05 February, 2009

I was still in the mood of having HOLIDAY =D
Although the CNY break had already ended.

The first week of February is creeping away without me realizing again.
Overall, it seems to be a bad week when I feel like everything is coming towards me, hitting me continuously.

The undesirable things happened…

  • Kept losing $$$ when gambling at Leon’s house
  • Coughing non-stop while eating ice-cream xD
  • Late for tuition classes because I rushed from Leon’s place to PTK =X
  • Soaked with rainwater after classes


  • Xiaotong told me that someone hacked my Facebook account on the previous Saturday @_@” [I must ask Bear bout it liao T_T]
  • Exam was officially announced to be held starting on 14th of February 2009, which meant my Saturday would be wasted at school = =
  • I accidentally let Mum knew that exam would start in two weeks’ time, and she had forbidden me from playing the PC again


  • Got caught right at the assembly for not wearing the complete PBSM attire, and forced to get up to the stage
  • Got some lecture, and ALMOST receive the very first piece of warning letter of my entire life
  • My name was listed in Editorial Board’s discipline record because of the thing happened during the assembly. I knew the teacher advisor was very unhappy with this T_T!!
  • I texted him, enquiring something in a serious manner--- and ended up getting no reply from him after waiting for one day long =.=
  • Met the asshole ex-boyfriend :) [To be precise, he is no longer an asshole]
  • Seeing him walking towards the opposite road, I tried my best to escape from his sight… But finally he saw me with my stupid look at that very moment T_T!!!
  • Was forced to buy a new pair of PBSM trousers costing RM45.90, because I had lost my PBSM skirt @_@

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