25 December, 2013

Printic: Vintage-themed Pictures Come Alive

Hi, I'm air flown from Hong Kong. I'm glossy and attractive. I'm original.

A big hello to the fans in Malaysia! My name is Printic. I am a 3" by 4" sized glossy card, beautifully printed with your favourite pictures on me. Carefully packaged into an orange envelope, I am transported to places around the world, to deliver the warmest message from you to your loved ones. They will greet me happily in their mailboxes shortly afterwards. 

For Malaysian customers, I am sent to a professional printing lab in Hong Kong before I come back to Malaysia again. I love knocking the doors, and surprise people with my rocking orange colour. You must be wondering what's with the letter "P". It's my initial, P for Printic, by the way.

Once my tattooed exterior comes off, people immediately fall in love with me. When they see me, they'd wear beautiful smiles and shed tears of joy. Simply because I tell lots of nostalgic stories, beautiful memories and precious moments.

Printic is so cool! It is the latest app available on Android and Apple store, where you can download pictures from your phone / Facebook / Instagram and have them printed, customized and delivered to people who deserve your gift the most.

Step 1: Get the pictures from your phone gallery, Facebook or Instagram.

Step 2: Upload the pictures (at least 12 in total, including duplicate prints) into Printic.
Step 3: Add customized messages to your vintaged-theme photo. 

Step 4: Add delivery addresses (At least 3 photos per address) and proceed to payment. 

Yes, it's just as simple as that! Sharing unforgettable moments in such a creative way 
will definitely melt the heart of any recipient of Printic. 

I ordered only 12 prints, but it comes in a bright orange envelope that surprises me at the door. For 50 prints and above, you can enjoy your stacks of photo beautifully packaged in a vintage-themed box and carefully wrapped for maximum protection.

I'm not sure about the fonts being used, but the message fits perfectly on the 3" x 4" cards!

The picture I uploaded from my phone to Printic app which is then printed into glossy card 
has not changed at all! In terms of brightness, contrast, saturation and details, it seems perfect!

Printic uses premium photo printing paper and has partnered with the best photo labs around to ensure best quality. All of the prints are edited using traditional wet labs and are personally checked before delivery. What surprises me is that, Printic labs have served legendary photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastiao Salgado! 

It's easy to download my pictures from any social media platforms and upload them to Printic within seconds! I don't bother to edit the pictures because I know Printic will do the job for me, so the whole ordering process took me a mere 10 minutes. That's an amazing thing an App can do huh?

I was shocked when I received the email saying that Printic had shipped my order to Malaysia when I just placed my order about 4 hours ago! I'm wondering if Printic printing staff works at ungodly hours, but anyway I appreciate the speedy work and efficiency!

For shipping, it will be at least 3 photos for one address. With 12 prints, you can send them to 1-4 different recipients(include yourself) around the world. Normally, you will receive the mail within 3 days in both Europe and North America, 3-5 days for Australia and New Zealand, around 5 days in Asia countries:Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Macau,Taiwan.

Printic knows how much I love your pictures and I want them fast! It's amazing to find that an international snail mail can be so efficient although they don't use any special courier services. 

2014 is around the corner! So let's start designing the Calendar prints,
and make it the best New Year gift to your friends, family and loved ones!

Special deal for you! Just enter the code "MAILLOVE" and enjoy 2 extra prints for FREE! 

Start downloading the Printic App at:

For more information about Printic, please visit www.printicapp.com
Don't forget to follow Printic on: Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter

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  1. OMG! this is awesome... i think about it before to print out my IG picture! :)

    Its really awesome!.


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