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09 July, 2008

07 09 2008~

LoL it had been a week since I have updated here.
Yea, I am free now since my three-days exam is finally over. And I have not enough time to finish up my last question for Add Maths today T_T the tangent thingy… I did this question before, and I forgotten how to do during exam =.=” And the Bio thingy, I have had to forget my failure. I regretted for not studying beofre exams =X =X.

Dad just reformated this computer. And I can sign in my MSN again ^^ LOL but not now yet, coz' I haven't download yet =] Hehes...But those precious songs + pictures are all gone =( And due to hecticness, I haven't upload Spell's singing photos from my camera yet. But now I think it's not important hor? Coz' final time is more important marh ^^ Jiayou, Spell darrr + Li Kuen, Teeyen, Khamun, and Carmen darrr...

As usual, I went for tuition today with these two guys--- who kept asking me about the same old question of last week. Okieee I finally answered them- to satisfy them. Yea I found *xxx* not good to me, to them or to whosoever, and I finally made that decision because of xxxxx blablabla… LOL so they know everything liao lorh, hope they won’t spread it to others =X =X

During tuition, yea I didn’t pay attention again. I was smsing with this bad guy LOL again. And he told me that he met him there. The word him appears again. I couldn’t get rid of this name no matter how. Only he knows how much I crave for that *him*. During class, Sir asked the class bout the message he received yesterday. I dared not to admit it because I was afraid that he might criticize bout the text and sorts like that. Aww…but finally he didn’t. And I did this mistake incidentally. I told Ms. KY that it was me, but she didn’t tell him bout that anyway.

After tuition classes, I was afraid again *because of that something*. But luckily nothing happens. Once I reached Bukit Jalil LRT station, I crossed the road to the place people waited for cabs to wait for my sis. While waiting, another train already arrived here, so a lot of people came out including a gang of lala zaiii + lala muiii. They were like playing on the road while crossing. Then there was a girl who crossed halfway then banged by a motorcycle. The motorcyclist also fell from his bike, and quickly got up and got onto it again and sped away. But this girl --- BJ 15-year-old girl I think--- was lying on the road. Her friends were like WTF!!, quickly got her up. She lied down on the road, with all her friends around her, while her bf was just squading there as if he was one of the passer-by there. She was crying while blood was rushing out from her mouth. Her friends gave her tissues, people around there gave her tissues, even I also gave her tissues. But that was not enough. Luckily there was a kind woman who was willing to fetch her home--- because she insisted not to go to hospital. From that bunch of people,

Me: Eyh your friend arh?
Hansher: Yea lorh
Me: Back from Time Square?
Hansher: Yea, how you know wan?
Me: Why you don’t look worried over your friend?
Hansher: Aiya she nothing wan larh…

Dot dot dot… No comment bout his words =X =X .

Mr. Ng Jen Hoe, I upset you, I know. Your way and mine are different, and I just hope that you can respect mine WITHOUT pretending that nothing happens between us. You don't seem to get my point when I talk heart to heart to you. And now... I just don't know what to say...

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