06 November, 2008

^^ Went to school today
to celebrate *her = =
So bored tiring of doing my job again LOL,
And I was busy smsing all day.. kakaz
Anyway would like to wish her all the best :)
She is better than *others,
Thou’ I sort of dislike her too LOL

I didn't expect the event to last for so many hours,
LOL coz' I sort of gloomy AGAIN
But anyway the performances look better than usual = =
At least the dance is not the same old thing AGAIN
the worst part is that I lost a battery of my camera T_T"
For your information,
I have two batteries with me all the time,
One is in the camera and another is for spare...
I lost it when I was walking along the same pathway back and forth.

The worst-ttttttttt part
is that I told DaddyLoke,
And many teachers heard it then they thought I lost the school's property...
Some assholes freaks even told me to pay back for the school.
I was like whatthehell ???
It's mine okayyyy
Duh = =

This is the one I lost...
Around RM100 when I bought it last time = =

((( I don't know the market price now...

Anyway, this is my old camera, so let's forget bout it xDD

Also, today Ms. Murni told me bout the class position thingy.
Continue reading if you still want to know your position in class xDD
Due to the "efficiency" of Mr. A,
It is so sad to tell you that we couldn’t get our positions by the holiday.
However, Ms. Murni said that she will post

our piece of result through mail to our houses xDD
Isn’t that “great”?? = =

Tengok dulu lar, you think she will really post it ke ==

And... I just received a text message from KB T_T" ...It's a bad news ---

bout Genting trip being postponed to January.

Wtf =.=" who will be free on January??

I mean, ___School reopens, then alot of new things to catch up, tuition classes all lining up, ___plus CNY also !!


{{{ Why do we make life altering mistakes,

All the while knowing the fate at hand,

Golden dreams of forever are in our grasp,

Only to slip through the cracks like sand. }}}

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