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27 November, 2019

“BELGIUM EDITION” Premium Sofa Collection Launch by MajuHome Concept

Time to unveil the “BELGIUM EDITION” Premium Sofa Collection by MajuHome Concept...

Do you agree that the living room is the heart of home? That's where my family and I gather and spend time together after a long day of being busy with our own affairs.

At this comfortable space where everyone gathers, it is important to have a high-quality set of sofa which is long-lasting and luxuriously comfortable.

26 November, 2019

Best Stylish Accessories for Women

Women love accessories as these are the pieces that complete their looks. That dress would not be as divine as it looks, were it not for that necklace. That casual look could be Instagram-worthy if there were a bracelet dangling on that hand. Accessories take dull looks and turn them into jaw-dropping, head-turning outfits that earn women a second glance. They show that a woman has taken the time to think her outfit through. And that thought earns them respect and admiration wherever they go. If you want to surprise that special woman in your life, here are some welcome ideas:

25 November, 2019

Top Designers In The Prom Dress Market

Image Source: Pexels

If you have your heart set on a designer for your prom dress, then you may want to read this article. With a whole array of designers out there, it’s a very crowded market. Sometimes it gets tricky knowing where to look and who the best in this area are.

18 November, 2019

Yayasan TM Tower Run 2019 feat. Potatoes USA as Gold Sponsor

Hello, weekend!  What's better than an early morning exercise on a healthy Sunday?

It was exciting for me to be one of the participants of Yayasan TM Tower Run 2019, a 1,296-step run held in Menara TM, from ground floor to the 54th floor.

Organised by Yayasan TM, this fun and healthy event marked my first experience of 'tower running'! As Soh Wai Ching, Asia’s fastest Tower Runner and World’s No. 2 mentioned, tower running is an extremely energy-intensive sport and hence we require large amounts of carbs to provide high levels of energy. Therefore, Potatoes USA was here to fuel our day with good carbs and nutrients.

14 November, 2019

[TRAVEL] 10 Reasons to Visit Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba (Japan's Top 10 Best Aquarium)

Oh hi, fishiee!

My 5D4N Chiba trip has been amazing with so many fun-filled experiences, but my favourite among all is Kamogawa Sea World, rated as Japan's No. 2 Aquarium after Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

12 November, 2019

"Madagascar: The Musical" Live in Malaysia

I like to move it, move it....
We like to move it!

My favourite Madagascar is back in action! Let December kickstarts with something fun and exciting:
It's “Madagascar The Musical” live in Malaysia!

Being a huge fan of Madagascar myself, I can't wait to join Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo on a crack-a-lackin’ adventure in Madagascar The Musical, held at Plenary Hall KLCC this 5-8 December 2019! The best part is, Malaysia is the first in Southeast Asia to host the smash-hit International DreamWorks Production; Madagascar The Musical since its acclaimed UK Tour. How cool is that?

Show Date: 5th – 8th December 2019 
Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC
Ticket Prices: RM498 (Premium) | RM368 (VIP) |
RM268 (CAT A) | RM188 (CAT B) | RM98 (CAT C) 
*Ticket prices are subject to RM4 ticketing fee

10 November, 2019

How Switches Can Turn Your Home into An Art!

It is exciting when I start doing researches on home designs and furnishings for my new home recently. Design trends and home décor are constantly evolving, and I find so many new creative ideas online which I haven't seen before! 

One of the interesting ideas is refurbishing or re-decorating of homes for festive season to set the mood for the year of festivities. I really love the idea of having a whole new look for the house during every season to give a sense of freshness and liveliness at home. For instance, we can consider changing our curtains, get new tablecloths, rearranging furniture or perhaps changing the flower designs in our living rooms.

But have you thought about having a new switch cover design that can be customised according to your home decoration or the festive season theme? Wow!

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