01 August, 2013

Finding Jobs Online is Easier with Joblogy

Being a student is never easy. Especially for a self-funded university student like me. I'm fortunate to be scholarship holder whom living expenses are sponsored. Most of the time, it's not that I can't afford to buy myself a better lunch or a luxury bag, I just need to think a little harder because I need extra cash for this.

To live comfortably, I need to work part time. Promoter, sales assistant and clerk are the common ones, but if you are looking for something more specialized to gain experience, then you're at the right place now. 

...introducing to you Joblogy to help you find jobs online in an easy way. It is a centrepoint for both employers and job seekers to advertise their jobs / look for jobs. The best thing is, you can login to the website using your Facebook account. At this moment joblogy.com mostly has programming jobs, but the website is expanding everyday with growing number of new jobs!

The tabs on top made easier for me to seek for a job, where you can search by category: Part Time, Full Time, Intern and Contract Jobs. To make it even more convenient for you, there is an option to search jobs by location. 

For the tab "Friends+Jobs", it is an impressive feature where you can sync your Facebook account and view your circle of friends who are working or have worked with any of the company advertised in the site.

When you click into a job, you'll be able to see all the key requirements for the job, the location and contact details for your further action.

Joblogy is currently still in its Beta stage, but its user-friendly interface captures lots of employers and job seekers to use the site. I personally find it easy to use, so you won't find yourself stuck somewhere you can't figure it out. Hopefully there will be more job database and wider variety of jobs offered on the website.

Oh did I mention that one of my favourite jobs as a student is being a tutor? It's fun to be in the shoes of my lecturer. Here the company also operates www.hometuitionjob.com and expanded to Singapore home tuition industry. In fact, it is currently available in Malaysia, Singapore and India.

For more information / latest updates, kindly visit Joblogy at:
Google Plus: --click--
Facebook: fb.com/joblogycom
Twitter: @joblogydotcom


  1. the one eye pink monster looks cute~

  2. that friends+jobs thing is really neat.

  3. Cool! Student will find this helpfull, we didnt have this kind of help during our uni days years back.

  4. great info, thanks for sharing! :-)


  5. Gonna need such website soon after graduation :)

  6. hahaha i wish u were introducing.. "finding money is easier with..."

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