09 March, 2022

4 Of The Biggest Fashion & Beauty Trends For 2022

Are you wondering what the biggest fashion and beauty trends will be in 2022? Each year, there are always new trends that emerge that shape the industry for that year (and often longer), and you will want to keep on top of these to stay current. The world has changed a lot since the start of the pandemic, and this has had a big impact on how people lead their lives, which in turn has impacted fashion and beauty. With this in mind, keep reading to discover a few of the biggest fashion and beauty trends that will shape 2022 and possibly beyond.

1. Sustainability

Perhaps the biggest trend in fashion and beauty (and other areas of life) right now is sustainability. Many people are finding ways to reduce their environmental impact, especially after seeing some of the shocking climate events from around the world in recent years. Sustainability has become a major trend and a way for people to reduce their impact while still looking their best. In addition to buying from ethical and eco-friendly brands, this also involves moving away from fast fashion and using second-hand clothes buying apps.

2. Skinimalism

Skincare is always an important area of beauty, but in 2022 people are focusing on the health of their skin as opposed to using all kinds of different products and using makeup. This is a trendknown as “skinimalism” and it is thought that sensitivity emerging from mask-wearing, stress, and overuse of aggressive skincare has led to this trend. People are now finding high-quality, gentle skincare products for their skin type that will help to improve the health of their skin. If going for a more makeup-free look is your kind of style, then skinimalism is for you.

3. Updos & Hair Grips

In hair, updos are proving to be popular, including buns, knots, braids, and twists. These styles are popular because they can be practical by keeping the hair up but also look fantastic and stylish. They are also versatile and a possibility for those with short, medium, and long hair. Additionally, updos are good for work or chores around the house, but they are also worn for special occasions (many people will be going to weddings this year). The key to updos is understanding different hair grips and having the right hair grips or pins for the style that you want to achieve.

4. Comfort

Although life is returning to normal, people are still favoring comfort when it comes to outfits, particularly those that are still working from home. Clothing that is comfortable yet practical and professional is proving to be a major trend and one that could be here to stay. This also includes footwear, with people favoring smart-looking trainers and flats instead of heels.

These are a few of the biggest fashion and beauty trends that are shaping 2022. It is clear that the pandemic is still having a major impact on fashion and beauty with these trends, and many of them could be here for a long time to come.

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