05 August, 2022

Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 @ Sunway Velocity Mall

Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 is finally back!

This year's Taiwan Expo in Malaysia is a hybrid exhibition that combines both online and offline element. The physical event is held at Sunway Velocity Mall from 2 - 7 August 2022, which I get to check out for, while the online exhibition runs for a month from  2 August - 2 September 2022.

James C.F. Huang, Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), along with the special guests each donned a VR headset to enter the EXPOverse, specially created by HTC, to kick off this year’s event. 

Guests of honour for the opening ceremony include Lee Guann Jyh, Deputy Director General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Sharon Ho Swee Peng, President of Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei; Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; Sharimahton Mat Saleh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Export Acceleration from Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE); as well as the representatives from 17 Malaysian chambers of commerce and industry.

Union of Taiwan Butterfly and Malaysian Wau Bulan

The opening ceremony also saw the unveiling of Taiwan Expo’s official logo, and this beautiful logo is inspired by a butterfly that represents Taiwan and Malaysia’s iconic Wau Bulan. The colourful soaring butterfly represents the strong Malaysia-Taiwan friendship as well as the limitless business opportunities through close cooperation. 

Ms. Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia

Ms. Anne Hung said in her speech that the Malaysia-Taiwan trade has remained strong despite the pandemic, and the cordial relationship built over the decades has allowed both sides to achieve outstanding trade results.

In 2021, bilateral trade volume increased by a whopping 26% to reach nearly 28 billion US dollars. Hung further commented that Taiwan is not only focused on promoting its high-quality industries but is also actively looking to boost bilateral flow of talents, investments, technology, tourism, culture, and education as outlined under the New Southbound Policy.

Sharimahton Mat Saleh, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Export Acceleration from 
Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

As Malaysia and Taiwan have long enjoyed a solid relationship in many areas such as economics, trades, culture, and the arts, Taiwan Expo allows for the showcase of many innovative products at the forefront of the changing global landscape, making Taiwan Expo the perfect platform for Malaysian businesses looking to explore these business opportunities.
Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 is supported by 17 business associations in Malaysia.

For Taiwan Expo in Kuala Lumpur 2022, the products were selected to align with the roadmap drawn up under the 12th Malaysian Plan. The expo is centred around 6 main themes:

 Industry 4.0 & Green Economy
 Smart Medical
 Smart Agriculture
 Taiwan Lifestyles
 Talent, Tourism & Financial Services

Many of the products showcased are leaders in the global market, with distinctive Taiwanese characteristics. And I saw alot of interesting inventions that really caught my attention there! 
Ible Wearable Air Purifier

Airvia M1 Wearable Ionic Air Purifier is only 20g and is easily worn with a titanium necklace or a collar clip. Looks cool as accessories right? It constantly creates 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3 100 times more than natural forest ion concentration, to purify PM2.5, pollen and smoke around our face. 

The purification effect has been certified by international awards such as CES Innovation Award in the United States, German Innovation Award in Germany and SNQ in Taiwan. Definitely a good purchase! 

Annie's Way Black Tea Bubble Tea Invisible Silk Mask
安妮絲薇 珍珠奶茶面膜系列 紅茶緊緻面膜

I am also excited to see Annie's Way products here. It is not something new to me, as I have tried their beauty masks before and they are really good for the skin. For example, Black Tea is full of antioxidants to protect skin from damage and fight signs of aging, providing a flawless, youthful and radiant complexion. 

Annie's Way Arbutin Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask
安妮絲薇 熊果素玻尿酸淨白果凍面膜

AROMASE Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo
艾瑪絲 - 捷利爾頭皮淨化液

I have also tried Aromase before, and their scalp care series is just amazing in removing the excess sebum and alleviating redness and sensitivity. Overall, it helps clean away the dandruff and moisturise the scalp, thanks to the pH5.5 formula with Amino acid base and no harsh chemicals. 

Natural Beauty - r-PGA Deep Hydration Moisturizing Cushion Mask

Another powerful mask for those who really need instant hydration boost on the skin! This mask is highly concentrated and contains γ-PGA small moisturising molecule and plant extracts for  maximum soothing and moisturising effects.

Bio-Jourdeness - Beauty Spa / Skincare

At Bio-Jourdeness, we not only get to try the beauty products but we can also experience a facial spa at their beauty salons located in different areas in Malaysia. One of the items we get to try here is the Platinum Intensive Whitening Dark Spot Eraser which contains proprietary active ingredient Caritas JDR and made using patented biotransformation technology. It is fragrance-free, pigment-free and mineral oil-free - so environmental friendly! 

Other than that, there are also plenty of other products that may be of your interest such as the world's smallest cycling power meter AROFLY LINK A1 and NewEpi Plus Sterile Liquid Wound Dressing that rapidly speeds up healing. For travellers, VAGO portable vacuum compressor and bags are perfect to bring with you. 

Come visit the physical Taiwan Expo in Malaysia 2022 at Sunway Velocity Mall or on the online platform! Free entrance for everyone. So, come and experience Taiwan’s outstanding products and explore business opportunities together!

For more information, please visit:
Facebook page: fb.com/TaiwanExpo.mys 

04 August, 2022

[BEAUTY] Review: DermEden France No.1 Photo-Aging Expert Skincare

Do you know that prolonged exposure from blue light from a computer or smart phone is as harmful as the UV rays from sunlight when it comes to damaging the skin? Don’t worry, DermEden Laboratories, the No.1 Photo-Ageing Expert from France is here to help our skin combat against photoaging! 

Made in France and formulated under dermatological control, DermEden offers a wide range of anti-ageing & anti-UV solutions that defend our skin and preserve its beauty in the long term. 

It is at night that the skin best absorbs the active ingredients, so it is very important to take advantage of this sleeping time to apply active skincare products. Hence, DermEden Laboratories have created the Night Protocole skincare range with a high concentration of powerful active ingredients to combat skin aging. 

DermEden Antioxidant Cleansing Foam (150ml)

Nothing is more important than having cleansed face so that our skin can absorb the nutrients of skincare that comes next. We start off with the Cleansing Foam which acts effectively on the culprit of aging skin, by eliminating dust and impurities. 

Comes in foam type, the soap-free and alcohol-free Cleansing Foam is enriched with natural extracts of cucumber, ginger, green tea, acerola and rosemary, which play vital roles on the skin:

 Cucumber extract: cleanses the pores, moisturizes, refreshes
 Green tea extract: antioxidant, tonic, astringent action
 Rosemary extract: antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
 Acerola extract: detoxifying, invigorating, antioxidant
 Ginger extract: toning

How to use:
In the morning and/or evening, use a pump on dry skin. Apply by circular massage and rinse with clear water.   

❤ The soft and airy foam texture feels pleasant on the skin, as it deeply cleans and purifies the skin gently. 

Feel after use:
❤ It leaves the skin clean, soft and silky, without any feeling of tightness. I love how it brings radiance and freshness to the skin instantly after use.
❤ Highly effective in removing impurities (make-up residues, pollution etc) 
❤ Ideal to restore and enhance the radiance and freshness of skin

Dermeden Night Protocole Intense Anti-Ageing Serum (30ml)

After each skin cleansing, it is important to moisturize and protect your skin. Hence, for the next step, we are pampering our skin with the Intense Seruma unique concentrate of Dioic Acid, Resorcinol, Niacinamide and Vitamin C with anti-dark spot action, and Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol with anti-wrinkle action.

Reinforced by anti-ageing peptides, the formula repairs the damage induced by the day's UV rays. So, let our complexion becomes radiant and the skin regains its ideal firmness-elasticity again. 

How to use:
❤ Apply over face and neck every evening. (Personally, I wouldn't recommend for day use because it contains Retinol, unless you apply proper sun protection after the serum)
❤ Can be used alone, especially for sensitive skin. 
❤ Also recommended as a complement to the Night Cream. 

❤ Combining pleasure and efficiency, its light and powdery texture is ultra fast-absorbing. 

Feel after use:
❤ It feels smooth and nourishing on the skin. No sticky residue at all. 
❤ No appearance of new dark spots 
❤ Enhanced complexion
❤ Smoother skin
❤ Faded wrinkles  
Dermeden Night Protocole Intense Night Cream (50ml)

The last step for the skin is the powerful Night Cream which effectively treats dark spots, hydrates and regenerates the skin with its unique formula containing 3 types of Hydroxy Acids, Retinol and Niacinamide. Dark spots fade and wrinkles are filled, leaving skin plump, soft, and balanced. 

 αHA - Glycolic acid: anti-dark spots, peeling and anti-ageing effect
 βHA - Salicylic acid: peeling and anti-ageing effect
 ΩHA - Dioic acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
 Liposomal retinol: anti-ageing
 Niacinamide: anti-dark spots and antioxidant

How to use:
❤ Every night, use the spatula to apply the generous, delicately scented texture to a perfectly cleansed face, neck, and neckline. For reinforced action, apply Intense Serum first.
❤ For skins sensitive to the slightly acidic formula (low pH), apply the Night Cream every other evening so that the skin gradually gets used to the product.  

❤ The creamy texture feels smooth on the skin upon application. But it then comes with "peeling effect" where the acidic substance exfoliates dead cells on the surface of the skin and strengthening skin cell renewal. 

Feel after use:
❤ A temporary tingling sensation can be felt on sensitive skin, but don't worry it means that the peeling effect is working well. 

❤ Improve skin hydration
❤ Reduced dark spots 
❤ Faded wrinkles
❤ Improve skin regeneration  

DermEden Night Protocole Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Contour Cream (15ml)

When it comes to special care, I always emphasize on eye cream because aging effect around the eyes can be very severe if not well taken care of. Dubbed as an elixir for beautiful eyes, this Eye Contour Cream helps moisturise and regenerate to reduce dark circles and puffiness, with the following active ingredients: 

 αHA - Glycolic acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
❤ ΩHA - Dioic Acid: anti-dark spots and anti-ageing
❤ Liposomal Retinol: anti-ageing
❤ Stabilized Vitamin C: lightening and anti-oxidant
❤ Niacinamide: anti-dark spots
❤ Hyaluronic Acid: anti-wrinkle and moisturizing

How to use:
Apply every evening to the bone structure around the eye, massaging lightly with your fingertips.

❤ Texture wise, it is the ultra lightweight type that everyone loves - simply burdenless for the eye contour area. 

Feel after use:
❤ I like how the gentle formula is absorbed into the skin without any added scent. Ideal for overall brighter complexion around the eyes. 
❤ Reduce brown spots
❤ Brighten eye contour
❤ Hydrate skin
❤ Blur away wrinkles
❤ Reduce eye pockets and rings    

DermEden DD Cream Universal Cream (Claire / Light) SPF50 (50ml)

My favourite goes to this amazing DD Cream - an anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spots, anti-aging and moisturizing makeup base with strong UV protection that protects our skin from all aggressions and prevents the first signs of ageing.

Enriched with a Vitamin D-like agent, it is the very first day cream that bestows the skin with the benefits of Vitamin D. While I choose the light version of DD Cream, the pigments can actually adjust itself to suit every skin tone well. 

How to use:
Apply every morning to your face, neck and neckline with circular motions until the color perfectly blends with your skin tone. Excellent make-up base, matte finish.

❤ Initially encapsulated, the pigments melt to fit our skin. So blendable and smooth. 

Feel after use:
❤ The result is amazing! I love how it gives a healthy glow and naturally unified complexion. Again, the formula is not perfumed - hence it is more sensitive skin-friendly.  
❤ DD Cream restores the tensing effect of skin destroyed by UVA rays.
❤ Instant healthy glow effect
❤ Improve hydration
❤ Unified skin
Feel free to use promo code xxx for xxx % discount upon any purchase on:

For more information about DermEden Laboratories, please visit:

Instagram: @dermeden_my

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03 August, 2022

3 Benefits Of Imaginative Play

Children love to play, and they love to have fun. For parents, it’s crucial to understand that playtime isn’t just about unwinding and enjoying themselves; children are learning as they play. In fact, for the most part, children are learning all the time – parents have to bear this in mind when they are interacting with their children or doing anything around them.

When it comes to play, imaginative play is hugely beneficial. Whether your child likes to pretend they are someone else, plays make believe with their dolls and bears, or creates entire imaginary scenarios, their imagination is a crucial tool that needs to be nurtured. Here are some of the benefits of imaginative play to help you understand more and encourage it further.

Imaginative Play Boosts Language Development

When children are learning to talk, and even later, when they have a good grasp of language but want or need to enhance their vocabulary, imaginative play allows this to happen. When they are happily playing with their tea set or pretending to be a teacher with their toys or saving the world from disaster – or anything else they might be doing, because children’s imaginations are incredible – they can also develop better language skills at the same time.

This is because the child playing will try out new words and phrases, and they will feel happier and freer to do so, knowing that they don’t need to feel bad for saying something in the wrong way or using the wrong context. Although there will clearly need to be some fine-tuning by parents because of this, in general, when playing an imaginary game, a child tends to use more words than in conversation.

Imaginative Play Leads To Emotional Development

Imaginative play in whatever form it might take allows your child to put themselves in someone else’s situation. They can imagine themselves as the princess or teacher or construction worker with their CreateOn Magnatiles and imagine how they would react to the things that are happening in the game.

The interesting thing is that children won’t consciously put their characters in these situations; it’s something that will happen organically as the game goes on. This means they won’t have a chance to think things through ahead of time, and they will need to imagine what the thoughts and feelings of that person are. This will boost their emotional development and not only make them more empathetic but also help them to understand their own emotions better, too.

Imaginative Play Boosts Creativity

Creativity is a massively important part of life. Even adults who don’t work in what might be termed creative roles will still need to use creative thinking at some point. Plus, creativity is an ideal outlet for your thoughts and feelings, not to mention the fact that being creative or enjoying creative things is fun.

Creativity also helps with problem-solving. If a child is playing an imaginative game and they don’t have a component they need to make something, they will work out a way to get past the issue and come up with a creative solution for the problem. This is a skill that will serve them well later in life.

02 August, 2022

Potatoes USA Powers Up Twincity Marathon 2022

Do you know that potatoes are a nutrient-dense vegetable that provides the energy, fiber, potassium and Vitamin C which boost sport performances and help fuel people who do sports or lead an active lifestyle? Recent research findings indicated that potatoes are found to have the nutrients that could benefit fitness buffs, marathoners and sportspersons.

Potatoes USA took on the role of a key sponsor of the Twincity Marathon 2022 recently. An outdoor tent was erected, with various personnel serving U.S. potato products to the 4,000 runners in both the full and half marathons.

The U.S. mashed potatoes served are aimed to help runners replenish energy levels and nutrients needed after the marathon. Educational materials on potato power nutrition to improve sports performance were also distributed at the event.

Here are some of the benefits of U.S. Potatoes:

 26 grams of carbohydrate
Potatoes are a nutrient-dense quality carbohydrate, important for optimal physical and mental performance as the primary fuel for your brain and a key source of energy for muscles. And, because your body’s own stores of carbohydrate are limited and may be depleted – even in a single session of intense and/or prolonged exercise– it’s important to replenish them.

 620 milligrams of Potassium
A medium-sized (148g) potato, with the skin-on, provides more potassium than a banana, no fat, no sodium, and no cholesterol. Potatoes are perfect for aiding muscle, cardiovascular and nervous system function during long endurance events.

 30% of daily value of Vitamin C
Potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system and aids in collagen production, a major muscle tissue component.

 3 grams of plan-based protein
Protein is a key component of muscle and an important nutrient for performance.

 2 grams of fiber (7% daily value)
Fiber helps regulate blood glucose and increase satiety, making one feel full longer.

 110 Calories for Energy
Easily digestible and more energy dense than any other popular vegetable, potatoes are a good choice to fuel the demands of racing a marathon.

His Excellency U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Brian D. McFeeters, 61 years of age, participated in the half marathon (21km run). “I am delighted to see Potatoes USA as a sponsor of this marathon and glad to have the information that potatoes are healthy, high in potassium, Vitamin C and fiber – which are great for post recovery,” quipped Mr. Brian. “So now, maybe Malaysian can get to enjoy more potatoes like what we do in the U.S.,” he continued.

Clocking an impressive marathon finishing time of 2.27 hours, Brian showed that with proper diet and fuel, at his age, he could still beat many younger Malaysians in the half marathon. Despite his busy schedule, he exercises regularly and maintains a healthy diet with the help of U.S. potatoes.

Max Lim, 51, a writer in KL loves to run and is a familiar face at most marathons in town. “As a runner, I love U.S. potatoes because they are a nutritional powerhouse that help me stay fueled for my runs. They are quite easy to digest and reduce hunger pangs during a long or intense run. Furthermore, they are tasty and can be prepared in many ways – there are no limit to the versatility of the U.S. potatoes,” enthused Max.

Runner Kelly Chin, 45 years old, said she enjoys eating U.S. Potatoes for her carbo energy, as it is a healthier alternative. “Potatoes are one of the must-haves in my kitchen because they are versatile, nutrient-dense, and energy packed food. This helps to fuel my workouts and runs,” she explained.

Numerous studies had been conducted over the past 40-50 years also suggested that carbohydrates are a primary macronutrient for sustaining and improving athletic performance. According to Nutrition Today, a US journal, it is suggested that a balanced diet high in natural, quality carbohydrate rich foods like nutrient-densed potatoes may be optimal to improving physical performance among elite endurance athletes.

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22 July, 2022

My Shingles Journey on the Face & Eye

Disclaimer: This is written based on my own personal experience. I am not a medical person and some of the information is reproduced from online resources. 

Hey ❤ July has been a nerve-wrecking month due to work commitments. It was only two days after I had a complex wisdom tooth removal surgery that I discovered some pimple-like growth around my eye and forehead - which I initially thought was a completely normal allergy reaction since I had been on high dosage of anaesthesia plus Arcoxia (painkiller). 

And that was Day 1 - I totally did not expect that it would turn out to be shingles.

What is Shingles?

Shingles, aka herpes zoster, is a disease that triggers a painful skin rash.
It is caused by the same virus as chickenpox, the varicella-zoster virus.
So if you had chicken pox before, this virus will stay dormant in your body
until it is triggered - hence forming shingles.

Fun fact.

Direct contact with people who have shingles would not give you shingles.
But if you have not had chickenpox before, direct contact with fluid from shingles can give you chickenpox.

What are the symptoms of shingles?

It started with “small, itchy bumps” in a small section of one side of the body or face. The good thing is that it wouldn’t go around the ENTIRE area (Let’s say if it is around the neck, it will only be either on the left or right side, and not both), otherwise the itch and pain would be so unbearable. 

The situation would escalate immediately to some pain or tingling sensation followed by red rash with small, fluid-filled blisters (see pictures of Day 2-4). 

Mine is on my forehead and near my eye area -  so I am more concerned as the blisters near or in the eye can cause lasting eye damage and blindness. Remember to consult doctor immediately if you notice blisters on your face! 

Day 2:
✔️ Went to panel clinic (normal GP) and got a tube of Acyclovir Cream 5% with some antibiotics.

Day 3:
✔️ Applied the cream 3 times daily but no improvement. More blisters pop up around the forehead and scalp! 
✔️ The tingling and itchiness on the scalp was quite annoying. 
✔️ I had mild headache and sudden shooting pain too - almost disruptive to daily routine. 

Acyclovir 400mg + Acyclovir Cream 5%
Tips: The earlier you take the antiviral medication, the quicker is the recovery.

Day 4:
✔️ Consulted physician in hospital instead (The one I went was Taman Desa Medical Centre).
✔️ Got both Acyclovir 400mg tablets and Acyclovir Cream 5% for best antiviral battle. 
✔️ The tablets need to be consumed 5 times daily for 7 days, so I generally set fixed timings (5.30am, 10am, 3pm, 8pm, and 12.30am) everyday and adhered to it strictly. Please set alarm and wake up for medicine lol. 
✔️ Best taken with meals to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort ya, especially those with gastric issue. 

Day 5-6:
✔️ The level of itchiness peaks. But please don’t ever scratch it. Just be patient and let the itch go away eventually.

Day 7-10:
✔️ The blisters start to dry up and crust over. During this period of time, just be extra diligent in washing your face, applying the cream and taking the medicine.
✔️ Remember to use only extra gentle, eczema-friendly facial wash such as Sebamed, Cetaphil, Avene etc. 
✔️ Went for follow-up checkup on Day 10 and the doctor said the recovery progress was all good. 
✔️ Total medical cost = RM 789 (RM700 initial consultation and medicine + RM89 followup). 

Day 11 and beyond:
✔️ Once the blisters dry completely, they form scabs which are typically flat and dark red / brown / yellowish in colour. 
✔️ Shingles scabs usually disappear completely in 2-4 weeks, leaving no scar. 
✔️ Let the scabs clear up automatically, and do not peel - because scabs help protect the skin underneath.
✔️ Can start using scar removal cream to reduce the scar appearance as early as possible. 

Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Gel
Many friends recommended this scar gel - effective in lightening and softening surgical scars.

Someone insisted that I need to get lots of vitamin boost through the cold-pressed juices :)

❤ The above basically sums up the recovery journey - I am still on Day 13 at the point of writing, so my face looks like a Halloween makeup model with no additional effect required lol. 

The Roller Coaster of Emotions

Shingles occur mainly due to the weakened immune system. And what makes our immunity level goes down to the drain can be the lack of sleep, sky-high stress level, unhealthy diet, etc.

And I can totally relate to that. I mean, the highly stressful life I’ve been living for the past 6 months. It comes to my realisation that my mind is actually stronger than my body. In facing day-to-day stress, I can usually rationalise all the negative emotions and suppress the stress within me.  But my body…. I have no idea that my immune system has gone to its lowest point and it decides to give me an alarming reminder.

I have been working for more than 15 hours a day for an urgent assignment during the week of shingles, and little did I know it actually causes more severe headache and pain on the scalp due to stress. 

On top of that, waking up to seeing blisters popping on my face is just so devastating. Deep in my heart, I know I have to stop taking on social media gigs due to this condition - no photo or video creation for up to months. During the same week of being bombarded with work, I can really feel the emotional turmoil but I am not ready to tell anyone about it. For a couple of days, I literally cry myself to bed and wake up crying again, yet remain calm and professional at work. 

Revealing my actual situation on social media takes a little more courage after that, but I am more than blessed to receive overwhelming stream of messages, well wishes, useful advices and life stories that literally made me teared. 

THANK YOU EVERYONE from the bottom of my heart 

USANA Health Supplements including Proflavanol C and Proglucamune

The Next Steps

Start building up my immune system before it's too late again! Being a happy consumer of USANA health supplements, I further increase my dosage and range of consumption. Among all, for better immunity especially during this Covid season, please start taking Proflavanol C and Proglucamune if you haven't. Feel free to contact me if you need any consultation on USANA! 

USANA Probiotic Powder

And lastly don't ever neglect your gut health. I started taking one sachet of probiotics every morning, 30 minutes before meal. Let it fortify my digestive system with healthy bacteria (probiotics), and supports a balanced and healthy immune system! 

All in all, hope you find this article on shingles useful. For those having shingles,
get the correct medication as soon as you can and be patient with the recovery process.
We will get better, slowly but surely. 

Let's stay healthy together!

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