22 July, 2014

Gartien Pineapple Cakes: Mid Autumn Edition

Hi! Guess what I have gotten here from Penang?

Gartien (小田佳园) is no longer a stranger for Penang Lang especially those who have strong cravings towards pineapple cakes (凤梨酥). What could be more perfect than giving boxes of premium quality pineapple cake to your friends and family during festive season?

Recently Gartien has just released its latest gift box for Mid Autumn festival, 
bringing a sense of tradition while enticing us with cute and fun hand-drawn design! 

 Let's unbox this delicious pack of delicacies!

Each box comes in 10 pieces of pineapple cakes at RM45. Not in Penang? No worries,
delivery is available at a surcharge of RM10 for Peninsular Malaysia and RM40 for East Malaysia.

Thanks to the speedy delivery, I can enjoy this premium gourmet pineapple cake in just 1 day after it was freshly baked from the kitchen in Penang. In fact, it can last for 28 days, but it is best to keep them in the fridge to preserve the freshness since there is no preservatives and artificial flavouring used.

As I unwrap the individual package, the buttery aroma of the pastry rushes into my senses. Exclusively made of 100% fresh local pineapple, every decadent piece melts in the mouth instantly and puts me on cloud nine!

The pastry is beautifully baked to perfection that it is soft yet crusty and able to hold the generous amount of golden pineapple filling. Every bite of the REAL pineapple filling gives a pleasant chewiness, so juicy yet not overly sweet. Definitely a great delicacy to enjoy with warm tea for family reunion!

Proclaimed as Penang's Best Pineapple Cake, well I couldn't agree more with this statement! 
By the way, it is an ovo-lacto vegetarian product (奶蛋素), I think vegans can indulge in this too. 

If you're planning to get them fresh from the bakery, Gartien is now relocated at 380, Jalan Penang
just a door next to Kek Seng Coffee Shop (Near to KOMTAR).

Special parking spaces are allocated for Gartien customers too.

GARTIEN Mid Autumn Festival Promotion
1. BEFORE 4 August 2014 : Order 5 boxes or more and get ONE Box FREE.
2. AFTER 4 August 2014 : Order 10 boxes or more (subject to availability) and get ONE Box FREE.

Be it dessert after meal, tea time snack or festive gift, Gartien is an ideal choice for both young and old.
Can't wait to order few more boxes for my family! 

Gartien (小田佳园)
380, Jalan Penang, 
10000 Penang, 
(next to Kek Seng Coffee Shop/格成茶室)
Contact: 604-229 0068
Fax: 604-229 0069
Email: info@gartien.com
Website: gartien.com
Facebook: fb.gartien.com
Business Hours: 9am - 6pm daily
GPS: 5.416298, 100.329380

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