01 February, 2016

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar South, feat. Chinese New Year Japanese Yee Sang

I admit I do get bored of traditional Chinese Yee Sang after having many rounds of it. For a change, I have my first prosperity toss of Japanese Yee Sang in 2016, which is exclusively available at Edo Ichi outlets in Bangsar South, Solaris Dutamas and many more. 

If you have not heard of Edo Ichi, it is a popular, mid-range modern Japanese restaurant, emphasizing on low-intensity luxury and high quality imported Japanese ingredients that will certainly not disappoint you. 

It is usually flooded with large corporate crowd during lunch hours, so I'd prefer visiting Edo Ichi for dinner or during weekends where I can sit down and slowly enjoy the Japanese comfort food at its best.

Warmed by wood tones, the interior is absolutely cosy with a focus on true Japanese flair. Each table is separated with wooden panels; for better privacy, Edo Ichi has 4 private rooms (春,夏,秋,冬) named after the 4 seasons of the year.

Some of the exclusively imported Japanese liquors are available here too.

Prosperity Japanese Yee Sang @ RM48++ (2-3pax) / RM88++ (4-5pax)

The house special Yee Sang is an innovative combination of Japanese ingredients (Fresh salmon sashimi, seasoned baby octopus and seaweed) and traditional colorful condiments. But it is the homemade Japanese-style sauce that gives an instant lift to the overall taste. Sweet (not overly so), tangy and refreshing! 

 Konnya Sashimi @ RM65+ (2-3pax) / RM92++ (3-4pax)
Chef's selection of 6 types of assorted raw fish (May vary each day)

What not to be missed here is the freshly imported sashimi from Japan and Norway. Salmon, white tuna, tuna, scallop, prawn and yellowtail are beautifully presented on ice, each served in very thick cut. So juicy and bursting with oceanic freshness! 

After indulging in the bowl of raw goodness, next up are the restaurant's signature hot food items which further exceeds my expectation in terms of portion, creativity and flavours. 

Foie Gras To Nagaimo Steak @ RM52

Sitting on a slab of Japanese yam, the thick and flavourful pan-grilled goose liver is sure to wow your palate! Crisp on the edges, it melts perfectly in the mouth with creamy velvety texture as I sink my teeth into it. The sauce is very savoury, reminding me of teriyaki sauce, and it further accentuates the overall taste of the dish. 

Kaki Mentai Cheese Yaki @ RM25

As for cooked seafood, the grilled oyster is equally well-executed without being overcooked and rubbery. It is generously topped with cod roe cheese paste, but I am surprised that it exudes a strong aroma of Japanese sake that complements well with the seafood and subtle cheesy flavour.

Look at the size of the freshly shucked oyster, so huge right!

Hotate To Kinoko Butter Yaki @ RM28

Moving on is another lip-smacking seafood dish served on a sizzling hot plate. The taste of buttered soy sauce is well-suffused into the pan-grilled scallop and assorted mushroom. A zest of lemon helps balance out the rich flavour well.

 Shoujin Tempura Moriawase @ RM55

Tempura, the classic seafood dish deep-fried into light crisp perfection, remains as the crowd's favourite in Edo Ichi. I appreciate the generous use of fresh king prawn, crabstick, scallop, fish and assorted vegetables in this dish; totally worth every penny! 

 Edo Ichi Pizza @ RM34

First timer must also try the unique pizza which uses sushi rice as the base instead of the usual pizza dough. The beautiful presentation by itself already excites me! It features a crispy, crumb-coated rice base, which is hot and soft inside, with generous toppings of salmon, eel, flying fish roe, onion and spicy sauce. Delicious!

 Mentai Yaki Soba @ RM30 

If you are craving for something more filling, try the stir-fried noodles with cod roe mayonnaise, seafood, chicken and vegetables. It resembles a Japanese version of Italian pasta in white sauce, but with an added twist of Japanese ingredients such as dancing bonito flakes and enoki.

1. Overall, it is a satisfying meal at Edo Ichi. No complaints at all on the taste, portion and ingredients.
2. I notice the extensive use of fresh seafood and premium Japanese fishes here, which is a plus point for seafood lovers!
3. Recommended: Japanese Yee Sang, Foie Gras Steak, Edo Ichi Pizza

Edo Ichi Japanese Restaurant
Unit G-4, Ground Floor,
Nexus, Bangsar South,
No. 7, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: +603-2242 2022
Website: www.edoichigroup.com


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  2. Babe, I lost count how many yeesang posts you have posted throughout January liao haha
    Tired of Yeesang yet? :P

  3. Look so delicious ..
    Will give it a try .

  4. your photo make me feel hungry now. wish to dropby to try it too. never had any cny Prosperity yee sang yet. Edo Ichi's deco nice with sarounding a lot of different type of liqiour.sure my hubby will crazy for it..hehe

  5. The photos look delicious. I like the way you describe the food and stuff. Sounds super professional. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. wow.. lots to eat, shall make a date to go there eat. Need check when free to go.

  7. fresh seafood is the key! i love seafood! thanks for recommending!!

  8. Have been here many times, would definitely try out their yee sang! :D

  9. Yes I like the Edo Ichi Pizza also decked ebiko roe. One of my fav stop at Bangsar South.

  10. Gosh I am so gonna check this place out... it looks so yummy and fresh and has such a lovely ambience...

  11. I went Edo Ichi before but I don't know that they have the yee sang package and they are not experience at all! By the way, your photos are amazing.

  12. Oh dear! you always enjoy such a good food...where are all those food went ..ya? You still good shape. I kind of love thier hot food item here. look super delicious.

  13. Wow, somehow, these food looks so scrumptious! Your photo skills are awesome.

  14. Japanese Yee Sang looks delicious. Will dine-in during CNY.

  15. wanna try Shoujin Tempura Moriawase, looks so delicious

  16. oh yummy, yee sang in Jap restaurants is the best! coz they just have the freshest sashimi and salmon to add on. we should change to have reunion dinner in jap restaurants like these.

  17. The price is very affordable and this is a seafood heaven for the seafood lovers. And to have Yee Sang in Japanese is such a cool concept too.


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