22 July, 2015

REVLON Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Lip Lacquer

"A good lipstick can make any day better", don't you agree with this statement, ladies? Now, lips makeup has become better with Revlon's recently introduced Ultra HD lipsticks and lip lacquers. 

HD stands for High Definition? Yes, it uses revolutionary wax-free gel technology that can suspend more colour pigments to deliver HD effect in one smooth swipe. What it means by HD here is the vivid and intense colour payoff that everyone loves apart from the matte, full coverage on the lips!

REVLON Ultra HD™  Lipstick
If you ask me, I am always confident with this brand, which has been a celebrity-loved global colour cosmetics and beauty care brand since 1932. Surely the latest range of Ultra HD Lipsticks which are named after flowers, does not disappoint at all.

8 HD Shades From Right to Left:
800 Azalea, 810 Orchid, 820 Petunia, 825 Hydrangea,
840 Poinsettia, 860 Hibiscus, 870 Tulip, 875 Gladiolus

825 Hydrangea

When you fall in love, everything is brighter, bolder and more intense. That's exactly what Revlon lip colours aim to deliver. The Ultra HD Lipstick yields highly pigmented, matte coverage without feeling a bit of dryness at all. The pretty colours are very vivid and can last up to 6-8 hours.

If you aim for sexy hot red lips, the bestselling 875 Gladiolus shade is definitely a must-have. But for me, the rosy red 825 Hydrangea already does a great job to make my lips a standout. The colour is so beautiful that I can leave it matte this way, or simply finish off the look with a sweep of gloss-- Ultra HD Lip Lacquer. 

REVLON Ultra HD™ Lip Lacquer
The shiny lacquers are to die for! I personally prefer building layers onto the lips, to give a fuller and plumper look. Hence, I find these lip lacquers more suitable to fill the lips as it yields high impact shine and bouncy, lightweight feel

The gel texture is very silky, non-sticky and glides on easily with a professionally-inspired brush applicator. Then again, all the 6 shades are extremely vivid, rich and shimmery. If you prefer the color to be more natural and lighter, just apply a thin layer and blend it. For bold, intense coverage, a few sweeps will give you that sexy pout! 

6 HD Shades From Right to Left:
500 Garnet, 515 Pink Ruby, 520 Pink Sapphire,
535 Strawberry Topaz, 540 Petalite, 575 Smoky Quartz

540 Petalite

515 Pink Ruby is the bestseller, by far, but then again it depends on personal preference. As for myself, I always prefer going light or nude on the lips, so the sweet-looking Petalite shade is my favourite among all. 

Do you want to compliment your beauty and glamour with these lovely lipsticks and lips lacquers? Both REVLON Ultra HD™ Lipstick and Lip Lacquer are available at major pharmacies and retail outlets nationwide, priced at RM35.90 each.

Website: www.revlon.com

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