05 October, 2014

Sloggi Zero Plus: Style Meets Comfort

If you've been following me on Instagram, you can see that mixing and matching outfits to try out new looks is my current addiction. But when it comes to lingerie, I always play safe and stick to nude ones...until I met the latest Sloggi ZERO PLUS! I just couldn't resist this fashionable and comfortable lingerie collection that brings infinite stylish possibilities 

Sloggi ZERO PLUS collection is synonym to being "stylish comfort"; It is fun, soft, seamless and invisible under the clothing. I personally feel it is suitable for all occasions, be it a busy day at work, a romantic evening or a party night out.

I'm surprised that Sloggi has created such uniquely soft, satin smooth lingerie using destiny fabric together with micro-brush techniques. Plus, it comes in four stunning new colors with contrast -- Deep magenta, yellow, grey and black. 

The collection also comes in the new variants of two briefs styles and three cup styles.
Feel free to choose the perfect style for yourself, each promises the snug feeling you’ve been dreaming of!

Wired and padded ; For maximum support and push-up effect

Wired and non-padded ; For ultimate comfort and support

Non-wired and padded ; For extra comfort and better fit

Using an Advanced Bonding Technology, I notice the ultra-flat edges and soft linings on the bras create an invisible effect. Zero seams are all we want in our lingerie, don't you agree? I've tried it on, and love how simple and fun it is to wear freedom on my skin!  

What does it really mean by being "SEAMLESS"?

On left, I'm wearing a white bra from Brand X, and I can easily see the line of the cup especially when I wear white top. Whereas on right, I'm wearing a grey Sloggi's seamlessly designed Zero Plus bra. I'm delighted that the lining and straps are hardly visible under the clothing! 

[Bra fitting session] Do you know that your bra size changes every few months? 
So remember to consult the experienced beauty advisors here to get the best-fitting lingerie.

All the colors look good, I'm really having a hard time to pick the one I love most!

30 minutes later... Yay! I'm done shopping at Parkson 1 Utama for Sloggi lingerie.
Let's check out what I've bought!

It's a set of Sloggi Zero Plus in grey color with contrasting pink lining. For my size, it ran out of stock for other colors, so I think the series is really popular among young ladies! Anyway, I'm glad that I no longer have to choose between Style or Comfort, because I can now have the best of both worlds in one Sloggi ZERO PLUS.

You can make your bra into a stunning fashion piece too! 

Price starts from RM149.90 for bra and RM42.90 for briefs. Available at all sloggi counters.

For more information about sloggi, please visit:
Website: www.sloggi.asia 

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