16 May, 2014

How To Accessorize Your Life

Hi, lovelies! Today's topic is for you, fashion lovers ♥ Besides clothes, accessories play an important role in completing my everyday coordinate. If you have been following my #OOTD shots on Instagram, I love to minimize my accessories for a clean, simple look.

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Imagine wearing the most amazing black dress but which looks unfortunately bare without dangling earrings or a belt to wrap around your waist. Women need accessories such as bracelets, belts, earrings, sunglasses and hats to improve the look of their wardrobe.

Also, always add the right accessories to complement what you wear so that you can flaunt your body figure! For example, belts of various thickness and colours work miraculously on different body shapes. And.. don't ever over-accessorize yourself!

Therefore, these little things have a huge importance to complement your style.
But honestly I'm still a newbie in fashion, and have alot more to learn from you guys!

From the recent Zalora online magazine, I learned something! Never underestimate the power of accessories that can maximize the potential of what you are wearing. Having an eye for what’s hot in style is always a great start, and buying pieces that are “in” instantly sees a fashion-forward wardrobe update. Select carefully based on the latest trends in the fashion industry and decide if they match with the clothes you have in that closet of yours.

For instance, if you’ve bought a colourful and chunky bracelet as shown above, pair it with a muted-coloured outfit - like a white plain blouse and a nice pair of jeans. The bracelet would add your look even in the slightest way possible without jeopardizing your outfit.

You could research on the acceptable ways to match your accessories with your shoes or handbag by flipping through a fashion magazine while sipping a nice hot cup of tea. For example, the snake skin patterned necklace looks quite fantastic when you match it with both brown and black heels. It gives you a very sophisticated look but adds a touch of an animalistic edge!

Love the coordinates from River Island on Zalora online site! If you love collecting accessories and matching them up with your outfits, do your shopping online with Zalora as they provide you with the best selections of accessories for you to choose from.

Zalora even mixes and matches some of the outfits and accessories on the site to give you inspirations!

So wait no longer as all you accessories lovers can get your hands on amazing designs for your collection by shopping at Zalora website! With only three days delivery, you could have it delivered right at your doorstep! Experience the perks of shopping conveniently from home; start now and get hooked!

Be proud of your own style, whether it’s a bit preppy and smart, or fun and quirky, 
and remember the best accessory a girl can have is a smile!


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