13 January, 2015

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment Review @ Number76 Style

Konnichiwa, Number76! 

I've been following Cheesie's blog for so long, and she always compliment about the awesome service at Number76. Even the hair of models from Mina and ViVi magazines are all styled by the professional hairstylists from this Japanese hair salon, Number76

But....I am afraid of the steep rates, so I have never been there before. 

But after my intensive hair bleaching and hot pink dye process, my hair is severely damaged and I know only Number76 is able to save my hair now! Thus, this marks my first time stepping into the newly revamped Number76 Salon at Northpoint, opposite Mid Valley Megamall. 

Gonna trust them in this, because Number76 uses the best ranges of Shiseido hair care and Kerastase products!

And I am given a number of choices on the hair and scalp treatments available here.

Honestly, I have no idea which is better, but fret not, the senior hairstylist here is ready to explain each and every treatment to me and pick the best one that suits my hair condition and nature the most :D

And I realise that the hair cuts and treatments rates here are surprisingly reasonable, considering the savvy Japanese technology used and professional teams that helm the salon. My previous hair treatment costed more than this, and it couldn't last me for more than 2 weeks :( 

Unlike the usual salons I've been, the hair washing section at Number76 is very spacious, organized and well-lit too. 

Ivan was like, why this girl busy taking pictures all the time one! LOL.

Meet my hairstylist of the day, Ivan! He is amazing, and I'm so glad that I found him! I love the way he is very passionate to each and every customer he has, from washing the hair (which he can easily ask his junior shampoo boy to do it!) to explaining every single detail of my hair and the treatment to me. 

But my advice is, make an appointment during non-crowded hours so that the hairstylist can spare more time on you. Plus, you can get more hair maintenance tips from him too 

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment @ RM250

It is the signature treatment by Number76 Hair Salon, using cold straightener! In fact, this is the first COLD iron I've ever seen! Over the years, there are countless positive reviews about this treatment that cannot be found elsewhere in Malaysia! There you go for smoother, softer and stronger hair.

How It Works

It uses the technology of high-speed vibrations, and works effectively to break the good molecules into smaller, mega-nourishing particles that can penetrate deep in the hair structure. To my surprise, the iron plate is freezing cold, with the icy 'smoke' that you can see just like from the freezer. 

Therefore it can only be done after washing the hair with cold water. 

Before cold-ironing, he puts some essence onto my scalp for better absorbency.

The cold ironing process takes less than 20 minutes, and I'm amazed that my hair turns smooth instantly! Miraculous! And with proper care, this smoothing result can usually last more than a month. Then we proceed for a haircut to eliminate those 'dead' ends (the bleached part I have).

I believe, haircuts are normally done after blow-drying the hair right? But here Ivan does it differently, with wet hair it is actually easier to create the bob hair shape for me 

Another thing I love about Number76 is the top-notch tool they use! I recognize this Panasonic Nanoe ion hair dryer that can infuse 1000x more moisture into the hair, because I have the same one at home :P

Despite of blow-drying, the hair is now less frizzy and tamer.

To create a 'fresh' Japanese look, let's get rid of my flat straight fringe! And while blow-drying, he actually styles my hair with his magical pair of hands so that the hair ends can curve inwards. 

*in progress* But I'm already on cloud nine because I can see the huge difference on my hair!

And ta-daa! Here's the final result of the ends that curl inwards with
shades of brown and cotton pink that remain significant on my hair.

Front and side view of my hair. ♥ It doesn't look as boring and flat as before anymore!

I thought without the hairstylist at home I wouldn't be able to style it so nicely already, but Ivan is so kind to teach me step-by-step process of creating the same look at home! Hopefully I can do it too *finger crossed*

"Before and After" comparison of my hair;
Do I like it? YES, absolutely! Because it is now:
♥ Shinier / less dull
♥ Less frizzy
 ♥ More voluminous
♥ Less oily / itchy scalp
♥ Smoother hair
♥ Gives a more cheerful look

Since my first try on Number76 Signature Ultrasonic treatment is so satisfying, I probably come back for the newly-launched, improved Premium version of the well-loved Ultrasonic treatment! By adding a little more $$, I can get even smoother, softer and stronger hair!

Thank you Ivan for being so chatty and friendly to me! :D Your skill is awesome, and make sure you're available the next time I make my appointment ya, hahah. If you wanna book Ivan as your hairstylist, you can call Bangsar branch because he will no longer be placed at Northpoint ;)

 Number76 provides a wide range of haircut, styling, perm, coloring, treatment and hair extension.
The full list of services and pricing can be found HERE.

Visit number76 at:
Bangsar 1: +603-2284 0076 / 0176 (10am-7pm, closed on Mondays)
Bangsar 2: +603-2283 1776 / 2776 (10am-10pm, daily)
Northpoint @ Mid Valley: +603-2287 0661 / 0662 (10am-10pm, daily)
Starhill Gallery: +603-2141 6676 / 7076 (10am-10pm, daily)

Website: www.number76.com (Online booking is available too!)
Twitter: @number_76
Instagram: @number_76


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