26 March, 2015

Croissant Delicatessen @ Plaza Damas

After the recent waffle craze, now we see something different in the current food trend. At Plaza Damas, we come across Croissant Delicatessen, the gourmet croissant sandwiches specialist that combine both pastry and sandwich into one wholesome meal.

From the croissant and its fillings, to the coffee and cakes, Croissant Delicatessen takes pride in its ingredients because everything is made from scratch. Freshly baked croissants come laden with vegetables, sauces and main toppings of your choice such as smoked salmon, tuna, turkey ham, German bratwurst sausage, scrambled egg and mayo.

For now, the menu boasts 6 types of savoury croissant and a dessert croissant that are all distinctive in flavours and suitable for breakfast or any other part of the day. For instance, supreme egg mayo croissant sandwiches layered with boiled egg, cheese and drizzles of mayonnaise is a to-die-for version of the traditional egg mayo sandwich.

The bestseller is Ocean Tuna that surprises seafood lovers as the combination of fresh chunky tuna and instant kick of wasabi will work wonder! The owner continuously improve his current recipes and add new items on board very soon. 

Lunch deal here is amazing, you only need to top up RM3 for the soup of the day and lemonade to complete your set lunch. Plus, recently they are having 50% OFF for ALL coffee

Seats are pretty limited in the cafe, but cosy ambiance is good enough for a satisfying meal.

Green Tea Latte @ RM9 / Waterberry Juice @ RM11

Coffee, tea and juices are staples in this cafe. We try the freshly juiced watermelon and strawberries, a refreshing concoction that wakes up every soul especially during midday. Green tea latte is pretty decent, for the green tea lovers who can't take strong coffees. 

Garlic Croissant @ RM5

If you'd love to have your croissant plain, here you can try flavoured croissants without any fillings. In total, there are 4 types of signature croissants-- Classic, garlic, pumpkin, wasabi

The plain ones allow you to really savour the crisp-edged, airy texture, accompanied with faint aroma of garlic, pumpkin or wasabi. Interestingly, it certainly makes the croissant tastes better and more enjoyable! 

Garlic and Basil Chicken Croissant Sandwich @ RM16.80

For a good, tummy- satisfying brunch, I'd personally recommend the healthy combination of garlic and basil chicken. Spread with mustard, the warm crispy croissant is filled with basil-coated lean chicken cubes, thick chunks of cheese and vegetables. 

The croissant, by itself, is a winning taste because I love its light and less greasy texture. A nice crunch at the first bite is followed by soft, sheet-thin flaky layers that exude nice buttery aroma with a hint of mustard.

For the sweet tooth, this cafe serves gourmet ice cream from The Last Polka and homemade cakes that are specially crafted by a close friend of the owner. 

Mixed Berries Chantilly @ RM14.80

But of course, you shouldn't miss the wonderful berries chantilly croissant with delicious filling of fresh strawberry, blueberry and sweetened whipped cream on a spread of sinful nutella. 

Don't expect it to be the usual sweet type of dessert because it is drizzled with tangy passion fruit sauce that gives an instant lift to the dish! Plus, the chantilly cream is not excessive, but just the right amount to complement the fruits. 

It is located between Subway and Pastryville, just a few doors away from Starbucks which is accessible from the back exit of Hartamas shopping mall. Alternatively, it is on the row opposite Naked. Croissant Delicatessen accepts cash only for now. 

1. A very interesting concept of croissant sandwiches! I love my food being prepared fresh, made-to-order and customizable according to my taste.
2. The croissant pastry is amazing by itself, with the right texture and taste; while the generous proportion of filling adds brownie points to it.
3. If you'd love a taste for the modern interpretation of croissant and sandwich, Croissant Delicatessen is the right place to visit. 

Croissant Delicatessen
(next to Subway, a few doors away from Starbucks)
Lot P-3M(2), 
Plaza Ground Floor,
Plaza Damas,
opposite Hartamas Shopping Centre
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-6206 4410
Facebook: fb.com/croissantdelicatessen
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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