11 December, 2018

What do Women Want from Sports Bra?

If you have been following my Instagram stories, you would notice I have been actively hitting the gym several times a week. People have been asking me how can I be so motivated to go to the gym on such a constant basis? Well, I'd say one of the motivators would be by putting on beautiful gym wear. 

Believe it or not, when you fit yourself with a set of gym / sports attire that you love, you will be more interested to exercise. Having said that, not all gym wear can be comfortable and fit snugly to every one's body shape.

For men, I am not sure if a good pair of workout shoes would satisfy you. But for most female, a good piece of comfortable sports bra is the most important thing among all. I love how a piece of perfectly-fitting bra stays in place regardless of how big our daily movement is. Especially when it comes to sports, I hate adjusting my bra every now and then! 

Of course, in a long run, what we wear is something that boosts our body confidence. Don't you think so? 

Personally, I used to wear fancy sports bra like the one above, which undoubtedly look good on photos. But as time goes by, I find that it is not as durable as expected and the fitting starts to change after several washes. So, learning my lesson, I'd say No to fancy-looking sports bra ever since. 

Until recently I have been looking for good sports bra and guess what I found? It's Knix, a high impact sports bra that is said to "transform how you feel before, during and after the workout". Based on several online reviews, what interests me is the excellent workmanship and continuous support that it gives 24/7. Some even make it an everyday bra! 

In case you are wondering, it supports women up to size 42G. No worries for the plus sizes!
Despite of the price point, I believe it is worth investing in.

Anyway, let me know if you have tried Knix and if you like it. Or share with me if you have any other recommendations!

10 December, 2018

[TRAVEL] Best Skyline View in Hong Kong : Sky100 Observation Deck

Imagine yourself being elevated to the 100th Floor in just 60 seconds and experience that magnificent 360-degree city view.... are you excited?

07 December, 2018

Top 3 K-Beauty Recommendations by K-Pop Boy Band, GOT7

Annyeonghaseyo, any fans of GOT7 here? If you have been following this popular Korean boy band closely, I am sure you’d have noticed that they have become THE FACE SHOP's new ambassador since early 2018.

Do you want to know the beauty secret of GOT7 for having such flawless skin? I am curious about it too. Thanks to THE FACE SHOP Malaysia, I have received this Limited Edition #GOTTHEFACE Special Kit featuring GOT7’s top 3 favourite beauty products.

06 December, 2018

VISTA Eye Specialist: My First Eye Health Check Experience

Hello, I am here at VISTA Eye Specialist!

Just like yearly dental check or medical check up, do you know that annual eye check is important to our overall health? More often than not, we wouldn't visit a dentist until we have toothache, Similarly, we don't visit eye specialists until we encounter any issues on the eyes. But actually this is not the right way...

05 December, 2018

Malaysia's Tallest Christmas Tree in Suria KLCC

It's almost Christmas, my favourite season of the year! Think about the snowy Christmas tree adorned with bells and gift boxes, colorful Nutcracker guards, and a feast of turkey, cookies and log cakes; how can I not love such a jolly holiday season?

This year's Christmas is even more special because we have Malaysia's tallest Christmas Tree Replica in town, right at the Esplanade area of Suria KLCC! It is guarded by two giant 15-foot Nutcracker Guards. How magnificent the view is!

As soon as I enter into Suria KLCC, it feels like I have been transported to a whimsical Christmas wonderland because everything feels so magical here. The decors at each of the entrances to the mall are worth a picture or two, aren't they?

But the most beautiful Christmas decor is of course at the stage area where the colorful Nutcracker army steals the show, along with a breathtaking poinsettia floral set-up surrounded by ribbons of colourful lights and snow laden Christmas tree.

Taking a closer look at the nutcrackers, thumbs up Suria KLCC for the beautiful details and colorful vibes!

Now let me share the joy and happiness of this festivity at the mall's Christmas launch event with you guys!

So happy to meet Santa Claus here! He will be having greet and meet sessions with the children throughout this festive period.

The Nutcracker Ballet - Meadow Ballet

Not only that, you can enjoy a lively array of performances including ballet, a marching band and Christmas caroling in Suria KLCC too. If you don't want to miss them out, be sure to check the schedule at http://bit.ly/WhimsicalChristmasPerformances and mark your calendar!

Christmas Caroling

What's Christmas without the tradition of gifting? It's time to shop and get rewarded this Christmas.
(Find out more about the redemptions: http://bit.ly/WhimsicalChristmas2018)

Citibank Visa Cardholders
❤ The first 30 Citibank Visa cardholders who spend a minimum of RM1,000 in a single receipt daily will receive a mystery gift and Suria KLCC parking ticket worth RM10.
❤ For purchases of RM3,500 and above in a maximum of 2 receipts, shoppers will receive a special L'Occitane gift set*. 
(*for first 60 purchases on Friday, and first 40 purchases on weekends)

Non-Citibank Visa Cardholders
❤ Receive a mystery gift when you spend RM1,000 and above in a single receipt.
❤ The first 30 shoppers who spend RM3,500 and above in a single receipt on weekends will receive a special L'Occitane gift set.

Yeay, I have just won myself a RM30 Marks and Spencer voucher!

More gifts, more fun!
To make your Christmas shopping even more rewarding, 5 lucky winners will walk away with a piece of jewellery from De Beers upon spending of RM3,500 and above on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
*Contest opens to both Citibank and Non-Citibank customers.

A Secret Santa will be giving out mystery gift to lucky shoppers too, so do look out for that! Shop before the campaign ends on 25 December 2018 ya.

As we celebrate this festivity with joy and excitement, let's not forget about the less fortunate. Did you notice 10 "Cik Gajah", life-size baby elephant sculptures at 3 different locations in Suria KLCC? It is the mascot of the "Speak Up - There's an Elephant in the Room" campaign organised by Suria KLCC in collaboration with Hospis Malaysia to create awareness and seek our support towards palliative care program that improves the quality of life for the life-limiting illness patients.

What can we contribute?
1. Donate RM15 and receive a token of appreciation, or
2. Kids can get a face or hand painting with a donation of RM15.

*All proceeds go to Hospis. 

Hop over to Suria KLCC to experience a magical Christmas with your family and friends!

For latest updates, please visit:
Website: www.suriaklcc.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/SuriaKLCCMall
Instagram: @suriaklccmall 

02 December, 2018

Celebrate Christmas with Cakes & Breads from Hogan Bakery

Hi, this is Santarina Fish! ❤ Are you excited for Christmas already?

It's almost end of the year, so it's time for Christmas gatherings again! Isn't it the best time to catch up with our close friends and family and spend some quality time together before the year ends?

30 November, 2018

[Online Shopping Tips] How to Shop for International Beauty Products via Yellow Porter

Annyeong haseyo, I am back from a shopping spree in Korea!

Haha, just kidding, I have literally shopped along the "Beauty Street" of Myeongdong without being physically there :P HAHA read on to find out how did I do that....

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