31 July, 2015

Caffeinated Cabin @ Jalan Gasing, PJ

Tucked along the busy street of Jalan Gasing, it is surprisingly to find a cozy little cafe located right next to La Salle school. It may not be noticeable from the main road, but you'll see a staff standing by the gate to guide your car into the small parking area. Also, the cafe halved its area with Chezz Technique Hair Salon, so do expect the seating to be more limited.

Smoked Duck Salad @ RM13.90

The menu is pretty simple, ranging from assorted pastries on display to salad, sandwiches and pasta prepared ala minute. Served on a bed of fresh greens in house sesame dressing, the smoked duck is quite lean and not gristly at all. Considering the price, I'd say its taste and portion are acceptable. 

Nutella Banana Bagel @ RM12.90

The bestselling item on the menu is the varieties of bagel sandwiches, be it savoury or sweet. If you're craving for something sweet and meatless, the nutella banana is highly recommended. 

Generously topped with poppy seeds, homemade bagels here have nice crispy exterior and chewy interior, just like how we usually enjoy it. But be sure to have it warm as soon as it is served, otherwise it will get tougher. 

The simple combination of nutella jam, banana slices and pecan is great as a quick snack that goes along with your cuppa.

Apple Crumble Tarte @ RM7.90

Dessert wise, we see a few types of mouth-watering French tarts at the counter, each is pegged at a pleasantly reasonable price of RM7.90. The barista recommends us the bestselling apple crumble tart which is lightly sweet and buttery. The crumb topping gives this apple tart a delightfully sweet crunch in every bite.

Lemon Tarte @ RM7.90

For a refreshing citrus taste, do opt for the simple lemon tart that is filled with creamy smooth lemon custard. The buttery-rich shortbread crust and crunchy bits of nut add a beautiful savoury flavour to it. 

I don't mind spending my whole afternoon here sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying sunkisses from the natural light penetrating through the glass windows. When the weather is good, it elevates the ambiance in the cafe, creating a suitable spot for Instagram-worthy shots.

1. Food wise, I love the desserts whereas the rest are just mediocre. 
2. A good place to enjoy your daily caffeine dose with tranquil, calming atmosphere. 
3. Revisit? Well, I'll return for its pastries, desserts and coffee :)

Caffeinated Cabin
64, Jalan Gasing, 
46000 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 011-33104498
Facebook: fb.com/caffeinatedcabin
Instagram: www.instagram.com/caffeinatedcabin
Business Hours: 8am - 7pm daily (Closed on Mondays) 

29 July, 2015

CAFFEiNATED @ IOI Boulevard Puchong

Trendy cafes can be found everywhere we go, but hidden gem such as CAFFEiNATED in Puchong is worth making a stop for its unique offerings of coffee, exotic cakes and coffee-infused food.

This European-vibe cafe has plenty of seating, making it an ideal location for those who are looking for a satisfying caffeine boost and tranquil place to work for the day. 

You're welcomed to drop your message at the cafe, and keep in touch with the regulars here.

True to its name, CAFFEiNATED is serious about its coffee business by boasting a range of locally roasted coffee to cater for the most discerning palate. The friendly staff here is always happy to recommend one of their many house blends from Brazil, Columbia, Sumatra and Mexico to satisfy your coffee craving.

The best part is that it has injected plenty of liquor into its coffee offerings. On the gourmet espresso beverages menu, you'll be surprised by interesting names such as Espresso On The Rock, Irish Coffee, and Espresso Martini

CAFFEiNATED's Specialty: Baileys' Tiramisu @ RM17

My strong craving for Tiramisu dessert has urged me to order the house specialty Bailey's Tiramisu, a creamy concoction of fresh milk, espresso and Baileys' Irish Cream whiskey, topped with a layer of cocoa dusting. To my delight, it feels as if my favourite tiramisu cake has transformed into a beverage! 

The rich and rounded flavour of the whiskey adds new dimensions to the aromatic espresso-based concoction. Stir it well and soak the sugar-coated finger biscuit into the concoction to enjoy the best of both worlds- Alcohol and coffee. 

Espresso Bomb @ RM15

Next up is the latest innovation in the cafe that combines a glass of sparkling water and a shot of espresso. We carefully place the espresso shot into the glass and voila, it creates an "explosion" of falling bubbles that wow us! On the mouth, it tastes like a classic fizzy soda with a punch of espresso which makes the coffee smoother, sweeter and more palatable. 


 Almond Cappuccino @ RM10

Back to basic, we usually find comfort in our warm cups of coffee staples such as cappuccino, flat white and latte. Here you can have it at its original state or spice it up with a kick of flavour such as salted caramel, chili, gingerbread, toffee apple or Irish cream.

Hazelnut Latte @ RM10

I love how the unique twist is added on a classic to exude strong nutty aroma from the warm, frothy concoction. The rich and smooth essence of hazelnut is more pronounced in this cup, balancing well with the natural bitterness of the espresso. 

How about some Bradley's tea blends for non-coffee drinkers?

Coffee Pomodoro with Smoked Duck @ RM16

As for the food menu, simple and timeless fare such as pasta, sandwiches and pizza are abundant here but it is the creative innovation that caught our attention! We are surprised that coffee can be infused into a pasta dish. The unique sauce made of tomato, white wine and espresso is impressive as it burst with myriads of flavours- Bitter, sweet and tangy all in one spoonful!

On the other hand, I like the smoked duck with the robust smoky nuances.

Mushroom Pizza @ RM20

Perfect for afternoon snack, the crispy 10-inch thin crust pizza is great for sharing if you prefer something light. As we happily sink our teeth into the crisp-edged cheesy pizza topped with shiitake, white button, and black olives, we notice the sweet BBQ sauce is slightly spicy but very appetizing. Overall, it is a nice variation from the classic tomato-based pizzas.

No afternoon tea break is perfect without a slice of cake. Look for exotic cakes such as Thai Milk Tea and Lemon Lavender Bavarois as well as the classic Tiramisu that is good to go with almost any beverages! 

We end up picking the less commonly available cakes in the cafe.....

Green Tea Bavarois @ RM13

Our favourite goes to the green tea bavarois that is beautifully composed of spongy cake and soft custard-like layers, topped with green tea dusting. Creamy and velvety, every bite melts in the mouth with a burst of strong green tea flavour. 

Lemon Lavender Bavarois @ RM13

Our lemon lavender bavarois is not as soft as the previous slice, but digging into the zingy lemon and lavender scented dessert on a base of soggy cookie crust can be an unpleasant experience if you dislike artificial floral and citrus flavours. 

Thai Milk Tea @ RM13

Although the cake really tastes like the famous Thai iced tea with condensed milk, we'd skip it altogether because of its soggy cookie base (again) and the heavily sweetened solid milk tea layers. 

Anyway, do pop in during afternoon to enjoy some creative coffee,
or stay all day to enjoy a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. I truly appreciate the creativity injected into the coffee-based beverages and pasta, hopefully there will be more innovations on the menu in future! 
2. Dessert range can still be improved by serving freshly-baked cakes in the cafe. 
3. Personal recommendations: Baileys' Tiramisu, Coffee Pomodoro with Smoked Duck, Mushroom Pizza

(next to Pacific Coffee)
C-GF-43, Ground Floor
IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Contact: 603-8080 5882
Email: caffeinated.puchong@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/caffeinated.puchong
Instagram: @caffeinated.puchong

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am - 12 midnight
Sat & Public Holiday: 9am - 12 midnight
Sun: 9am - 4pm

27 July, 2015

Review: Y.E.T. Korea Nail Sticker from Omoshiroiya

Hello! When it comes to DIY stuff, I am always very excited to share my experience with you guys, because I love trying out new products. I recently got the latest Y.E.T. Korea Nail Stickers from Omoshiroi.Ya (おもしろい。や) and let's see how does it look like on the nails! 

YETKorea Easy Nail Sticker Bohemian @ RM21.90

Each pack of nail sticker comes with an instruction leaflet, nail file and 18 pieces of stickers in 9 different sizes. Well, I can't read Korean but the visual instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. 

I am a huge fan of aztec prints, and the spring aztec trend has even taken over nail art! Apart from the nice glossy surface, the sticker actually has little silver diamantes that add lovely shine to it. The best part is, you don't need to worry about painting ugly nail arts by yourself or having to wait for it to dry!

There are lots more Y.E.T. Korea Nail Sticker designs HERE; Some even glow in the dark!

YETKorea Easy Nail Sticker Miniskirt @ RM21.90

Application wise, it is very simple and quick. Since I have experience with my previous DIY Gel nail sticker, I can easily complete it in just half an hour. 

Step 1: Apply nail strengthener
I always do, to prevent the nails from chipping, because my nails are relatively brittle. 

Step 2: Trim and stick the nail sticker

Some stickers may fit perfectly onto the nails (in terms of width),
but if some don't, just trim it off accordingly.

Step 3: File the excess away

The filing part needs a little bit of techniques. First, begin with filing from the top, by pulling and folding the excess downwards to the finger. Then fold it sideways and file from left and right accordingly. This probably takes less than 30 seconds. And finally...repeat the same steps for the rest.
Step 4: Apply top coat
Recommended as a protection layer to the stickers.
Ta daa....and here's the end result! (Ignore my short, chipped nails)

 Madly in love with it! 

The nails lasted me for more than a week, before it started to peel off from the side. But when I applied transparent nail polish underneath it again, it could last for another week or so. 

2 weeks later....I tried putting on another girly design that I love!

Geometrical prints are equally lovely right!! I love the shiny silver stripe contrasting well with the neon pink and green prints. It suits you girls who love cute and playful theme  

1. Super quick application and easy to use! It is very convenient especially when you're doing last-minute manicure for special occasions because it requires no drying time.
2. The quality of the stickers is quite good-- Very adhesive, waterproof and does not chip easily. 
3. The only downside is that, it can only last for 1-2 weeks. But look at the bright side: YAY for new nail arts again! So I will not feel bored of the designs of my manicure 

Feel free to visit Omoshiroiya at:

24 July, 2015

The Owls Cafe @ Bukit Jalil, KL

I must admit that I have been going to countless number of cafes, but so far my personal favourite is still The Owls Cafe despite of the booming number of new eateries opening everyday. In fact, I have visited plenty of so-called waffle specialists and most of them are just mediocre. If you are an avid cafe hopper, surely you've tried The Owl's signature waffle. 

Rebecca @ RM18

Interestingly, the waffles here come in quirky names such as Rebecca, David, The Queen, Milo Dinosaur and The Classic. It also comes in savoury type with duck meat or salmon on herb-based waffles. However, I would still go for the sweet version each time I come to this cafe. 

Here you can have ultra-thick Belgian waffles in flower shape. The batter is extra light, hence producing very airy and fluffy waffle that does not feel overly heavy on the palate. Rebecca (The name of the waffle!) is filled with fresh strawberries and blueberries, then topped with homemade Earl Grey ice cream which is well-blended with the Almond flakes and Maple Syrup.

I am totally blown by the extra creamy ice cream as it exudes surprisingly rich aroma of earl grey tea. 
Tea lovers would certainly love it!

Vanilla Mille Crepe @ RM12 

If you are looking for a more affordable sweet treat, the variety of cakes on the chiller is also worth a try. Our decadent slice of mille crepe is melting good with rich vanilla scent but it is a tad sweet for my liking. 

Another highly recommended cake is the ToFuFah Cheesecake from Project Cake Therapy which I have tried at POKC, Damansara Uptown, and it is really good! A great option even for those who don't usually love strong cheese flavour. 

"How Coffee Works" chart is displayed at the cafe, but I have not tried any coffee here since I am currently taking a break from the caffeine dose. If you have sampled any, please let me know if they are good :D

Every corner of the cafe is beautifully adorned with colorful little owl decors that fill the space with loads of fun and joy. Although the overall space seems quite packed, it remains very cosy and comfortable especially during weekdays where the crowd is less overwhelming. 

I love sitting at the corner facing the window with my laptop on, and admire the beauty of these little ones. Overall, it is a quiet and comfortable day well spent at this cafe while I work on my own stuff. 

1. Pricewise, I think the sweet waffles are quite decent, considering the quality of ingredients used. But I don't personally like the savoury waffle because of the price factor (cheapest is RM24 each!).
2. I will revisit for its breakfast croissant menu, which I find it quite interesting and worth checking out.
3. All in all, The Owls is worth visiting for its brunch and dessert menu!

The Owls Cafe
12-1, First Floor,
Block 5,
Jalil Link,
Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9543 9828
Instagram: @theowlscafe

Business Hours:
Tues, Wed, Sun: 10am - 7pm
Fri, Sat: 10am - 11pm
Closed on Mondays
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