Friday, June 27, 2008


Day 2
8.30am- Got up and got ready =D let's go... Snapped pict with sleepy look @_@
We reached here--- Our breakfast buffet today...
Had 6 types of drinks--- Orange, honeydew, apple, mango, grape and iced water LOL
The bar for putting bread...
To put dishes here... =D

Outside the restaurant```

I think the entire view is like this =D

10.30am- Wandering around while waiting the rain stop front of the entrance to the restaurant...

__Isn't it nice?

Ermmm have nothing to do that time,
because it was raining hence we couldn't go out to anywhere T_T

Ermmm Terengganu's fave musical instrument?

A drum for visitors to call bellboys to serve them =D hahaz...

Welcome to the resorts once again xD xD
Yes, tortilla... RM14.00 here =.=" so expensive...
Dolphin~~~ Hehes
Ermm the word isn't clear right? It is actually the Italian corner =D

By the pool...
Nice angle xD
It was labelled as Mexican bread... =.=" but was it really Mexican bread?
Could you see cute carrots on top of each piece? I will have one of those pieces soooon =D

Urmmm... Yes the name sounds nice =]
Jacuzzi!!! Just snapped from outside first before going in hehes...
I love this angle =D
11.00am- Went for jacuzzi and s.w.i.m.m.i.n.g

Inside the jacuzzi !!! LOL pretend jelah that I know how to swim xD xD
LOL look like frog + tadpole? =.=" That's what Dad said...
At the children's pool =D with playground LOL
Mushroom!!! Looks like the Sunway Lagoon one right? =X
2.00pm- Going for lunch. While on the way, I saw this restaurant and I found its name funny, hence snapped it down. =X Finally we went for KFC because all shops were closed [They worked half day only on Thursday because Thursdays in Terengganu are like Saturdays in KL]
Do you believe that I have painted one of those flowers? xD
Ugly pirate dinosaur =X =X
Kids' playhouse xD
3.00pm- Pool time!!! Dad taught us how to play this LOL
The small huts...
I love listening to the waves...
*Please love me...
Windy here... And I was here to collect my belvoed SHELLS ~~~
Hiding under the c.o.c.o.n.u.t tree =D

4.30pm- Thought of going for banana ride =( but too bad, there was no one working at this time, hence have had to go to other place--- playground...

What a 'wide' space for me to stand on... LOL

Swing swing swing ~~~

It's Kijal's logo =D made of s.a.n.d =D

6.30pm- Went for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant =D

the teapot looks different from those in KL right? Hehes...
Shark fins!!! xD xD I love you...
Day 3
6.45am- Woke up =.= Had breakfast at the hotel, and checked out

Before leaving this room, let's have more memories here xD
Byeeee nature~
Byeee dolphinssss at the lobby~ Isn;t this a nice pict? =D
On the way leaving this resorts....

We almost got lost into Kuantan LOLz... =.= Aikssss maklumlah kite tak biase dengan jalan kat sane... hehes... And Dad decided to go for to hometown for a while, to visit my Grandma =D

Kawasan Rehat again LOL xD
And I passed by this too... =D


After getting back to my hometown, I finally reached home at 6.30pm++ I miss home!!! Hehes...

10 Things I have learnt during the trip:

  • Dad know playing snooker aka pool =X
  • Dad needs map badly for long journey xD
  • I have no potential in learning swimming =(
  • I love spending money even at such far place xD
  • I love shells badly...
  • I miss home when I am away, but hate it when I am exactly in it LOL
  • Mum swims well =D
  • I start loving pooling hahaz
  • I love b.e.a.c.h--- even though my skin had turned dark =.="
  • I am actually very energetic xD xD
Weeee~ Just back from the trip =D

Let the pictures show you how nice the trip was =]

Day 1

7.15am- Started our journey

I brought it along all the way to Terengganu =D LOL

9.00am- Reached Karak Town and had breakfast here

Ate DimSum... All these came without us ordering them LOL
11.00am- Continued our journey and reached here--- "Kawasan Rehat"

and snapped few picts here =D

12.15pm- Reached the resorts =D checked it... get into the room...

snapped picts wif Mum on the bed... We had two queen-sized beds here =D

I snapped it from the window of our room =D Can see the entire place from the room!!

1.00pm- Wandering around After unpacking our stuff, we came down to the lobby.

And here's the giant congkak =D

Played with these atap rumbia xD
I don't really get the meaning of the joke LOL =.="
Weee~ I love dolphins... =D
I found this sigh board funny actually... LOL what on Earth is wrong with durians? hehes
1.30pm- We went to a restaurant across the street for lunch. Food there was abit cheaper than those in hotels... And each of us had a stuff crab--- there was crabmeat inside this cute shell xD
___After finishing it xD
Ate moomoo ice-cream after lunch xD
3.00pm - Came back. It's the gate of the spa entrance!!!
D.I.Y. batik =D she was painting nice...
Mum bought this. RM40. For me. I didn't know anything =X =X
4.45pm- Went to outdoors after cleaning ourselves =D Just for sight-seeing now...

Tingting {not sure with the spelling}

LOL gigantic snake and ladder =D

Looks like gergasi dam ular in Saujana and our school's Teacher's Day
Beachy look xD not bitchy look LOL!!!

One family =D


Lalala~ sitting on it without driving =X

SiStaZ ^^

Sitting at the banana plantation area =D

I look too tiny? LOL

6.30pm- Dinner time!!! It's crabbbbbbyyyy!!! Hehes... sweet + sour crab

Justin called me up, asking to chat. About something private LOL!!! But I just managed to chat with him for awhile coz' my parents were looking at me because I was still on the phone when they were eating =.="
Studio One = karaoke!!! BUT only 18s and above are allowed ...duh...
Luxurious stairs to the ballroom LOL

8.30pm- Went to the souvenit shop =X Bought these two items... The one above= RM 13.90, bottom= RM 8.90. Didn't manage to get anything for guys and gurls, because things here were costly. I couldn't afford to buy for so many people T_T soweeeee... But still Vivi, there's food for u =D

Ermmmm ermmmm... I think I can only update Day1 now... Will update Day2 + Day3 tomorrow or someday sooooooon =D because blogger is working slow now =X =X

and I am sleepy T_T enjoy my trip =D LOL


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