27 February, 2012

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café @ Mid Valley, KL

Everytime when I shop at Mid Valley, I rarely notice there is O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe at the lower ground floor right beside the entrance of Jusco. Perhaps that's because I dislike walking near the  area with people from La Boheme bakery luring customers with lots of free food sampling. 

Officially launched in December 2011, this outlet has only operated for two months but its business is considered rather flourishing. In fact, it is crowded during lunch hours especially on weekends! This Irish sandwich cafe is originated from Dublin, Ireland.

The concept adapted in O'Briens is to serve the customers with healthy diet made of fresh premium ingredients. Here you can pick directly from the bar and choose your favourite sandwich. 

Sandwiches and salads are freshly prepared in front of customers, and I can clearly see what are inside my favourite foodstuff here. There's no way for me to complain because they really handle the food hygienically and professionally. 

  #1 Soup of the day @ RM6.50

A hot bowl of Cream of Mushroom serves as an appetizer for a lazy dinner for the day. Thick and creamy, the cream is so flavourful that I'd wish it's refillable!

#2 Classic Caesar Salad @ RM16.00

To kickstart a healthy diet, what's better than having a bowl of greens with sufficient minerals and vitamins? Sprinkled with generous amount of parmesan cheese, this bowl of caesar salad is filled with chicken cutlets, chicken crisp, crouton, olive, mixed leaves and homemade caesar dressing. All the ingredients used here are so crispy and match perfectly well with the tender chicken.

 #3 Chicken Tripledecker @ RM18.80

This sandwich club is one of house specialities and also the best-sellers in O'Briens. A portion is sufficient for a big eater, and also suitable for group sharing if you'd love to try more varieties.

The healthy bread toasted with white lean chicken meat and brown chicken crisp on the upper deck. Whereas the lower part is layered with lettuce, cheddar cheese, red onion, mixed peppers, coleslaw and tomato.

#4 Chicken, Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Wrappo @ RM16.50

Another selection I'd love in O'Briens is this wrappo, or more commonly known as chicken and cheese tortilla. The thin tortilla skin which wraps the meat and vegetables around, is served with light, crispy potato chips. The chips are all unsalted ones, definitely tastes better than Pringles or Mister Potato! 

Let's examine what's inside the wrappo. Giving a big bite on it, I can easily taste a blend of onions, capsicums, chicken meats, crispy chicken chips, tomato and cheese. Basically the ingredients are more or less similar to the chicken tripledecker, but it tastes better because of the texture and blend of taste it gives. 

#5 Hot Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese Shambo @ RM15.80

At the first glance, I thought the bread is in heart shape! But after some explanation by the crew there, I learn that Shambo here refers to the shamrock shaped foccacia bread. Simply because shamrock (three-leafed old white clover) symbolises Ireland, the flat oven-baked Italian bread is baked in such an interesting shape.

Apart from the main source of protein that is whole muscle ham, the shambo is enhanced with fresh tomato, onion, lettuce and honey mustard mayonnaise. What makes it stands out is the homemade honey mustard dressing that tastes a little sweet and sour; it excites the tongue of course!

#6 Frothy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows @ RM9.00

What's better than enjoying the Irish sandwiches with a cup of freshly brewed hot chocolate? Presentation is as good as the food itself, thanks to the marshmallows that add a twist to the chocolate drinks.

#7 Metabolism Booster @ RM12.00

Consisting of papaya, pineapple juice, frozen yoghurt and crushed ice, this cup of ice blended juice is not only refreshing but healthy as well. The successful juice bar has many exotic combinations of drinks that I'd love to try in future!

Besides the real fresh juices and smoothies, 
you can always opt a quick buy from the bar of bottled drinks here.

  • Delivery service is available within the vicinity of O'Briens outlets. 
  • If you stay within 5 to 10 km away from its Subang Empire outlet, then you can experience a perfect lazy lunch with O'Briens.
  • Hotline Number: 1300-30-3000 (Delivery from 9am to 9pm daily)
  • Delivery Charge: RM4 per trip

1. Light, appetizing yet healthy food is rare, but I managed to find one here at O'Briens!
2. If it's a normal sandwich, then it's overpriced but as for their fresh, various ingredients and hearty sandwiches, I think it's just worth it.
3. Revisit? Of course. Perhaps I'll opt for delivery next time too.

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café
LG-030 and 031,
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 
Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-2282 5423

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