29 September, 2014

Review: Miss Hana Natural Lip Balm Crayon

Following my first encounter with Miss Hana gel eyeliner, I've fallen in love with this popular Taiwanese brand. This round I'm trying out their colorful range of lip balm crayons that comes in 5 feminine shades from purplish pink to bold red. 

Miss Hana 花娜小姐 Natural Lip Balm Crayon 冻色润唇修护蜡 (4g) @ RM39.90 RM35.00 each 

We all agree that lips color is beautiful, but we hate it when it dries up our lips. Luckily, Miss Hana lips crayon is formulated with moisture-rich ingredients that help repair and moisture dry, chapped lips while enhancing the vibrancy of lips color. 

          Rose Hip Oil - Smooth dry fine lines
          Aloe Vera Extract - Soft and supple on lips
          Vitamin E - Moisturizing effect 

Aww... the colors are so pretty and match well with all types of occasions and outfits! 

#01 Purple Sakura Season (樱花祭)
#02 New York Uptown Pink Girl (纽约上城女孩)
 #03 Orange Twilight (夕阳暮色)
#04 Peach Champs Elysees (香榭丽舍)
 #05 Moulin Rouge Diva (红磨坊女伶)

Trying each of them, I notice that the colorful crayons give highly pigmented and long-lasting colors with great moisturizing effect. Each has a distinctive fruity scent that smells sweet too. You can use it anytime to moisturize the lips such as before bedtime-- To keep your lips moist all night long!

#01 Purple Sakura Season (樱花祭) - Extra stunning for fair skin!

#02 New York Uptown Pink Girl (纽约上城女孩) - Make your lips more kissable!

 #03 Orange Twilight (夕阳暮色) - Nude coral shade that goes very well with natural makeup. 

#04 Peach Champs Elysees (香榭丽舍) - Hot pink with a touch of sweet peach.

 #05 Moulin Rouge Diva (红磨坊女伶) - Fiery red that adds a soft touch on the lips.

The Shade #05 Moulin Rouge Diva is my personal favourite! I love the highly pigmented red tone that feels hot and sexy, but never forget its soft touch on the lips to make the lips look more moisturized and supple. 

When the lip crayon gets blunt, don't forget to use Miss Hana Sharpener to define its shape again!

The colorful crayons glide onto the lips easily and feel moist and soft on it. All the shades give a soft, feminine looks for different occasions. And most importantly, I can easily achieve natural, healthy lips color that last me for long hours! 

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