07 February, 2009

I thought I’ve never felt more comfortable than what I was with you. Being treated like your princess, I didn’t realize that the sparks appeared while conversation flew. But then things began to change when I thought we’d still remain friends. But unconsciously you were distancing me and now it’s just not the same.

Now I can’t speak words straight from my heart. I feel tricked and deceived for believing I deserved more. I am not aware that there are so many people from all walks of life entering the door of your heart, lighting the spark in your quiet heart. For me, to hide is still the easiest thing to do.

You are stranger to my family, you barely know my friends. The worst thing is yet to come--- you don’t even know me, my name! Oh, it pains me to think that I could be wrong, that I could have been misled all along. Good grief, this is just too much to bear. Perhaps I should not even pretend to care.

There is definitely no such need of deeper understanding of your wants and behaviour anymore, since you are already drifting away from me. The promise you made, I know will absolutely be broken. The cycle of love I shall see--- growing and wilting become part and parcel of it. So what can I expect?

是我一厢情愿 还是我心甘情愿?

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