05 June, 2015

Pot & Kettle Cafe @ Empire Damansara, PJ

Pot & Kettle is tucked along the street in Empire Damansara where the colorful umbrellas used to be hung at, but it seems to have been overlooked since it opened a couple of months ago. That may be because it looks dark from the outside and many do not know that it is a hidden gem serving a good range of gourmet pasta, pizza and homemade cakes. 

As soon as we step into the cosy space, we are greeted by a vibrant interior with splashes of colours on the graffiti walls and furniture. The ambiance is so lively that it adds a nice appeal to a younger, more vibrant audience. 

Sofas are tucked nicely into the corners where diners can enjoy some quiet time with
plenty of warm kisses penetrating through the tall glass windows.

Dainty tea pots and picture-worthy kettles are arranged beautifully along the rack,
reminding us of the quirky name of the cafe itself.

As for the menu, the owner keeps it simple with an acceptable range of Asian and Western menu (Salad, sandwiches, pasta and pizza), but injects some juices of creativity into each.

Pot & Kettle Burger @ RM18.90

Despite of having a dozen variations to choose from the menu list, first-timers should start with the signature Pot & Kettle burger, which features lightly charred beef patty with a blanket of melted cheese on top, served with mesculn salad and jumbo fries. It definitely stays true to its roots as a comfort food. 

Where's The Spaghetti? @ RM24.90

A touch of fun and mystery is also injected into the menu, now let's guess where's the spaghetti? Out of curiosity, we order a plate of the spaghetti that is well-hidden within the gigantic beef meatball. Slightly chewy and dense, it gets the texture of the meatball right on the mouth.

As we happily dig into the meatball, the spaghetti comes in a delightfully soft texture and it is
well-coated with drizzles of mild, sweet pomodoro sauce and generous dusting of cheese powder. 

Braised Moroccan Lamb Shank @ RM38.90

Meat lovers would die for the Moroccan version of lamb shank which is braised slowly to the bones until it becomes wonderfully tender, moist and literally falls off the bone. I personally love the bright balance of herb flavours that harmonize well with the Mediterranean veggies and jumbo fries.

Each chunk of the meat, consisting of lean and greasy parts, is bursting with wonderful flavours to the heart of the shank. 

Latte @ RM10.00

Coffee staples are also available at Pot & Kettle. If you are not fussy about your cup, the mild version of latte here is pretty decent to pair with a slice of cake or two. 

Raspberry Frizzy @ RM8.90
A perfectly refreshing summer drink that you shouldn't miss! 

Mars Bar Cheesecake @ RM12.00

As the finale of the meal, homemade dessert always saves the day especially when it is sweet and creamy, silky and crunchy all in one bite. Sitting on a bed of crisp crumb, the melting good cheesecake is the gooey and dense type that you'll never forget. 

Do look out for this hanging kettle signage whenever you're in Empire Damansara!

1. We appreciate the attempts of Pot & Kettle in whipping out signature items that are original, and unique.
2. Tastewise, I think it has gone rather light for its dishes and coffee. Or perhaps it is me that favours strong flavours lingering on my tastebuds. 
3. Personal recommendations: Mars Bar Cheesecake

Pot & Kettle Cafe 
G18, Ground Floor 
Heritage Lane
Empire Damansara, 
Damansara Perdana,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Facebook: fb.com/potnkettlecafeKL
Instagram: @potnkettlecafe
Twitter: @potnkettlecafe

Business Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 12noon - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 1pm - 11pm
Closed on Mondays

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