24 April, 2016

Review: AsiaSkin Stemcell 4-step Skincare Set

Hi babes! ❤  Guess what I just received at my doorstep? It's a set of skincare from AsiaSkin. No, it's not "just another skincare" brand, but something rather special I'd say as this series is solely plant-based, loaded with collagen stemcell.

AsiaSkin 3-in-1 Stemcell Skincare Set (Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream) @ RM90

No chemicals, paraben, mercury or hydroquinone; Purely 100% plant extracts formulated using French technology to cater for normal to sensitive skin. Whether you have any skin concerns or you have absolutely healthy skin, this is suitable for all, be it male or female.

To complement the 3-in-1 travel set, I complete my skincare regime with Asiaskin Stemcell Serum. In just 4 steps, the natural ingredients are able to tackle skin issues such as: 

     ✅Open pores
     ✅Overly oily skin
     ✅Dull / uneven skintone
     ✅Dryness / dehydrated skin
     ✅Blackheads and whiteheads

Stemcell Cleanser (30ml)

So I begin with my daily skincare routine with the Stemcell Cleanser, that deeply cleanses the skin with its strong anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties, while repairing skin and enhancing the level of skin hydration.

Texture wise, it comes in gel form, but lathers well when in contact with water. Make sure you use lots of water to foam up the gel. Hence, after using the cleanser, it does not feel dry or tight on the skin at all. In fact, it feels comfortable and "fresh" with the refreshing mint sensation❤ 

Say HELLO to brighter and clearer skin!

SPF Stemcell Day Cream (10g)

The skincare set does not include toner, but I always do toning first before applying day cream, to "prep" the skin so that it can absorb the next products better. Then here comes the day cream that helps eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles and other symptoms of skin aging.

The cream itself reminds me of liquid foundation, as it comes in a nude skin color. Despite of that, don't worry that it might be too light / dark for your complexion, because its lightweight texture blends very well into the skin without creating two-tone finish. 

I personally like the fact that it absorbs easily, provides moisture and protects skin from UV rays.
Definitely good to go as a day moisturizer cum makeup base! 

Stemcell Whitening Night Cream (10g)

For evening regime, it is the similar series of steps-- Cleanse, tone and moisturize. But the night cream from AsiaSkin boasts anti-aging properties that help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and aging effect. 

Having said that, I am surprised that it is more lightweight with gel-like texture, as compared to those heavy night creams I have tried. Plus, it is packed with anti-inflammatory green tea extract to protect the skin throughout the night.  

Stemcell Serum (15ml) @ RM75

For best result, both the day and night creams can be applied together with this Stemcell Serum to boost the antioxidant content and enhance the anti-aging benefits. After a prolonged use, the skin will appear brighter, clearer, more radiant and moisturized. 

The serum is more lightweight than the usual gel texture! This is quite close to gel-liquid, which can be evenly spread over the skin and absorbed thoroughly within minutes. Did I forget to mention that this skincare contains Argan Stemcell which is known for anti-aging?

After all 4 steps, the skin is now very nourished and soft, with no oily or sticky residue.

Here's a very short clip about my opinion on AsiaSkin Stemcell skincare series.

Feel free to contact AsiaSkin in whatever means and the team will address your needs as soon as possible!

Insyirah Beauty and Health Sdn Bhd
Lot. No. 614, 1st Floor, 
1 Borneo Hypermall,
88400 Kota Kinabalu,
Hotline: 019-8711144 / 088-484152
Instagram: @AsiaSkin.Official


  1. Wow the skincare looks so suitable for u!!

  2. the last photo...magic from the skincare ... :D

  3. omg!where there is so many good products out thr! How can we suppose to choose and stick to be loyal to one brand><

  4. The masks looks special~ I'm sure can attract a lot of guys after use it~ =)

  5. love the color of the packaging (violet box). Have never heard of this brand, great to know one more brand!

  6. Solely plant based? Sounds good. So many products nowadays for us to choose from!

  7. Definitely sounds like a great product being plant base and all.. will check it out...

  8. The coverage of the cream is super natural! I love the ingredient of these range product, good for our skin!

  9. Although never heard about this brand before but their products seem nice to use =D

  10. Seems like a good investment for the skin. Collagen as i believe does wonders to the skin.


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