07 July, 2017

Morelli's Gelato Ice Cream @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)

Speaking of gelato ice cream, I am a happy kid when I see swirls of colorful gelato lining up at the parlour. But finding good ones that suit my tolerance towards sweetness can be tricky.

My recent visit to Bangsar Shopping Centre has brought me to Morelli's Gelato, the first store in Malaysia serving a range of Italian gelato, soft gelato, sorbets, coffees, milkshakes and delicious delicacies to take away.

The staff there is very friendly and chatty, as I then get to know that Morelli is a heritage brand in which the founder's family has been an ice cream maker for the past 100 years.

What I love here is the effort of producing fresh gelato in-store everyday. From the all-time bestselling Vanilla that uses Morelli's trademark 1907 family recipe, to the refreshing Coconut, Lemon and Fresh Mint, I think the choices available are pretty wide. 

But it is the Pistachio flavour that is a show stopper.

Morelli's gelato is milk-based rather than creamy-based, so it tastes less heavy on the mouth, hence easier to digest and not too filling. I love how it allows me to indulge in the creamy goodness without guilt as it contains much less fat than many mass produced ice creams.

Bestseller: Pistachio

Pistachio here is sourced from Bronte, a small village perched on the side of Mount Etna in Sicily, and famous for its premium pistachios. As I am a nutty lover, this is definitely my personal favourite because I get to taste the bold flavour of roasted pistachio taste. So intense yet well-balanced.

 New York Cheesecake

Cheese lovers will appreciate this gooey cheesecake gelato. It is literally a decadent slice of New York cheesecake, baked fresh and then transformed into extra milky gelato. Not too heavy or rich; and may be a little mild for real cheese fans.
There are plenty of toppings to choose from! 

RM10.60 per scoop / RM15.90 for double scoops
 Thanks to the awesome staff, I got a slice of Morelli's cookie for free

For the health-conscious, the soft gelato and frozen yoghurt here are equally great especially when the creamy consistency is just right even when they contain less fat. I'd certainly be back to try them out!
Ambiance wise, the open-concept kiosk boasts a spacious seating area with sofa and quirky purple seats. I think it is great whether you just want to grab and go, or sit down for a cup of coffee while indulging into gelato ice creams.

1. Definitely a healthier option when it comes to milk-based gelato.
2. Flavour wise, they are all very intense in natural taste, without being overly sweet or heavy to me.
3. Recommended: Pistachio Gelato

Ground Floor 
(Next to Coffee Bean Tea Leaf)
Bangsar Shopping Center,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2282 0455
Email: morellisgelatobsc@gmail.com
Website: www.morellisgelato.com
Facebook: fb.com/morellisgelatomalaysia


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