15 May, 2014

Mr. & Ms. Café @ Oasis Ara Damansara

Opened its doors since June 2013, Mr. & Ms. Café seems to be one of the hottest spots in town for those who are in search for great breakfast, coffee and dessert over a chat. It is a place highly recommended on the papers and blogs, and recently it becomes my favourite hangout venue too.

Although many cafes and coffee joints are growing like mushrooms in town, I'm surprised that Mr. & Ms. Cafe remains busy almost at all hours. Since this cafe is so well-received, be early if you want to avoid the long queue and enjoy the breakfast menu :) 

Complemented with dark wooden shelves, the traditional red brick walls create an ideal backdrop for an urban dining space. The cafe is beautifully lit with filament bulbs, creating a cozy ambiance along with dainty decorations such as flower pots and photo frames.

Al fresco dining is available here but I find it rather warm as the cafe is facing the sunlight during the day.

Here you can also pose with the signature lips and moustache (Mr. and Ms.) props, well I bet not many cafes in town have such a cute concept yet. Glancing through the menu, I notice there is a vast selection for breakfast and lunch, but the dessert choices are quite limited. 

Boasting an Australian vibe in the cafe, it serves up scrumptious food perfect for your weekend brunch! 

  #1 The Eggs Benedict @ RM14.90

The eggs benedict is one of the must-order items for eggy lovers! Thumbs up to the beautifully done poached eggs that melt perfectly in the mouth with extra creamy and smooth hollandaise sauce. Love the buttery aroma that goes well with turkey ham, grilled mushroom and asparagus on wholemeal toast!

Can I have more hollandaise sauce, please?  

  #2 The Eggs Atlantic @ RM16.90

Here's another variation of eggs benedict for the salmon lovers! Just top up RM2 and get a platter of eggs atlantic which consists of two poached eggs on wholemeal toast, beautifully wrapped with thick smoked salmon slices.

Salmon, when paired with thick hollandaise sauce can be a winning taste as their flavours don't overpower each other. Moreover, the smoky salmon is definitely not too fishy and delivers all the salmony taste despite of the heavy smoke flavour. 

 #3 The Eggs Portobello @ RM20.90

It really feels as if we're feasting on only poached eggs for the entire morning! Well, the eggs portobello caters best for the mushroom lovers as you'd definitely enjoy the slow baked portobello mushrooms on toast. 

Served with feta, nuts lentis and grapes, I'm surprised that the juicy portobello mushroom cap is so delicious even on its own. Thick, tender and hearty, I'm sure both vegans and carnivores can't get enough of these meaty portobello mushrooms.

Perfectly poached eggs! Yummy! 

#4 Salmon Scrambled Eggs @ RM15.90

The scrambled eggs here are equally good and well-concocted with generous amount of smoked salmon, feta, served with wholemeal toast. Plus, it is runny and very moist for my liking. Simply perfect when seasoned with black pepper :)

*nom nom nom*

#5 Spicy Baked Eggs with Sausages @ RM17.90

As if we haven't got enough with eggs, we order another hearty egg dish served piping hot from the kitchen. It's a mouthwatering, filling meal of soft baked eggs and sausages, with minted yoghurt, spices, and olive in a claypot. Moist, flavourful and not too spicy!

Just dip the wholemeal toast into the concoction and enjoy! 

 #6 Mr. and Ms. Bruschetta Platter @ RM16.90

If you're not a fan of eggs, you can opt for the signature bruschetta platter instead. It is a combo platter of creamy mushroom bruschetta and fresh tomato salsa bruschetta topped with cheesy smoked salmon. Don't belittle this small portion, as both bruschettas can be very filling and robust in flavours! 


 #7 A Chocolate Love Affair @ RM9.90

True to its name, it's a piece of eye candy! Chocolate lovers would die for this decadent piece of extremely rich Belgian dark chocolate and crunchy hazelnut cake topped with salted caramel popcorn. Apart from the chocolate cookie base, the entire piece of cake is very solid, creamy yet not too sweet.

Ooooo....that gooey, dreamy chocolate cake! 

The popcorns look great to add colors onto the dessert, but taste wise they don't complement well. And this is only good for people with sweet tooth, or for sharing because the sweetness does slightly overwhelm your palate. 

#8 Hot Latte @ RM7

I'm not a fan of coffee, but I note that the glass of hot latter is nicely brewed
and good to go with the chocolate cake.

#9 Chilled Mango Juice @ RM6.50

 #10 Tea -- Gorgeous Geisha // China Jasmine @ RM7.50 per pot

For those who wanna enjoy some afternoon tea, the tea served here comes in tea bags from T2, a prominent Australian brand. Gorgeous Geisha is a perfect light, fruity and fragrant blend of green tea with strawberries and cream, while China Jasmine gives a subtle flavour of green tea and jasmine blossoms with a full-bodied scent. Light and simply satisfying :) 

1. Mr & Ms Cafe is a perfect venue for casual breakfast and coffee on a afternoon. 
2. Ambiance wise, I love the Australian vibe. Revisit? YES!
3Pricewise, it gives fairly good value for money considering the good quality ingredients despite of its small portions.

Mr. & Ms. Café
B-G-3A, Block B, 
Oasis Ara Damansara, 
Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7859 6665
Email: stmooi@hotmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/mr8mscafe
Instagram: @mr8ms
Business Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Closed on Mondays

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  1. Oh my... the food looks good! And seemed like you went for an egg feast. Hehe.


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