13 July, 2013

Pick The Best New Beauty Products For You!

Are you always hooked on beauty magazines or constantly want to test all the new beauty products on the market? If yes, then welcome to join me! Well, I always wanna try different stuff for my skin, body and hair, that's why I'm a loyal subscriber of beauty boxes!

Vanity Trove allows me to get my hands on different products since February 2013, the very first month of its establishment in Malaysia. You can read all my reviews on the monthly trove here:

February: Valentine Surprise 
March: Temptress

I can see positive changes in VT from time to time, they're constantly working hard to bring good stuff to us ladies, and guess what! Now Vanity Trove is introducing a whole new box concept...

.....a smart system of personalizing your beauty discovery! 

Choosing sample-sized beauty products for you to try every month is ....too mainstream! Every beauty box operator is doing that, and Vanity Trove is making a change now! It's now all up to YOU to decide what should go into your beauty trove.

The mechanism is pretty simple, you're still paying the same amount of $$$ (RM50) but you get to choose up to 8 items that you want to try. So there will be no more disappointments / complaints, for example, "Ugh. I don't use this product." or "I prefer xxx than this!" 

Head over to http://bit.ly/14HBVQs, login to your account and fill in your beauty profile. If you're VT past subscriber, I think you've already done so, but please do it again so that your beauty profile is the most updated version. 

Based on your personal beauty profile, the smart system will filter products / samples that suit you! Upon completion of beauty profile, you'll see a long list of products that you can choose to try. You can see the popularity of the product (No. of LIKES!) and the availability (Some are going FAST!) before you decide which to pick...

Then choose from 6 to 8 items to be included in your trove.

You can choose the 3, 6, 12 months subscription options to get credit rebate that goes towards redeeming a complimentary trove! Not only that, I think the best part is: The more you subscribe, the more items you get in each trove!

For example, I'm paying RM300 for 6 troves (RM50 each), but I can get 8 samples instead of 6.
In total, I'll get 48 samples instead of 36. The additional 12 items are equivalent to 2 extra troves!

I see it as a great deal, like "Buy 6 FREE 2!" Isn't it amazing? 

Upon payment, expect your trove to arrive within 7 working days. Enjoy using the products, add them into your Beauty Table and Write a Review to share your experience! Don't forget to follow me too, my username is ohfishiee :) 

If you're eyeing on some brands, feel free to Like the Brand and Add the Product to Wishlist. This helps to unlock more samples for you, you will then be able to pick these samples when they are released!

I gotta get ready a personalized trove for my friend's birthday!
See you at http://bit.ly/14HBVQs and let's continue sharing our beauty secrets there...

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