18 December, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

Ho-ho-ho! The season is back again ;D
Let's celebrate it merrily with everyone around us!

How can the celebration begins without wonderful gifts?!

Speaking of wonderful gifts, this website absolutely comes into your mind, right?

It is JIPABAN.com which provides us a wide range of goods to be chosen from!
Do your online shopping now while I begin mine (:

Picture source: Jipaban Online Catalogue

Firstly I wanna buy myself this navy dots denim base laptop sleeve as Christmas gift.
I always want a chio laptop sleeve for my baby Dell :)

Hey Christmas is not always about myself!
Now I'm choosing the purrr-fect gift for my loved ones too ;D

Picture source: Jipaban Online Catalogue

Here's the one I've found :)

For HER: White dots on black laptop sleeve with white bow

It would be a perfect season if she owns a new, polka laptop sleeve while I get myself one too!

Okay now let me show you how polkalicious we are (:

Our handmade polka ribbon ;D

And also handmade polka cellphone string ;D

Look, and it's time to add this laptop sleeve to our POLKA Collection!

It costs only RM63.95 for such good quality, thick-cushioning sleeve.
It is really worth it, right? :D

I'd really hope to stuff the laptop sleeve into her Christmas socks during the Christmas Eve!
Please... Please grant me my wish, my dearest Nuffnang and Jipaban!

Hey readers, Christmas is coming really soon!
Be quick to choose your favourite gift for the loved ones at Jipaban now! ;D


  1. is this a contest?
    nway, happy shopping for xmas

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  3. Everywhere I go, I see nuffnang paying ppl to write about this website. The view is a bit bias because I tried the website and is pretty lousy.

  4. wow . , a nice gifts . ,

    I like polka too . ,

  5. Wow looks like I have the idea on christmas present! Thanks fish.

  6. Hmm... what should I buy for christmas gifts?


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