14 April, 2012

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ Scott Garden, Old Klang Road

Despite of the healthiness of organic vegetarian food, I've always had a perception that they're all bland and boring. Now I've changed my mind after stepping into Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, located in the new Scott Garden mall along Jalan Klang Lama.

The ambiance is simply clean and inviting, I know nothing will go wrong in the foodstuff as the cleanliness here is highly maintained.

#1 Fruits Tea (水果茶) @ RM14.90 (Small) / RM17.90 (Large)

A sip of the fresh fruits tea is savouring enough as the starter of the meal. Blended with slices of apples, lemon, oranges and passion fruits, the tea is naturally sweet and sour. So healthy indeed!

#2 Feel Good Tea (好感觉) @ RM14.90

It may not be freshly brewed but the teabag consists of 6 or more types of Chinese traditional herbs which are beneficial for our body, including the Chinese Angelica Root (當歸), Ginseng, Chrysanthemum and more.

#3 Imported Australian Cheese 

The menu itself is very organized, comprising of many categories--- Chinese Specialty, Western Corner, Japanese Favourite, Thai Section, Dessert and Beverages. They even offer the Italian signatures, for instance the focaccia and pizza here! And they use healthy type of cheese for all the western foodstuff.

#4 Fruit Pizza (水果披萨) @ RM19.90 

Mainly consisting of apple slices and strawberries, the thin-crusted pizza tastes heavenly good with the generous oozing cheese topping. Naturally sweetened with the flavours of fruits, it is just in the right balance of saltiness which satisfies me well.

#5 Mixed Veggie Baked Rice (蔬菜焗飯) @ RM14.90

At the first glance, I thought it is some cheesy lasagna. But after the first scoop, I learn that the cheese is melted on top of the brown rice which comes with an abundance of capsicum chunks and shiitake cutlets.

#6 Yam Ring Basket (佛钵) @ RM18.90

Also known as the Taro Pot, it is crispy at the outer layer with some healthy vegetables as well as my favourite cashew nuts. It's acceptable in terms of taste and ingredients, but it is served in a relatively small portion which can only serve 4 yam lovers.

#7 Crystal Jade Roll (翡翠卷) @ RM14.90 (Small) / RM18.90 (Large)

Another feature attracting me here is that, Chef Lim fashions his own sauces that cannot be found in other restaurants. For example, the sweet and sour sauce for the bean curd rolls which adds flavour to the crispy rolls.

#8 Shiitake Mushroom Stew Herbal (药材山菇) @ RM14.90 (Small) / RM18.90 (Large)

#9 Basil Leaf Mushroom (三杯鲜菇) @ RM13.90 (Small) / RM17.90 (Large)

Just from the presentation of the dish itself, I know that this colorful dish is not only full of goodness, but also very rich in flavours!

#10 Lo Han Chai (罗汉斋) @ RM15.90 (Small) / RM19.90 (Large)

I guess I'm on the right track towards a healthy, full-of-fibre meal for the evening, with the organic food which is high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

#11 Coconut Tom Yam (椰子东炎) @ RM17.90

The house specialty also includes this Thai-styled tom yam soup, with a mix of bean curds and vegetables. Frankly, it is one of the best vegetarian tom yam I've ever sampled! Instead of fish sauce and chicken stock, Chef Lim uses soy sauce and good-tasting vegetable stock which makes the dish turn out so unexpectedly good!

#12 Kapitan Fish (甲必丹鱼) @ RM14.90 (Small) / RM18.90 (Large) 

The curry is undeniably aromatic and thick with generous amount of coconut milk, but it kinda lets me down by the pieces of fish which come in a more tofu-like texture. However, the overall taste is good as I start having my bowl of rice with the curry.

#13 Brown Rice (糙米饭) @ RM2.00 per bowl

#14 Coconut Pudding ; Passionfruit Pudding ; Mango Pudding @ RM5.90 each

I'd rate the Passionfruit Pudding as the best among all, because of the unique blend of taste in the passion fruit, strawberry and taufufah-like pudding. Not only I say it's the best, the passionfruit pudding goes out of stock fast every day!

1. Out of 9 main dishes, none of them tastes like the boring vegetarian dish at all!
2. Well, my favourite are of course the Fruit Pizza and Coconut Tom Yam. Would certainly come back for these.
3. There's no 'five pungent spices' - garlic, onion, chives, spring onion or scallion and leek- here. And no eggs served at all. Highly suitable for pure vegan! :) 

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen 
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49,
The Scott Garden,
4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-7982 3395 / 6017-653 4565
Facebook: fb.com/cheflimorganic
GPS Coordinates: N 3.132289 E 101.680984

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