanicals Shower Cream & Bar Soap: Now Available in Malaysia! 

I have heard about many botanical body care products in the market, but Parrot Natural from Thailand is definitely something new for us in Malaysia. ❤ 

Dubbed as “The Pride of Thais”, Parrot Botanical Soap is ranked No. 1 among all beauty soaps with its distinctive Thai Botanical Fragrance with Traditional Herb Oil. It delivers No.1 authentic Thai Botanicals freshness and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hoursThis is the secret recipe of Parrot Botanical that no one can ever imitate. 

With its uniqueness and quality standard, Parrot Botanical is guaranteed as Premium Products of Thailand 2016 in Beauty and Personal Care Category, given by Ministry of Industry. 

Parrot Botanicals Bar Soap

For the Botanical Bar Soap, it is available in various unique floral scents, in 3 sizes i.e. 55g, 70g and 105g. Among the popular ones I have here are of the small 55g size: 
❤ Thai Botanical & Herbs (Bestseller!) 
- Unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove Oil and Citronella Oil 

❤ Thai White Jasmine 
- Skin pampering with Tamarind and pure sweet scent of Thai Jasmine 

❤ White Sakura 
- Gentle freshness with White Sakura for bright, natural pink skin tone

❤ White Thanaka 
- Refreshing sensation with bright, long-lasting fragrances 

❤ Sweet Pink Roses 
- Sweet romance with Pink Roses and Aloe Vera

My personal favourite is the Rosy Scent, because it exudes rosy sweetness and literally fills the air with romance. The soap lathers very well and the scent stays on me for long hours too. 

Another noteworthy scent is the popular Thai Botanical & Herbs which exudes unique Thai Botanical Fragrance with Clove Oil and Citronella Oil. The scent is very distinctive, pleasant and soothing to the soul too. 

Parrot Botanicals Shower Cream 
Personally, I prefer the more convenient packaging of shower cream in a pump bottle. Similarly, it comes in many types of distinctive floral scents. And the trio I have personally tried and recommend here include: 

❤ Thai Botanicals 
- Made of Parrot’s signature and rare Thai Botanicals scent
- For fresher skin and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours

❤ White Thanaka 
- For smooth radiance and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours

❤ White Sakura 
 - For nourishing benefits, brighter and natural pink skin tone, and long-lasting fragrance up to 8 hours
For the shower cream, it feels so smooth, creamy and luxurious upon application on the skin. Texture wise, it lathers very well so a little of the bottle can go a long way.  

I love how the signature Thai Botanicals shower cream seals the skin with moisture and freshness,
while leaving an unique Thai herb fragrance that lasts on the skin for many hours.
Check out my video review here!

Overall, Parrot Natural botanical shower cream and bar soap are highly recommended
for the wide range of distinctive scents that keep us refreshed and smell good all day long.

Where to buy:
All Malaysia hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores, mini market and also online at Shopee
For more information about Parrot Natural, please visit:
Instagram: @parrot.natural

#ParrotNatural #ParrotNaturalMalaysia #ShowerCream
#Soap #Imported #Thailand #VITAMEDIA
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