25 July, 2013

Food for Soul & Reminiscence: King's Ice Cream Potong

Are you craving for something cool and comforting? Well, I am! The hot weather during hazy days is really unbearable. The best food I can think of is..... ice cream! :) 

So yeah I managed to get a pack of the latest King's Potong, which the packaging is recently revamped. I'm attracted with the new packaging design, especially the foam packs that can last for at least 2 hours without freezing (Meaning I can continue shopping after buying this from the supermarket!)

Introducing to you the King's Durian Potong! If you enjoy having durian 
chilled in the fridge, you'd certainly love to have frozen durian potong.

King's Potong has lots of variety: Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Yam & Black Glutinous Rice and Durian. But what's new and amazing is the improved version of the durian variant. Definitely a must-try during this season!

I remember vividly how Aiskrim Potong was my family's favourite during TV time when I was a kid. Despite of the years of evolving from a traditional cottage brand to a popular local dessert enjoyed by both young and old now, the ice cream still tastes the same like how it was in the good ol' days! :')

The durian variant does not exude any pungent aroma like the fruit itself, but it has a creamy texture with additional real durian puree that gives a more intense durian taste. Now durian lovers, how can you resist this?
Not a fan of durian? Fret not, there are few classic variants to choose from: 
(1) Traditional Red Bean
(2) Black Glutinous Rice and 
(3) Yam with Black Glutinous Rice.

They're all made of real coconut milk, giving a rich luscious flavour, but I have yet to try them out. Perhaps my next pick would be the rest of the flavours so that I can share with my neighbour, friends and family.

The foam pack comes in 8 ice cream potongs per pack (RM8.50) 
It can last for 2 hours without freezing! 

The multi pack comes in 6 ice cream potongs per pack (RM5.40) 

The good old days are back :) Thanks to King's Potong!

King's Potong is available in leading supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Do check it out!


  1. Used to be my favorite! This brand has been around for many years i think

  2. oh sch ice cream! My favourite is the red bean!

  3. I eat 3 in 10 minute.so yummy.i cant stop it!!!

  4. I eat 3 in 10 minute.so yummy.i cant stop it!!!


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