14 July, 2013

Galaxy Vintage

Awesome! Look what came by my doorstep early in the morning :) 
It's a lovely handmade jewelry set from Just For You, Love. Have you heard of it before? Perhaps it's quite new, but it is already selling a wide variety of custom-made ring, bracelet, necklace and more...

Mine is a galaxy vintage necklace with a Cabochon styled pendant. I told Yen, the owner of the blogshop that I wanted something simple but stunning. I hope my requirement is not too high, and she managed to make something just like what I wanted! 

I picked this design because I love vintage! And the gemstone is shaped and painted according to my choice of color. Pretty or not? ♥♥ Love the glittery pink with little diamante on it!

The necklace also comes with a ring! 
Actually the ring has greater details and looks even more vintage here =)

The shimmers on the gemstone look more obvious here and in fact it shines upon contact with lights. It has a protective layer on top, so the color doesn't fade easily. And the smooth surface will not get scratched easily too =)

It's indeed a very feminine color without losing a touch of vintage.

Oh by the way, the size of the ring is adjustable. The metal is very flexible here.

Thumbs up to the great quality and friendly service :)
Everything from Just For You, Love is handmade with love!

I think it would be awesome if I order another bracelet to complete the vintage set.
What do you think, lovelies? 

If you have no idea what to get, they have lots of new collection for you to choose from! 
Put them into your wishlist, and start ordering a unique piece specially made for you...

For more information about Just For You, Love, please visit:
Website: www.just-for-you-love.blogspot.com
Email: just4you.bracelets@gmail.com


  1. i like the ring! so vintagey and classic :D

  2. The pendant is so pretty! Love the pretty pink with pearly glitters. <3

  3. It looks very ladylike and elegant. <3 vintage!


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