30 October, 2015

TCBY Frozen Yogurt @ IOI City Mall

Other than ice cream, gelato and popsicles, the craving for sweet frozen treats can be easily satisfied by indulging in healthy frozen yogurt, or better known as froyo. We are here at TCBY to check out the premium soft-serve Super Fro-Yo that is jam-packed with live active cultures as well as the indulgent hand-scooped froyo!

The name, TCBY, which stands for The Country's Best Yogurt, by itself, sets a high expectation for froyo aficionados. We know that not all real dairy yogurts are created the same, and what makes TCBY froyos distinctive from the rest is the new classification of "Super Fro-Yo" that offers greater nutritional value as it contains a minimum of 7 types of probiotics, high content of dietary fibre, Vitamin A and D, calcium and protein.

Although this brand seems less renowned in Malaysia, TCBY is backed by a strong history in USA's healthy froyo-making business since 1981 and that leads to its expansion to over 500 stores across the globe now. 

Italian Tart Soft-Serve Froyo 

A small scoop of TCBY froyo yields only 120 calories, which is twice as low as compared to ordinary ice creams. With a minimal 0% to 4% fat content, don't you agree we can all indulge in healthy froyos without any guilt?

For first timer, do try the original Italian Tart flavour which is free from fat and cream yet tastes rich in sweet tartness similar to Greek yogurt but less icy and creamy than the usual soft-serves.

TCBY's self-serve stores allow customers to mix and match flavours, pick from dozens of toppings, and pay by the grams. It delights us when we can choose up to 4 flavours of soft serves ranging from the non-fat range such as Italian Tart and Dutch Chocolate to the low-fat varieties including Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate Mousse and Golden Vanilla.

Don't miss out the fun toppings such as coconut flakes, peanuts, Koko Crunch, Cornflakes, cherries and nata de coco!

Cookies and Cream, and Dutch Chocolate Soft Serve Sundae with crunchy toppings

Healthy goers will definitely love this low-fat, protein-packed sundae especially when added with a punch of crunchiness from nutty toppings, cereals or digestive biscuits. Moreover, the fat-free Dutch chocolate flavour is amazingly light and not as sweet as I thought. 

Besides soft serve, TCBY is the only place I've found that serves hand-scooped froyo and sorbet. Despite of being a much healthier alternative to ice creams, TCBY does not compromise on its taste. Its hand-scooped froyo is so creamy and rich that it can easily beat the luxury giant ice cream parlors in town. 

Imported from US, it comes in 12 flavours of hand-scooped froyo and sorbet rotating on a weekly basis. I'm a happy kid when I see the Rainbow Cream, Chunky Chocolate Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Delight and Mint Chocolate Chunk!

Those with sweet tooth may have stronger liking towards hand-scooped froyo as it is creamier, more compact and full-bodied than the soft-serves. Plus, some of the flavours are jam-packed with crunchy nuts, dried fruits and more! 

Vanilla Bean

If you prefer something plain, nothing satisfies more than TCBY's luxuriously creamy vanilla bean. Have it pure and simple, to best savour its deep, sweet richness from every spoonful! 

Rocky Road

Super addictive! Every scoop of Rocky Road melts perfectly in the mouth as we happily dig into the lip-smacking concoction of chocolate and marshmallow flavoured froyo laced with chunky rich dark chocolate pieces and toasted almonds.

Cookies and Cream 
Pure vanilla indulgence injected with chunks of crispy chocolate sandwich cookies.

Mocha Almond

Coffee flavoured froyo intertwined with a ribbon of chocolate fudge and liberally
sprinkled with chopped almond nuts. Chocolate chips are available as additional toppings.

Cotton Candy 

For a taste of something playful, try the pink and blue Cotton Candy which is uniquely recreated as a childhood treat for an adult palate. Ah, such fond memories.

Strawberries and Cream

I love having chunks of real fruits in my froyo to add chewy texture and drive the flavour stronger. And TCBY's version of strawberry froyo is crafted perfectly to my liking! It produces a more intense strawberry flavour and a much smoother, less icy consistency.

Chocolate Chocolate
Calling all the cocoa fanatics, this decadent flavour is so chocolatey that it is named twice.

Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet

The only downside is, we can't find any fresh fruit toppings here but we can still enjoy fruity freshness from the hand-scooped sorbets. Since we are so fond of fruits, the strong citrus note with cool, refreshing finish is all we want during hot, summer days! 


Mocha Almond Milkshake

TCBY gives you more choices of enjoying healthy froyo. Just pick any flavour of hand-scooped froyo from the counter and have it blended with low-fat milk into creamy milkshake. 

Shivers- Rocky Road

For a richer taste and texture, skip the milk and get your favourite froyo swirled and blended with as many toppings as you'd love. Although it kinda reminds me of McFlurry, but it definitely tastes better with thicker consistency.

TCBY will be serving up parfaits, sorbet fizz, smoothies and waffles very soon.
Don't forget to stop for a well-deserved, guilt-free treat to cool down during sunny days. 

Prices start from RM6.60 per 100g of Super Fro-Yo and RM8.50 per hand-scooped froyo/sorbet,
with additional RM1.60 per topping. All prices exclude GST charges.

1. Super Fro-Yo is my favourite among all, for its Greek tart flavour and light, airy texture that can easily be my meal replacement.
2. For the hand-scooped froyo, I have no complaints at all about the portions, prices and varieties. I love TCBY for its taste and texture; which is to me, perfect as it is not too icy nor creamy.
3. Recommended: Italian Tart Super Fro-yo, Vanilla Bean and Rocky Road Hand-Scooped Froyo

TCBY Outlets
Oasis Damansara
Lot G-33, No.2, Jalan PJU1A/7A
Contact: 603-7859 8597

Nu Sentral Mall
Lot 49, Lower Ground Floor
(Opposite MBG fruit store)
Contact: 603-2276 4441

IOI City Mall
LG-76A, Lower Ground Floor
Contact: 603-8328 0152

Quill City Mall
LG27, Lower Ground Floor
(Opposite AEON)

Johor Premium Outlets
Suite 1402, Second Floor

*All outlets operate from 10am to 10pm daily (except for Oasis Damansara that closes on Sundays). 

Contact: 603-7859 6650
Email: info@justpie.com.my
Website: www.tcby.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/TCBYMalaysia
Instagram: @TCBYMalaysia
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