18 March, 2009

8.00 am:
M a r c h i n g __ p r a c t i c e .
I missed it today :(
I overslept , yep due to the heavy rain.
Too soundly to be woken up, I finally have had to ffk Vivi again. Maaf.

10.00 am:
I received a text from Bestie, saying that she is in pain.
Yet I couldn't do anything to help her,
For everything is too late to be corrected.
That fella...he is incorrigible.
:( He causes her to be so down

11.00 am:
I saw this.
She posted this picture wherever she likes,
and arguing with people around over this antiHow.C.W-group.
Aww. How pitiful.

People out there seemed to support Mr. Fong TOO much
that they've hated Mr. How (the Addmaths tutor).
:( People said uncountable BAD things bout him.
Yet why should you still attend his class?

Pronouncing 16 as 'sexteen' is not a problem,
Calling people 'sayang' all the time is not a crime,
He said he is the best,
yet he proves that he IS the best ever :)
I am obviously not going to be one of those to anti-him.
I am sorry, girl

12.00 am:

*Now that my life is filled with colours once again!

After the heavy rain in the whole morning,
I finally bothered to find out the truth,
to accept it as a fact.
:) Congrats for what you own now.
I do feel happy for you.
The only thing I was kinda upset with was,
You didn't bother to tell me by yourself.
But it is alright, actually (:

I promise
I WILL be a better one.
From this second onwards.
Still I will respect you as I always do (:


Anyone attending this?

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