30 September, 2014

Marshall’s Burger @ Subang Jaya

The burger scene around the Klang Valley has been booming over the past year, and doesn't seem to be showing signs of slowing down. Despite of the ever increasing number of burger joints, good ones are few and far between. 

Well, how do I define good burgers? I love it in American style --- Soft sweet buns, juicy meat patties, melted cheese and loads of sauce. Marshall's Burger, recently opened in Subang Jaya and Damansara Uptown, has offered something I really want.

Located in a less populated row of shop lots in SS15, it is a cosy space which takes over the street when the surrounding shops shut their doors for the night. It feels like a little hideout from the usual hustle and bustle of the area.

The minimalist interior portrays a lively and relaxed ambiance, making it a suitable venue
for chilling with friends and having casual dinner with family.

Marshall's Burger in PJ is a franchise outlet of the fine burgers originated from Penang. It offers four main types of burger-- Pork, beef, chicken and fish. Each comes with classic and special selections to cater to the taste of the most discerning palate. 

Hawaiian Piggy @ RM15.50

The classic pork burger comes with a slice of cheddar cheese, but hog lovers would definitely crave for more. Hawaiian Piggy features a juicy slice of pineapple that goes along well with pork ham, pork patty, cheddar and soft bun. Another noteworthy variation is The Fat Piglet (RM13.50), a pork pattied burger with 2 streaks of bacon. 

The grilled pork patty is remarkably moist and soft, allowing each bite to burst with juicy goodness. Its savoury taste is well-balanced with the exotic combination of sweet pineapple ring and caramelized onions. A lovely invention that you must try!

Bacon Special Chicken Thigh @ RM12.50

My gluttony affair with Marshall's continues with a chicken thigh burger topped with 2 sinful streaks of bacon that come in a good balance of lean and fat layers. Otherwise if you're only into poultry, a thick slice of chicken thigh with cheddar from The Classic Chicken Thigh Burger (RM11.50) is sufficient to satisfy your palate. 

Absolutely in love with the strong smoky, charred flavours of the chicken thigh! Crispy on the edges, the smooth, succulent meat is very well-marinated and tastes extra good with Marshall's homemade barbecue sauce. 

Small Fry @ RM11.50

The basic fish burger layers a fish fillet with cheddar cheese and generous drizzle of homemade tartar sauce. Double the height of the burger, double the portion by ordering Big Fry (RM15.50) that is totally a great value for money. 

The flaky fish patty is well-coated with crispy batter, but I find it a tad dry for my liking. Sometimes I prefer customizing my burger with various add-ons such as bacon, beef patty, pork chop, chicken thigh and more.

Side Orders
*NEW* Chicken Wings

If you can fit it in after rounds of burgers, you should add the newly-introduced chicken wings to your order. Juicy charred wings have crisp skin that hides a seriously juicy, smoky meat treat. And I love its sweet spiciness that keeps me going for more! Very addictive!

Onion Rings // Thick Cut Fries

Order an ala carte burger? Simply top up RM5.50 for a set meal: Onion rings + Drink OR Chips + Drink

Here are the two sauces that you must try; They go well with any burgers! ---

#1 Marshall's Special Sauce (Slight barbecue flavour, with a hint of sweetness)
#2 Homemade Mustard Dip (Sweet and savoury, with loads of finely chopped caramelized onions)

Promo #1: Get 20% OFF when you flash your student card!

Promo #2: Double the happiness from Tues to Fri (12pm-3pm)
2 single pattied burgers + 2 fries/ onion rings + 2 drinks = RM24.90 (Save up to RM15!)

Promo #3: Marshall's Hour (3pm-6pm daily)
Buy single burger, and get free top-up for set (Fries/ Onion rings + Drinks)

Promo #4: Marshall's Tuesday Special (ALL day long!)
Same as Promo 3

Marshall's Burger is currently running different promotions which I think are pretty good deals. If you happen to be working or studying nearby, you can always have a quick drive and enjoy the great offers!

Marshall's Burger SS15 is located opposite AEON Big and Subang Parade.
Parking can be tricky during office hours, but by evening you can find ample spaces here.

1. The burgers are huge, filling and messy (in a delicious saucy way!). Pork burgers definitely steal the show with its juicy goodness and thick patty. What makes 
2. Unlike many stuffy burger chains, Marshall's clean and organized ambiance give a more comfortable and relaxed dining experience. You wouldn't be walking out with awful, greasy restaurants smell from your clothing :)
3. Must try: The Fat Piglet, Bacon Special Chicken Thigh

Marshall’s Burger @ Subang Jaya
23G, Jalan SS15/2A,
47500 Subang Jaya, 
Petaling Jaya,
(Located opposite Aeon Big)
Tel: +603-5612 2169
Facebook: fb.com/marshallsburgerss15

Business Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 12pm to 10pm
Friday – Sunday: 12pm to 11pm
Closed on Mondays

Marshall’s Burger @ Damansara Uptown
86G, Jalan SS21/62,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: +6016-233 1231

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