16 January, 2015

SHOGUN Healthy Japanese Buffet @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I still remember my awful experience with Shogun 3 years ago. But when I heard they have revamped the menu and restructured their outlets to focus only on two main outlets--- Sunway Pyramid and 1Utama, I'm sure things have definitely improved and I should make a visit there!

Serving a spread of over 200 Japanese and international delights, Shogun is touted to be one of the best family-oriented Japanese buffet restaurant in town. Judging by the number of dishes available, one could not possibly taste all the varieties in a single day.

The talented chefs behind this brand have combined the best of Japanese dishes with quintessential local cuisine to present a spread that would cater to everyone's tastebuds.

When I arrive at the restaurant and am welcomed by a staggering array of dishes waiting to be savoured, I can feel the excitement in the air. What surprises me is the spacious seating in Shogun 1 Utama outlet that can fit up to 600 pax. There are also 2 VIP rooms to accommodate up to 120 pax during weddings, birthday, full moon, reunions and corporate functions.

Upon being seated, I ease my way into the first dish with some oriental soups (Buddha Jump Over The Wall, Ginseng Chicken Soup, etc), Japanese appetiser and sashimi. For appetizers, the buffet spread serves an array of Japanese and Korean appetizers (Pan-Chan) including the famous Takoyaki, Chuka Idako, Chuka Wakame and Korean Kimchi. Right next to the counter, you can order for California Hand Rolls which are prepared fresh in front of the guest.

One should not miss the staple Japanese sushi rolls that boasts a delightful combination of chopped tuna belly, crabstick meat, salmon, fish roe and cucumber in the beautifully presented maki, temaki, nigiri and gunkan-maki sushi. 

Over at the buffet counters, one finds dainty treats like Sashimi Moriawase, whose line up of raw seafood may include fresh Salmon, Butterfish, Tako (Diced Octopus) and Maguro (Tuna). Shogun serves only premium Norwegian salmon which is air-flown twice a week to the outlets to maintain the freshness and quality.

Other mollusc treats to look for include the Okinawa Jumbo Oyster which is freshly imported from Korea. Simple, savoury pleasures are found in the juicy oysters, so lightly zested with lemon juice yet incredibly tasty.

Not a fan of raw food? Fret not, here the self-service buffet concept gives diners myriad choices to feast to their heart's content. The baked cheesy Korean oyster is served at the hot food counter, along with other seafood such as scallop, crab, bamboo shell, prawns and more.

Shinjiku Chilli Crab

Shin Nichi Scallop Mayoyaki

Grilled Snails

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

As your stomach is layered with the starters, perhaps this would be the perfect time to go for the main course. My favourite here always goes to the huge Lamb Shank, Agedashi Tofu and Grilled Salmon.

Nagoya Bamboo Shell

Japanese Sukiyaki

Other Japanese flavours such as Agemono and Yakimono grilled offerings, Karaage fried items, Shabu Shabu steamboat as well as Ramen and Soba noodles promise a satisfying dining experience even for those who may not quite fancy seafood. As I love my meals to be freshly cooked ala minute, the wide variety of Teppanyaki dishes lures me.

Don't leave out the delicious Korean BBQ offerings to satisfy your carnivorous cravings! The marinated red meat and poultry would entice your palate with the amazingly succulent taste that pairs well with the homemade sauces and dips. 

In keeping the menu fresh and exciting for customers, the restaurants add Thai Boat Noodles to the buffet menu! Now you can avoid the frustration of long queues at the popular boat noodle shacks in town, just head over to Shogun and enjoy the hot-savoury beefy broth loaded with silky glass noodles and, tender beef meat and fresh-tasting meatballs. 

Of course, no buffet is complete without dessert and Shogun has something really good that wows the diners. Nearby, the dessert section offers various cakes, homemade pastries, fruit cocktails, juices, herbal drinks, a ice-shaving machine with colorful condiments, as well as half a dozen flavours of ice cream.

Apart from the local kuih, pudding and jelly, you may get to try homemade Thai desserts including the most sought-after Mango Sticky Rice and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk if you're lucky because the dessert menu runs on a daily rotation. 

Love their Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake here too, so light, fluffy and creamy!

Taking pride on its healthy Japanese cuisine, Shogun is set to raise the benchmark for Japanese buffets in town. Reservation is recommended to avoid disappointments. 

1. Wide varieties. Quick services. Refillable buffet counters. Spacious area. In short, it's an amazing dining experience that I'd not expected!
2. It is still lacking of premium quality seafood, but overall acceptable for the crowd. 
3. With the ongoing promotions for kids and senior citizens, Shogun is definitely a great family-oriented buffet restaurant in town that  has gone to a greater extent to serve international buffet.

Shogun @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Lot S 335A, 2nd Floor Oval,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 03-7726 3770

Shogun @ Sunway Pyramid
Lot LG 2.119-LG 2.120,
Lower Ground Two,
Sunway Pyramid,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 03-5622 1831

Saisaki @ Wisma UOA II
Unit No. 1-9, 1st Floor,
Wisma UOA II,
21, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2166 3728

Website: www.saisaki.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/pages/Shogun-by-Saisaki-Japanese-Buffet


  1. After reading the above articles, I decided to try shogun buffet in sunway pyramid. The food variety was many but taste lousy, seafood unfresh n cold . The most intolerance part was the plates n cups were dirty. We couldn't find a clean glass for the ocha. All cups got stain marks..what an awful experience. Never never visit there again.

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