16 September, 2020

How to Earn More Money as an Influencer via ConfirmPlusChop

If you have been following my blog or Instagram, I am sure you have seen my beauty product reviews for various brands over the past few years. I am thankful that you guys have supported me all these while and my collaborations / endorsements with the brands have brought about some sales for them too. 

Since I can see plenty of positive response on the product reviews especially beauty and health related items, I have decided to explore more earnings via ConfirmPlusChop

It is a platform where brands get to collaborate with influencers, and pay only when there is a sale. It allows brands to build trust among customers, through honest and sincere demonstrations and reviews by influencers, which in turn will drive sale for the brands. However, there is no payment for the posting itself.

Do you know that in the recent Alibaba Malaysia Week in September, an influencer was able to sell over 80,000 bottles of Malaysian birds’ nests within 5 minutes? Do you think you can achieve sales for the brands? If yes, then ConfirmPlusChop is for you.

In short, the more you sell, the more you earn!
ConfirmPlusChop platform allows you sell the products on your e-com page, directly from the factory to the end customers at a lower price than the normal market price. 

How does it work?
1. Log in to ConfirmPlusChop Page.
2. Browse for the products and request for samples of products you are interested in. You will receive a notification upon being selected by the brand.
3. Share your review on your social media platforms, and direct your audience to your own e-commerce listing site. 
4. Receive a margin when they purchase.

Check out my my e-commerce page to see the products I like which may also interest you!

Personally, I think it is the power of the word of mouth that creates this opportunity for us influencers to make extra bucks. I find it interesting to be able to try out various new products that I may not know about previously. Then if I am a satisfied user of the products, I am more than happy to share them with my followers via a couple of mentions in IG stories. It works similarly to affiliate programmes, but the commission is much higher as it can go up to 25% per sale.  

Benefits for the brands? It is a cost-saving method of marketing and obtaining better reach to a wider base of customers. With the influencers' help to spread the word, it not only drives sales but also builds brand awareness as well. 

So, don't forget to check out ConfirmPlusChop and start earning some moo-lah! 

15 September, 2020

Benefits of IGLinks for Influencer / KOL / Instagrammer

Just a few questions before we begin the topic of the day: 

1. Are you an influencer / Instagrammer? 
2. If yes, do you constantly need to change your "Link in bio" on IG?
3. If yes, do you want to save the hassle & find a solution for this?
4. If yes, do you want your solution to be FREE? 

If yes, B-I-N-G-O! You are at the right place now. I am going to share my experience of using IGLinks and its benefits for us as Instagrammers on our day-to-day social media marketing work. 

Personally, I have always been having this issue in Instagram where only one link is allowed. Sometimes, due to the requirement by the brands, there would be a clash of the duration of link placement especially when several brand endorsements are ongoing at the same time. I am sure most influencers will face the same issue too. 

But no worries, I just found something amazing that helps to solve this concern -- IGLinks.io. It allows you to create a personalised and easily-customizable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your audience.

Whether you want to use it on Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media platforms you can name, please feel free to do so! It's absolutely free and unrestricted. 

How to set up your IGLinks account? Easy peasy! It takes less than 5 minutes to set up an account, and in just few steps, you can get an IGLink for yourself. 

Once signed up, I can choose to customise my page with my own profile photo, title, description, contacts and social media links. Everything is fully customised, except for the special themes which are only available for different package users. 

For me, I prefer adding important links such as giveaways, reviews, etc so that it is easier for you guys to check it out from my IG profile! For each link, I can put in some short description and thumbnail too. 

Feel free to visit mine at iglinks.io/ohfishiee!

In this line of social media related work, I find it extra helpful as it aids discovery of my portfolio and eases the selection process by brands and businesses too. In short, it works wonder like a personal digital business card!
Free or pro? You choose.

Whether you just want to use the link for social media, or to also monitor the statistics behind it, you can choose from the packages available and subscribe to the one that meets your needs. I am currently using the free package and pretty happy about it :P 

Whether you are an influencer, brand or business, feel free to try out IGLinks to improve your marketing!

Find out more about IGLinks at:
Website: www.iglinks.io
Instagram: @iglinks.io

12 September, 2020

[FOOD] Review: Purple Cane (紫藤) Halal Tea Mooncakes (茶月饼)

Happy Mooncake Festival! 

It's almost the time for the tradition of the year to savour some delicious mooncakes with authentic Chinese tea. This year, we have a wide collection of Halal Tea Mooncake (茶月饼) from Purple Cane (紫藤). 

With up to 13 unique tea flavours, there is definitely a tea mooncake that suits your most discerning palate! For those who wish to learn the art of pairing the right tea with the tea mooncake, feel free to check out their Ultimate Guide to Mooncakes and Tea Pairing.

Purple Cane has been famed for making the first ever Tea Mooncake in Malaysia, since its first introduction in 1998. Individually priced from RM9.90 onwards, all the mooncakes are Halal and most of them are vegetarian, unless indicated otherwise. 

How is Tea Mooncake being Made?
I find it interesting when I first tasted Purple Cane's mooncakes because it gives a beautiful whiff of tea in the crust. The mooncakes are infused with tea (black tea, oolong tea, green tea and puer tea) by grinding the tea leaves into fine powder form and incorporating it into the pastry crust, before wrapping the crust around the delicious fillings such as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts.
Not only the attention to detail in the process of mooncake making, Purple Cane also pays great emphasis on the vibrant oriental packaging of the mooncakes, making them perfect gifts for this auspicious festival.  

Tea Mooncake Set (6 in 1)
The above set contains:
❤ Dates Paste Green Tea Mooncake (枣泥绿茶月饼)
❤ Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake (伍仁绿茶月饼)
❤ Black Tea Red Bean Paste Mooncake (豆沙红茶月饼)
❤ White Tea Purple Potato Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake (紫薯白茶月饼)
❤ Rose Tea Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake (黑玫瑰花茶月饼)
❤ Pandan and Golden Yolk Custard Lotus Paste Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Mooncake - 
Non-vegetarian (班兰金沙奶皇蝶豆花茶月饼 - 非素食)
❤ FREE lantern riddles and 1 sachet of Cane's tea bag (附赠灯谜 + 康氏袋泡茶)

The 6-in-1 mooncake gift set comes with the crowd's favourite flavours of mooncakes, beautifully crafted in various designs and colors. Don't worry, the colors are sourced from natural ingredients (for example, purple pastry crust is made of purple sweet potato). 

Mooncakes are commonly perceived as "high-calorie" and "pure sugar" but this is definitely not the case in Purple Cane. Purple Cane's Tea mooncakes with cantonese style pastry crust and filling taste mildly sweet, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. Suitable for the health-conscious!

The gift set also comes with a cute lantern riddle (it is a tradition among ancient Chinese to attach riddles to their lanterns during Mid-Autumn Festival). Purple Cane's "modernised" version is equally interesting too!

Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake (伍仁绿茶月饼)

Among the 6 flavours, my No.1 all-time favourite is the green tea mooncake filled with assorted nuts. It tastes so nutty, yet feels light on the mouth. A delighful piece to pair with hot green tea for that refreshing taste and aids digestion. 

Pandan and Golden Yolk Custard Lotus Paste Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Mooncake

If you prefer something more creamy and smoother on the palate, I'd recommend the one with smooth pandan and golden yolk custard lotus paste. The flavour is just on point - rich enough yet not too overpowering. I don't mind having the whole piece to myself :P 

Rose Tea Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake (黑玫瑰花茶月饼)

Interestingly, there is a "gem" hidden in this charcoal tea mooncake - it is filled with lotus paste filling that exudes natural sweet aroma of rose tea. Light and healthy, yet not too sweet for my liking. 

Delightful Autumn Tea Mooncake Gift Set

The above set contains:
❤ Red Bean Paste With Dried Tangerine Peel And Double Yolk Puer Tea Mooncake - Non-vegetarian (陈皮普洱双黄豆沙月饼 - 非素食)
❤ 1 pack of Puer Tea (75g) (盒普洱)
❤ FREE Lantern Riddles & 1 Cane's Tea Bag

If you prefer something simpler or a more affordable gift pack, the mooncake and Puer tea leaves duo may be of your interest. It comes with a double yolk mooncake and tea leaves packet which makes it best for enjoyment at home with the family. 

Their Double Yolk Puer Tea Mooncake is a must-try! Nothing beats the best of tradition: the rich and juicy egg yolks, thick and creamy red bean paste, and the crunchiness of the crust which combine well together. I love how the dried tangerine peel added a delightful twist to the overall aroma and flavour too.  

Goldfish Tea Biscuit
Puer Tea Goldfish Biscuit / Green Tea Goldfish Biscuit

To perfect this mid-autumn festival, don't forget to get some goldfish tea biscuit and sip some tea!

Shop now at Purple Cane online store, Shopee, Lazada or physical outlets!

Purple Cane Shopee Mall: https://shopee.com.my/purplecaneent
Purple Cane LazMall Flagship Store: www.lazada.com.my/shop/purple-cane/
Purple Cane Tea Art Centre Nationwide: https://www.purplecane.my/pages/our-stores

For more information about Purple Cane, please visit:
Instagram: @purplecane_tea

11 September, 2020

Fun Ways of Enjoying Nutritious Washington Blueberries

Hi! Any fans of blueberries here?

Imagine the icy cold, juicy and naturally sweet blueberries bursting in the mouth... Can you resist the goodness? I personally am a fan of blueberries because it is a superfood that is perfect for breakfast, snack or anytime of the day! 

Of course, I only choose Washington blueberries which is known for its premium quality. Do you know that Washington is the largest blueberry producing state in the U.S. because of the ideal growing conditions?

Frozen Blueberries vs Fresh Blueberries

While Washington fresh blueberries are only in season during summer months, Washington frozen blueberries are available year-round which makes it convenient and accessible to use. You can store up in your fridge and thaw them when you feel like eating/snacking/serving in dishes anytime.

Don't belittle this mighty blueberry. When the blueberries are eaten within 3 months of freezing, you can get an extra boost of powerful antioxidants because anthocyanins, the antioxidant compounds in the skin of the berry is easier to absorb by our body when frozen. 

Benefits of Washington Blueberries
Here are some nutrition and health insights of Washington Blueberries by the dietitian, Ms Indra Balaratnam: 

 One cupful of Washington blueberries yields a low 80 calories.
 Low in fat and sodium.
 Rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols.
  Perfect choice to get your blue purple colour of fruits and veggies in your diet.
 Good source of Vitamin C for growth and development of tissues and promotes wound healing.
 High in manganese that helps the body process cholesterol and nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein. 
 Good source of dietary fiber, with 1 cup of blueberries providing 3.6 grams of fiber. Dietary fiber may reduce the risk of heart disease and adds bulk to your diet, which may help you feel full faster. 

How to enjoy the nutritious Washington blueberries?

It is super easy and quick to enjoy Washington blueberries at any time of the day! Here are some ideas that you may consider:

 Have them fresh! Pop a handful of fresh Washington blueberries into the mouth and savour the goodness.
 Add Washington blueberries to your cereal, overnight oats, smoothies or salads
 Add them to quick breads such as muffins, pancakes, breads
 Spice up your homemade burger patties and meatballs recipe
 Use Washington blueberries to make sauces for your lean meats, mashed potatoes, etc 
 Sprinkle a handful of Washington blueberries over chilled Greek or frozen yogurt for a delightful healthy dessert treat

Here are some of the healthy recipes shared by Indra Balaratnam, Consultant Dietitian: 

Serves: 1 person

½ cup frozen Washington blueberries
250 ml coconut water
1 small frozen banana or ½ large frozen banana

1. Place all the ingredients into a smoothie blender.
2. Blend till smooth.
3. Serve chilled.

Makes: 6 standard-size rectangular waffles

1 cup frozen Washington Blueberries
1 ½ cups atta flour (whole wheat flour)
3 teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
340 ml low fat milk
2 eggs – beaten well
3 tbsp vegetable cooking oil
2 tbsp ground almonds

1. Put the beaten eggs, low fat milk and vegetable oil into a large bowl and mix well.
2. In another bowl, mix the flour (whole wheat flour), baking powder and salt.
3. Fold the flour mixture into the egg mixture until well combined into a smooth batter.
4. Mix in the ground almond.
5. Gently stir in 1 cup frozen blueberries. (Tip: Do not over stir the blueberries into the batter otherwise the blueberries will mash up)
6. Follow the heating instructions on your waffles maker.
7. Pour enough batter into the preheated waffle iron to cook till golden brown.

Anyway, I hope you find this article useful! Time to shop for some Washington blueberries (be it fresh, frozen, or dried) in your nearest supermarkets, especially the nutrient-packed Washington frozen blueberries which are easily available in Malaysia even when they are not in season.

Have fun enjoying the nutritious Washington blueberries in your most creative way!


10 September, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: Melix Body Spa & Body Lotion

Due to the tropical weather in our country, we often experience dryness on our skin when we stay under the hot sun or when we stay indoors under strong air conditioning. When our skin turns dry, flaky and lackluster, it is already too late to repair the skin. So, let's start taking care of our skin with Melix body care because prevention is better than cure.
It's time for DIY Home Spa with Melix Body Care! ❤ 

Melix body care series (body spa (body wash) and body lotion) do not contain any harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin such as paraben, alcohol and SLS/SLES. Hence, it is suitable for those with:    
❤ Dry, flaky skin
❤ Dull skin
❤ Peeling skin
❤ Sensitive skin 
❤ Acne-prone skin  

Melix Body Spa
British Blossom (450ml) (玫瑰亮肌沐浴露) 
English Lavender (450ml) (薰衣草美肌沐浴露)

How to use: Squeeze one full pump onto the palm / sponge, and apply over the skin. Then rinse off thoroughly.

Melix body spa is a type of mild shower gel that contains no alcohol, silicone, paraben or sulphate, hence it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. I personally like how skin-friendly the product is.

Packaging wise, both pump bottles are translucent pink in color -- so sweet-looking and girly, plus it is easy to see the amount of content left in the bottle. 

Formulated in France, Melix British Blossom Body Spa has a rich content of organic rose water which helps to minimise pore appearance, maintain skin suppleness and radiance, while locking moisture into the skin.

It contains the antioxidant-rich West Indian cherry extract which has anti-aging benefits, as well as apple stem cell extract for stimulating the collagen production of the skin. 

❤ The gel texture is not overly thick, and just perfect to form bubbles well for the whole body.
❤ Using 1-2 pumps will be sufficient for each time of shower. 

❤ It exudes sweet rosy scent that brings a sense of romance and happiness.

What I Like:
❤ It nourishes the skin well and it feels good to smell like a sweet rose after showering!
❤ Suitable for those who always stay in air-conditioned room or those who sleep late at night.  

However, my favourite goes to Melix English Lavender Body Spa which is famous for its soothing and repairing benefits especially for sensitive skin. Its rich content of hyaluronic acid instantly feeds the skin with water, while the lavender scent gives a relaxing sensation to the soul.
❤ Similar to Melix British Blossom Body Spa, the gel texture lathers well and
one full pump is sufficient to relax myself from head to toe,

❤ The lavender scent is soul-comforting and mind-soothing;
perfect for night use especially after a long day of working!

What I Like:
❤ Having a hot shower with Melix English Lavender Body Spa feels like a destressing therapy because of its beautiful relaxing lavender scent.
❤ Suitable for those who are constantly exposed to sunlight, or those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.     
  Melix Hydra Moist Body Lotion with Shea and Moringa (235ml) 

Of course, after showering, it is important to seal more moisture into the skin. Melix body lotion is ideal to hydrate the skin as well as to lock moisture into the skin while it calms sensitive skin, and provides anti-aging benefits such as brightening the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.

It is also free from any harmful ingredients, so don't worry about any side effects such as skin itching upon application as it is suitable for all skin types.

Some of the key ingredients in the body lotion include:
❤ Olive fruit oil and olive leaf extract: To hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss
❤ Shea butter: To condition, soothe and tone the skin
❤ Moringa pterygosperma seed extract: To cleanse the skin deeply and soothe the irritated skin
❤ Rumex Occidentalis extract: To improve skin radiance and reduce pigmentation formation

❤ The milky lotion is very lightweight and absorbed quickly into the skin.
❤ Within minutes upon application, my skin feels nourished and moisturised without any stickiness or discomfort. 

❤ Sweet and rosy, I find that the scent is very feminine and luxurious.
❤ Definitely every girl's favourite scent to go for. 

What I Like: 
❤ Its ultra-moisturising benefit keeps my skin pampered all day long and
improves my dry skin condition without feeling uncomfortable at all. 

Melix Body Spa and Body Lotion are available at Melix online store: https://bit.ly/2G2oYgZ
You can also contact their Customer Service for more details: https://bit.ly/3dNjqma

For more information, please visit:

06 September, 2020

How to Carry the Kayak on Travel - Let's Know Several Transporting Options

I recall that few years back, I became quite interested in kayaking. It appeared to me that it is a fantastic outdoor adventure out in the water. I saw some documentary on kayaking on television. I was amazed at how kayakers enjoy a scenic view of nature while paddling a kayak along the shoreline. Such sightseeing is not possible from shore. Long story short. I decided to embark on a kayaking trip.

But the problem is there is no waterway close to my home. It means I needed to carry the watercraft to a lake which is hundreds of miles away from my property. So, how do I carry it there? I found several useful techniques regarding carrying a kayak at a distance on the internet. I have compiled these ideas and let me share with you so that you may find one of the transportation options suitable for you if you also want to transport a kayak ever.

Options to transport kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks
If you don’t like any hassle at all, an inflatable kayak is a good option for you when it comes to transporting a kayak. You can simply carry it in your car trunk. The only difficulty is perhaps inflating it after reaching the destination. But, I anticipate it is not a big deal that is inflating an inflatable kayak. 

Different types of pumps like foot pumps, hand pumps, electric pumps out there to inflate an inflatable kayak. Pick a pump that you find easy to use for you and pack it with the kayak. Below are some brands that you might consider 

- Advanced Elements
- Airhead
- Aquaglide
- Sea Eagle
- Sevylor

However, in my case, I didn’t purchase an inflatable kayak.

Kayak Roof Racks
I applied this transporting option. I found a kayak roof rack that is highly convenient for me to transport my kayak anywhere I like. It’s a stylish way to transport your watercraft with ease and safety. It’s also peach in mind that you are carrying the most essential thing of your trip undamaged. Think about the situation. After reaching the destination if you find that any part of the kayak like its deck, hull, paddle, or cockpit is severely damaged rendering it useless, your kayaking trip needs to be called off. Like inflatable kayaks, there are several high-quality kayak roof racks available in the market.

I personally used Malone downloader folding carrier. I picked the kayak roof rack from the site that I have mentioned just now. I chose the model because it requires little effort to attach and secure the kayak with my vehicle. The roof rack comes with a hardwired boarding ramp which lets me loading and unloading the kayak without calling anybody for help. The kayak roof rack will also ensure that your kayak will stay in place no matter the condition of the road you are traveling.

Kayak Trailer
Kayak trailers are also a good transporting option. They let you transport a kayak at waist height. They also offer easy loading and unloading of the boat. Another advantage of using a kayak trailer is some models of kayak trailers let people transport multiple kayaks in one go. Kayak trailers like Malone kayak trailers and Yakima kayak trailers are widely popular. The only problem with kayak trailers is that they are expensive. But, if you have bucks, like kayak roof racks, kayak trailers are also fantastic kayak transporting options.

Transporting Kayaks in an Affordable Way
If you have no budget at all to purchase a kayak roof rack or a trailer, that’s not a big issue. Believe it or not, you have still a way out. Though not a convenient way, but you can still carry your kayak by strapping it with a car roof rack. Place a cloth on the car top before tying down a kayak on your cartop to protect your vehicle from scrapping. Another thing checks with your state’s law regarding boat transportation on car top. Tie-down a kayak on car top is the most budget-friendly way to transport a kayak.

Converting a Boat Trailer Into a Kayak Trailer
It is a DIY process to transport a kayak. Modify a boar trailer to a custom made kayak trailer. Since it’s a DIY process, a custom-built kayak tailor is far less inexpensive than purchasing a kayak trailer. For a DIY project like this what you need to do purchasing a boat trailer with high loading capacity, some steel nuts, bolts, paint, and pipe. Boat trailers come with tiny tires. To replace original tires with lug tires and wheels. Finally, you needed to purchase a cargo box as well to complete building a custom kayak trailer. The total cost of this DIY project will be not more than $600.

29 August, 2020

Dumpling Kings & Phuture Daging - First Halal Plant-based Meat Dumplings

Healthy Vegan Meat is now in Malaysia!

It is a misconception that plant-based meat is only meant those who practise vegan diet. In fact, actually plant-based meat has a lot more benefits than the real meat (which I have discussed in this post). Phuture Daging plant-based meat uses non-GMO soy, is cholesterol-free with low calories and high protein content. Totally free from hormones and antibiotics, it is Muslim, Buddist, vegan and vegetarian-friendly in addition to being cruelty-free.

Now with the collaboration between Phuture Daging and Dumpling Kings, 
we can enjoy this plant-based meat in various flavours of dumplings!

Dumpling Kings, the specialised plant-based meat dumpling franchise has just announced its collaboration with Phuture Daging, the plant-based meats foodtech company to launch Malaysia’s first plant-based Dumpling Kings outlet offering a fully-halal, plant-based menu in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Phuture Daging general manager, Datin Maziah binti Omar, mentioned that this partnership fits with its ethos in producing halal plant-based meat and introducing it to the Malaysian market. Phuture Daging’s plant-based meats are processed in compliance with halal standards, which are overseen by Phuture Daging’s Halal Advisory Board led by Pn. Norlia Binti Yusof.

Leveraging Phuture Daging’s customised plant-based meat solutions and halal-certified manufacturing process, this collaboration will lead to new freshly-made dumpling offerings to Muslim consumers as well as health-conscious foodies, in line with Dumpling Kings' tagline "Dumplings for All".

Lyn and her co-founder Shawn plan to advance the collaboration with Phuture Daging through a franchising model that provide entrepreneurship opportunity for aspiring young entrepreneur in Malaysia plan to take the collaboration with Phuture Daging further in 2021, opening up the Dumpling Kings brand to young entrepreneurs who need a leg-up into the plant-based food sector. Surely it will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs given Dumpling Kings' best practices in sourcing, financing, and marketing in place and backed by the foodtech experts at Phuture Daging.

Pan-fried Mushroom Cabbage Dumplings

We are excited to try Dumpling Kings' halal plant-based meat dumplings which come in 4 flavour options (spicy mala, kimchi, chives, and mushroom cabbage) and 2 preparation styles (pan-fried or boiled).  
The dumplings are made with a mixture of plant-based meat and vegetables, then wrapped with freshly homemade dough with the craftsmanship of authentic dumpling chefs.

Mushroom Cabbage Dumplings in Soup (paired with ramen)

The most basic flavour that you must not miss is the mushroom cabbage dumpling, that combines the beautiful aroma and texture of mushroom bits well with the plant-based meat. Best served hot and paired Dumpling Kings’ signature ginger soy sauce and vinegar as well as a splash of chilli oil.

While I enjoy how the pan-grilled version yields a crisp outer skin and soft juicy 'meat' inside, I find that the soup version is equally delicious and comforting to the stomach. 

Pan-fried Chives Dumplings (paired with Japanese rice)

The chive dumpling is also mouth-watering as it envelopes strong, original flavour of chives without compromising on taste and texture even while using plant-based meat. Texture wise, it feels as if real meat and we can't really tell otherwise.  

Pan-fried Kimchi Dumplings

For a twist of Asian flavour, we have the next dumpling in kimchi flavour. In Korea, dumplings are traditionally eaten by the Koreans as an everyday food since young, and I like how the kimchi dumplings here remind me of the Korean Mandu (만두) - so rich in kimchi flavour and full of biting pleasure. 

Pan-fried Spicy Mala Dumplings

For those who are going adventurous, try the Spicy Mala flavour
and let the flaming hot taste adds some kick to the senses!

Look at the inside of the spicy mala dumpling; It retains its juiciness throughout the process.

Spicy Mala Dumplings in Soup

I find it interesting to see how the dumplings are served in different ways.
Be it ramen, rice or hot soup, the dumplings go well with everything!

Overall, the plant-based meat dumplings are delicious, healthy and versatile for different recipes. It is suitable for all religions and diet practitioners, making it a healthy alternative for meat eaters of all ages. 

We look forward to the launch of Dumpling Kings' first outlet in Klang Valley in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the opening of its model to business partners for expansion in 2021. Together with Phuture Daging which supports local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to incorporate plant-based offerings into their menu, Dumpling King will definitely help entrepreneurs make their mark in the plant-based space by providing financial guidance, sourcing raw materials supplies and maintaining industry best practices.

For more information about Phuture Daging and collaboration interest,
kindly visit their website at www.phuturedaging.com or
reach out to General Manager Datin Maziah Omar (H/P: 019-650 3747 / maziah@phuturedaging.com).

You can also reach out to Dumpling Kings for business opportunities:
Co-founder Shawn Pan (HP: 014 395 8806), Co-founder Lyn Teh (HP: 012 226 7391)
or email dk.dumplingkings@gmail.com.
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