10 July, 2008

07 10 2008~

It was raining in the morning today…
And I was sad today at first.
1st, Early in the morning, I met him and he seems escaping from me again LOL maybe he didn’t want me to see his way of doing that there.
2nd, the teacher gave us back our Moral paper. I was freaking unsatisfied because I lost 10 marks for adding just an imbuhan ber- in front of the nilai. This lesson taught me not to simply add even the slightest thing into the exact answer during exam T_T But too bad, this lesson costed me 10 marks =.=”
3rd, I don’t want to know bout it if I should not know it no matter who I am.
4th, I met Mr. Ariff today when I was walking down the staircase at Block A. He stopped me and our conversation went like this:

Ariff: Eh, Bio paper tu susah ke?
Me: Ye lah, cikgu. Susah nak jawab lah sbab semua objektif.
Ariff: Ya ke? Kan semua ade dalam buku?
Me: Tak lah, I tak erti buat jugak =X
Ariff: Ye lah, sebab saye tengok korang punya result semuanye tak bagus.
Me: Teruk sgt ke?
Ariff: Puratanya semua 50 jelah…
Ariff: Yg result awak pun dah merosot banyak…
Me: Har? Ya ke cikgu? Saye nak tengok paper tu… Cepat bagi balik kitorang lah…
Ariff: Tunggulah, blum abis tanda lagi… Minggu depan lah saye bagi ya…

5th, I hate library nowadays. End. No story behind.
6th, there was a girl telling me what to do and sorts like that, then she added her words behind, "Oh I scared you don't know how to do marh, since you are new." I was like, "Fuck you, who tell you that I am new???" =.="

But still there are things that made me happy today…
1st, my Chem result. Full stop.
2nd, snapping photo with Ms. Lydiana because this practical teacher is going off tomorrow, which means their training period is over...

Isn't she sweet? ^^

3rd, played, laughed, played, laughed and played in library xD
4th, the dumb oral thingy… Sperm this and that LOL
5th, singing at Bilik Komputer =X =X
6th, bad guy cheng ice-cream!!! LOL
7th, Keiyan seems nothing already =.=” after that incident… LOL
8th, I finally finished making these:

My favourites^^


I really mean it this time .XOXO.

{{{I will miss you... for what you did were fantastic =]

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