20 March, 2019

Travelling In Style: Stay Dashing At All Times

There are so much more things to do in life apart from just working and paying bills. I guess that's why I love travelling - it gives you an opportunity to disconnect from my day to day activities for a moment.

Trust me, travelling can change you, both physically and psychologically. What’s even better is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many options and if you are looking for one that fits your schedule and budget, you can definitely find it.

As much as traveling is about enjoying the occasion, it is important that you look the part during your trip. The last thing you want is to stand out for all the wrong reasons. As you prepare for your next trip, make sure you do all it takes to stay dashing at all times.

Here are some tips to help you look your best as you explore the world:

1. Dress sharp
I love meeting people when I am in a foreign land, hence it is very important that you dress to impress. From the airport to the hotel, how you dress will definitely influence how people approach you. Looking good makes it easier for you to strike conversations with new people.

2. Choose the right carry-on bag
You don’t want a bag that hinders your enjoyment of the trip. If you are traveling from Austria to Slovakia and you take a taxi from Vienna airport to Bratislava, you don’t need to pack your bag with too much stuff. Also, bags with wheels make it very easy to move around. At the same time, make sure you only pack things that are absolutely necessary. The length of your trip should determine what you need to carry.

3. Wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes
I learn my lesson - don't ever wear a brand new pair of shoes! Put on your most comfortable pair, especially those that you usually wear everyday, so you wouldn't have troubles moving around or searching for footwear shops while travelling.  

4. Fold your shirts in bundles
In order to keep your dress shirts in wearable conditions, stack them on top of each other with collars on top and arms crossed over each other so they don’t get too crumpled.

5. Bring your sunglasses
It is my No. 1 must-have! A quality pair of shades not only make you look cool but they also protect your eyes. Great for anytime everywhere you go!

How you look has a bearing on how you feel and how people perceive you. Travelling in style adds to the overall fun of your trip. I hope you look amazing in your next trip! :P

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