20 February, 2016

TheFACESHOP NEW CC Cushion: Ultra Moist & Intense Cover

Hi babes! ❤ Do you remember my review of TheFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion which I did HERE? I have been using it for half a year now, and am pretty satisfied with its matte and smooth coverage. But if your skin type is other than normal or combination skin, then you must really check out the latest range of CC Cushion by TheFACESHOP! 

The new lineup of revolutionary CC Cushion comprises 2 types:
CC Ultra Moist Cushion and CC Intense Cover Cushion.

CC Cushion = CC Cream + Cushion Foundation

We often hear of CC Cream and Cushion Foundation but is it your first time seeing a CC Cushion? Combining the best of both worlds, TheFACESHOP's new CC cushion has the color control functions of CC Cream and moisturizing benefits of Cushion Foundation for long-lasting moisture and radiance.

Packaging wise, both CC Ultra Moist Cushion and CC Intense Cover Cushion look similar, but the latter has a darker shade case than the former. In terms of functionality, they are amazing on their own ways! Let's see what do they offer to our skin...

THEFACESHOP CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ (15g)
Available in two shades, V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige

For better coverage, the CC Intense Cover Cushion is perfect to create perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. Sometimes I am worried that the foundation appears too "thick" that it may look cakey, but this product is able to look "natural" on skin yet hide blemishes very well.

Application wise, just dab lightly on the skin. A little of the product is sufficient to give good coverage.

It is made of ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturizing, and 7 different flower essential oils such as almond, calendula, borage, rosemary, German chamomile, lavender and rose essential oils for brighter skin complexion.

Hence, no doubt it can give 25hour-lasting moisture and strong coverage effects

THE FACE SHOP CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ (15g)
Available in two shades, V201 Apricot Beige and V203 Natural Beige

Whereas the CC Ultra Moist Cushion specially caters for the need of dry, flaky skin. Many may think that it is only suitable for Koreans because of their cold climate during winter. But actually it works equally well in tropical countries like Malaysia! It keeps the skin hydrated and does not "melt" easily despite of the hot weather.

Similarly, the power of natural flowers is important here. It uses 3 types of flower complex including calendula, rosemary and lavender extracts; Great for providing 25hour-lasting moisture and radiance effects, as if you're putting on essential serum.

TheFACESHOP's Innovative LG Patent microfoam™ Cushion 

Similar to what I've been using, the cushion has very fine foamy texture with high-density cells. Therefore, the surface itself is really soft and I can easily exert even pressure onto it using the makeup puff.

Overall, this sums up the benefits of the new CC Cushions.
At the moment, the anti-aging Therapy Cushion is still on its way to Malaysia to Korea.

During the high tea session with TheFACESHOP, I managed to try both of the new CC Cushion while being treated with loads of cute makeup-themed cupcakes. For my dry skin type, I prefer the CC Ultra Moist Cushion for its glowing finish without being too "watery" on the skin. 

Feel free to visit the nearest THEFACESHOP outlet and experience the product yourself :)

Website: www.thefaceshop.my


  1. Thanks for sharing this :) I like the natural ingredient of this product from the face shop :) nice!
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. BB cushion, now CC cushion... where did AA cushion go to... and when are they releasing the DD cushion... LOL but on a more serious note... I would love trying this out

  3. I actually got the oil control cushion but I find that it gets cakey and transfers easily. Not the best cushion I've tried. Wonder if these two would be better

  4. I LOVE CUSHION FOUNDATION! Have yet to try out this particular one tho.

  5. Wow! You makes me feel so tempting to give it a try. =D

  6. wooo i loveee the packaging and this is so tempting...

  7. Awh great to know that Face Shop has come out with a new cushion foundation :) Looks great Fish!

  8. I have been hearing so many good reviews about this brand, would like to try out too :)

  9. Been reading a lot about this cc cushion. Should give it a try someday after I'm done using finish my laneige and innisfree


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