22 May, 2014

Corpick RM50 Gift Card

RM50.00 Corpick Gift Card For You!
Limit to first 250 gift cards only.
No minimum spending required.

If you're looking for quirky decorations and gifts at home, you are at the right place now. I was planning to refurnish my princess room, therefore my friend introduced Corpick to me. It is Malaysia’s first modern home and gift online store since 2011. 

Browsing through the website, I am amazed that they are offering over 700 high-quality homeware and personal goods made from all around the world. They are designed and crafted with the principles of quality and affordability in mind. 95% of the products offered in Corpick Store is priced below RM500 and available exclusively only on Corpick Store in Asia.

Corpick believes that nothing is more important than your home and the people around you.

I wanna enjoy my cupcakes using this cute White Ceramic Rabbit Plate!

Fine Disc Bone Chimes, made from bone porcelain in USA

Oh and I found something for my space! Lending a Medieval-era expression of music-art, the naturally imperfect chimes create a ear-soothing sound that amplifies the idea of the modern home. Isn't it so lovely?

And my tea would taste extra good in this beautiful Garden Party Tea Set Lily of The Valley cup.


How to get the RM50.00 gift card? Just email members@corpick.com and you'll receive the gift card from Corpick. You can use it to spend on anything in their store. No minimum purchase required. 

For more information, visit Corpick at: 
Website: www.corpick.com
Facebook: fb.com/corpick
Instagram: @corpickstore

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  1. Wow. I can't deny that went it come to home, the first thing that appears in my mind is IKEA and VIVA home. Definitely gonna try Corpick! Everything on it look pretty cute! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Please check out my blog too! I'm new in this industry :) Have a great day, fellow Malaysian!


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