09 February, 2009

Yesterday… 02 08 2009~

Selamat Menyambut Hari Thaipusam! ;D

Instead of studying at home for exam, I went shopping and house-visiting =)
Waved goodbye to books and tuition of the day~

Early morning, Dad brought me to buy this

There is no more uniform of my size available at Professor, The Store.
Neither we could find it at Professor’s branch in Mid Valley.
Finally we went to another branch located at Central Market and found it!
It is already the last piece of size 12 there.

This white piece of uniform costs me RM 56.95, including all the buttons and accessories T_T I have no choice but to buy it, because I couldn’t afford to be caught right at the assembly again --- or I will be eliminated from the Board T_T!!

*My lunch xD!! I don’t care if I’d cough again =X

Coming back from Petaling Street, Dad fetched us [SooN, SpeLL and I] to Kuan’s house. Everyone reached earlier than us --- as usual I am always late = = I couldn’t believe that we gambled for 4hours OMG =X Kuan brought luck to everyone except me xD, I don’t mind losing the few bucks anyway. Thinking of going home at 6pm with Sookkuan and Yeewen, I felt bad for SooN for not transporting him home.

=D Finally I decided to go for dinner with them [although they wanted to go for steamboat =/]. Dad fetched us to Harbour Restaurant, but the place was fully booked and hence we went to Tasty Pot Restaurant [whatsoever the name is, as long as the steamboat meal is great xD]

*SooN felt so sick that Spell and I walked around to get him ENO, when JM arrived wit his unusual style while we were in the convenient store =X

*Abalone? XD pieces of dunno-what-name-it-is costs RM 10 @_@

*Please don’t scold me for posting this picture =X

*The porridge got scorched and the worker has had to clean the pot for us.. Arguments, as part of our entertainment, arise among us again xD

After dinner, Dad fetched them to SooN’s house but I didn’t join them because I don’t wanna get drunk like Kuan =X I finally reached home around 10pm =) I have had to sleep earlier at 11pm, for God’s sake because tuition classes start early in the morning today T_T

P/S: Thanks Papa for fetching me around for the whole day ;D

Today… 02 09 2009~

Attended two classes and went to Xiaotong’s house. Dad couldn’t find the place again [it is somewhere near Leon’s place I think], and finally I had to ffk her =X Sorry Xiaotong… Better still I had chance to got for shopping at Jusco and bought clothes! :D

Exam? This word is still spinning in my mind xD. I couldn’t concentrate on the preparations for exam this time. Perhaps I would study for the next exam in April, but not for this =X I am sorry to say that, Mum. I haven’t got him off my mind. I apologize.

Thanks to Wailun for this too =)
Now I shall present it to

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