06 June, 2015

Shaklee Cares for You!

I'm not sure if you have heard of Shaklee. But do ask your elder siblings, parents or grandparents; Surely they'd have known this brand because Shaklee has been around in Malaysia for almost 20 years now!

If you do not already know, Shaklee is a prestigious natural nutrition company founded in US, and its extensive product lines now include supplements, weight management products, skin care, hair care and even household items!

My recent visit to Shaklee's new office in Bandar Sunway gave me a well of knowledge about the company's expanding CSR projects and its amazing products. The space is ample, organized and clean with an earth-loving color scheme in the office. 

Speaking of CSR, Shaklee Malaysia recently introduces the YES (Youth Entrepreneur System) programme under the Shaklee Cares for Our Youth, best catered for the young and the young-at-heart looking for financial and time freedom.

YES helps the young to focus on entrepreneurship--- By building their own business with minimum capital but yet provide the possibility of great returns. Through Shaklee, you can easily earn an additional 50% more from your net income!

Prior to Shaklee Cares for Our Youth, Shaklee Cares rolled out Shaklee Cares for Our Children for underprivileged children. On top of that, the office itself is so homey and kid-friendly that they even include Shaklee Kids Club for the children to mingle around while the adults are busy with the training, meetings and more.

I was fortunate to meet Mr. Victor Lim, the President of Shaklee Malaysia in person, and he had shared about becoming an entrepreneur with YES is as simple as joining Shaklee, using their products and sharing them with friends and family. 

As you can tell, Shaklee's line up of products is amazingly diversified. Under the YES programme, they even have wellness packs (Healthy Young Living, Healthy Fitness, Healthy Prenatal and Healthy Postnatal) for the active young, workaholics, working women and basically anyone who is seeking for overall better health.

Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green is Shaklee Malaysia’s commitment to providing naturally safe, effective products for steps to a healthy life. For those who are starting the YES programme with Shaklee, you can be assured of the great quality of products as well as strong support from mentors of the company. 

Later in the year, Shaklee will be launching Shaklee Cares for Our Women
another CSR initiative. Can't wait to hear more about it! 

Amongst the Shaklee products which I am trying out recently are from the essential nutritions series:

Vita-E Complex™
An antioxidant supplement to improve immune function especially among the elderly.
Highly recommended for my parents ;) 

A blend of 8 Vitamins with Shaklee's unique Patented Bioactivated Absorption System
that enhances the absorption of folic acid that we need essentially in our body.

GLA Complex

Well, this should be my best friend, as well as my mom's and sis's. It is a powerful combination of GLA, Vitamin E, and Sunflower Seed Oil which serves best for women's health.

Garlic Complex

Honestly I am quite curious about Garlic based supplement. The name reminds me of its pungent smell, but this health supplement smells quite refreshing with spearmint flavour. Shaklee’s own formulation combines the health benefits of garlic with rosemary to stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

I realize Shaklee even has its very own nutrition-based skin care line, 
Cinch®, the revolutionary weight management line and 
Get Clean®, the nontoxic and natural home care line.

Anyway this video should sum up our fun and informational visit to Shaklee Malaysia! 

For more information about Shaklee YES Programme and products information,
feel free to drop by at www.shaklee.com.my!


  1. I love your entry :) Have you tried the products dear?

    1. Hi Kak Lyna :) I just finished one bottle of the B-Complex, Vita-E and Garlic Complex. So far so good! How about you?


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