20 October, 2014

Review: Miacare CONFiDENCE Colored Contact Lens

Back in September 2013 when I first tried MIAcare Monthly Silicon Hydrogel Soft Contact Lens from a MIVVA Box I subscribed, I personally gained confidence in this Taiwanese brand. I'm glad that now they're back with new colored daily lenses that emphasize on 6 times more oxygen and all-day comfort.

miacare CONFiDENCE (Black/Brown)

It is the latest silicone hydrogel color daily soft contact lens which I rely on heavily during my travelling days! It comes in 10 pieces per box from power -0.00 to -12.00, so those with serious short-sightedness can try it on too. If you have different powers for both eyes, then you'll need two boxes.

Why Miacare (美若康)?

   1. Increase level of comfort – EautraSil Hydrophilic Silicone Technology for long-lasting comfort
   2. Improve level of safety – Solvent-free, irritation free, allergic reaction-free
   3. Enhance health features – Boost oxygen transmissibility by exceeding eye health standards with Dk/t 150

In case you're wondering how does the technology work :)

Included in the box is a guide / instruction sheet for the convenience of users.

The color I pick is black, and it has a really beautiful shade with greyish ring that looks natural on the eyes. Now let's see how it helps to achieve the perfect balance between beauty and health with MiaCare!

Here's a closeup look of the black colored Miacare daily contacts under bright daylight
The color doesn't look dark and vivid like a doll, nevertheless it is able to widen and brighten the eyes.

The above picture is taken with flash light under very dimly lit ambiance.
It looks darker and more mesmerizing at night, best for your Friday party look!

miacare CONFiDENCE retails at RM50.00 per box, and currently on promotion at just RM90.00 for two boxes. Available at major optical chain stores in Klang Valley, such as Focus Point, Better Vision, Paris Miki, MOG and more. 

For more information, visit www.miacare.com.my or facebook.com/MiaCareContactLens.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the review. Looks like mia care are so comfortable!

    Would appreciate if you could provide some opinions for first timer like me in colour contact lenses?
    I was looking at
    (1)Freshlook color blends and
    (2) Freshkon (alluring eyes)
    Which one of these are more comfortable and having more enlargement effect based on your experience (for daily wear?) The shop lady told me that Freshlook has no enlargement effect at all.. is that so?

    How about Mia Care , are they more comfortable (water content/ more oxygen to pass ec as claimed compared to the above two brands?
    Thanks if you provide your opinion/ experiences.
    Thanks! :)



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