03 October, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum

 Is your skin lacking of energy? 

Being a beauty blogger, I have been constantly trying out new skincare. But there are products that I really love and don't mind repurchasing again and again - one of them is THE FACESHOP The Therapy First Serum

Time flies! Can't believe I have been using it for 3 years now, as my first step of everyday skincare. And I am very happy with the moisturising result it delivers until recently I try something NEW with even more luxurious formula and greater effectiveness.

 THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum (140ml) @ RM179

It is THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam First Serum, the“first layer” of skincare right after cleansing, that delivers "Balanced Qi" (Vital Energy in the world of traditional medicine) to the skin.

How do we know if our skin has sufficient vital energy? If your skin has the following symptoms, then the lack of energy may be an issue here:

(1) Signs of aging – patchy skin, wrinkles, reduced elasticity
(2) Dryness – dehydrated skin, flaking, wrinkles
(3) Skin troubles – Acne, overproduction of sebum, sensitivity, swelling

29 September, 2019

Universal Orlando Tickets

It’s everyone’s dream to visit Universal Orlando Park one day, whether they’re kids or adults. This is the place where they get to see their favorite settings from fictional stories in front of their eyes. However, the only thing that tends to hold people back is that they don’t know much about tickets, discounts, and when it’s best to buy them.

26 September, 2019

Taiwan Excellence x Standard Chartered KL Marathon Active Lifestyle Expo @ PWTC

Are you ready for Standard Chartered KL Marathon? 

This year's #SCKLM is made more special with Taiwan Excellence joining us for the first time this year. Representing the best of Taiwanese innovation and products,  Taiwan Excellence is here to convey its “Run in Style” message, leading the charge to healthier lifestyle.

22 September, 2019

Matxi Corp 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Happy 2nd Birthday to Matxi Corp! 

It was an honour for me to be invited as a guest along with 2,000 distributors across 30 nations to Matxi Corp's grand launch and Matxi S.G.'s 2nd anniversary celebration at KLCC. 

What is Matxi Corp? 

Matxi Corp may be new to some of us. Matxi Corp specialists in business training, human development, helping individuals and businesses to develop outstanding sales using professional training roadmap and support tools. 

19 September, 2019

Taiwan Medical Travel: How Does Taiwan Healthcare Technology Help You?

Hello, Taiwan! 

I guess Taiwan is a popular travel destination among Malaysians, but do you know that apart from fun and leisure purposes, Taiwan is a popular option for professional medical treatments too?

So I have recently attended the Taiwan Healthcare Technology Introduction and Patient Sharing Session organized by Ministry of Health and Welfare Taiwan and TAITRA to explore how Taiwan medical care helps patients from all walks of life.

How to Eat Healthier at Burger King

It’s quite rare when you hear about someone talking about healthy and less-caloric meals from a fast-food restaurant. While it may not be that common, you’d be surprised to find that there are some meals out there that can check many boxes when it comes to being healthy. Fast-food restaurants are becoming more aware of healthy nutrition, its impact on people, and how trendy it’s becoming. 

Burger King is at the top of the list of the quite few fast-food restaurants that offer healthy options for those who are watching their diets. Getting a healthy meal from a cheap and reputable restaurant can really go a long way. Here are some tips to help you eat healthier at Burger King....

12 September, 2019

Why Kitchen Mat is a Must-Have in Every Kitchen

You might be asking why a mat or a rug is necessary in the kitchen. Most of us probably think that there is no need to have a mat placed on out kitchen floors. Well, actually there is. For one, it enhances the aesthetic quality of your kitchen. Also, mats help define the different zones in a multi-functional kitchen, wherein it serves a place for cooking, eating and being part of your living space. Another important purpose of a kitchen mat is to soften the hard floor and support your body while spending considerable time preparing and cooking food. With these benefits and more, you’ll want to change your mind.

Picture credit: Here
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