06 July, 2018

Help! Interior Designers for My First Home? Meet Atap.co!

I remember the hard times we had when choosing the place that we call "our very first home". From locations to pricing, there are just so many things to consider. And now, the next step in The Big Plan (that's what we call it :P) is design and furnishing of our new home

I have been to a lot of furniture shops and browse through tonnes of home inspirations on Pinterest, but again I am so spoilt with choices and seriously it is difficult to DIY my own renovation plan. Then I Google about how to decorate my first home until I stumble upon this article. And I realise, hey Atap.co could be my life saviour!

I wish I have found this website earlier! Atap.co is a trusted marketplace that connects local interior designers with property owners or anyone looking to renovate. So basically, this is how it works...

I can search for interior designers in my state. By narrowing down my selection to my current area, it is easier for me to go through the list of trusted and professional architects and interior designers.

For each of the listed interior designer, there is a detailed profile that is worth checking out before engaging them for any project. I must admit that I am pretty amazed with the portfolio that these interior designers have published on this website. 

For me, I don't have any preference on the interior designer at the moment, hence I think going through the past projects done by them is more helpful. It definitely contributes a lot in developing ideas for my dream home. 

Perhaps something minimalist with elements of wood would be good?

I personally find that the most useful part about Atap.co is actually the interior design and home articles which I have pocketed plenty of knowledge from. Advices such as the dos and donts in a new house, as well as expert tips of budgeting and saving space are exactly what I have been looking for!

And finally...once I have made up my mind, all I need is just to request for renovation quotes.

By providing some information about my property and intended renovation work, it allows the most suitable interior designer(s) can contact me. Don't worry, the quotes are FREE of charge. 

I am excited about my new home already, how about you?

For questions and enquiries, start a live chat on Atap.co’s homepage (https://atap.co/malaysia/en)
or visit Atap.co's social media pages:

Facebook: fb.com/atapdotco
Instagram: @atapdotco

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