08 July, 2015

Review: Deep Layer 5-Step Moisture Treatment System @ IMP Hair Studio, Setapak

5-Step Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System by MoltoBene

Speaking of my hair care regime, I have been using MoltoBene's BENE Premium Bluria and Rougeria series from Japan (Full review: Click Here) which can be easily found at Watson's stores nationwide. And now I am glad to hear that the brand has brought in more ranges from Japan for our Malaysian market! 

If you have not heard of MoltoBene, it is a prominent Japanese brand since 1975, with global presence around Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, US, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Thailand, China, Cambodia and more. How can I not love this professional salon brand?

This time the latest Deep Layer series is exclusively used in professional hair saloons like IMP Hair Studio at Setapak. It is a 5-step hair treatment that uses NO heat (No steamer etc) and delivers effective repair on damaged hair as well as provides ultimate softness and moisture to the hair.

At IMP Hair Studio, it is having a special promotion at RM250 for 2 treatments, hence I decided to give it a try. You can choose to do the first treatment now, and the second one after a month OR just bring a friend along to share the treatment cost together! 

For medium to heavily damaged hair (like mine because I did plenty of bleaching and color treating), all 5 steps are essential to penetrate Hydrolyzed Keratin PPT (Kerataide) and Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine molecules into the hair to strengthen the hair bond and lock in moisture.  .

So we begin with washing the hair, and start the treatment while the hair is damp. 

Step 1: Repair Layer 1, with Fibril

Do you know that everytime we do hair chemical services such as rebonding, perming and coloring, the hair bond will break and leave plenty of "holes" in the hair structure? So, the first step is aimed to penetrate protein called Keratin into the "holes" and repair the damage. 

The more damaged your hair is, the better the penetration will be :)

The stylists apply plenty of the treatment cream onto my hair and massage vigorously for better penetration. I love how professional they are, by massaging small strands of hair at each time so that every layer of hair is able to absorb the nutrients well. It is left for 10 minutes, before rinsing off.
Step 2: Repair Layer 2, with Kerataide

The next few steps are done at the hair washing stations, using similar massage techniques but different types of treatment creams. Step 2 is needed to bind Kerataide with hair protein in the hair gap between the damage holes. As you can see the bubbles on the hair, they are very tiny particles which penetrate deeply into the inner part of the "holes" for repairing.

Step 3: CMC Repair

After rinsing off, the third step focuses on the nano-CMC ingredients and Pellicle  which strengthen the inner hair. Sorry that the pictures may look quite similar, but each time the repair ingredients are different ya! 

Step 4: Moisturize Hair Cuticle

The massaging for each step takes only about 10 minutes, but it is able to work wonder. After the hair repair is complete, it's time to infuse moisturizing complex ingredients (Moisturizing Hyaluronic Film) to lock the repair components and prevent dryness. 

Step 5: Coat a Hair Protection Layer

Lastly, the treatment cream is packed with water-repelling Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine that coats the surface of the hair to protect the repair result. It is able to last up to 8 washes, so you can see the shine on your hair longer than the usual treatment 

On the bottle of the 5-step treatment creams, it emphasizes on Extra Heavy Moisture Treatment. But don't get me wrong, it does NOT feel heavy to the hair at all! It actually indicates large amount of moisture that is locked deeply into your hair to give the shine, soft and smooth from within. 

To see the best result, the hairstylist just blow dries my hair without doing any styling. And I'm totally surprised by the amazing result! ❤ I can't believe my hair can become instantly smooth and soft, without any frizzy ends especially the bleached part. 

Picture after styling the hair...

I only did a simple curved-in style at the bottom, mimicking the Korean popular style :P But from the back view, I notice the hair is super silky smooth and shiny. It definitely looks much healthier than before

"Loretta" Hair Care Range

For better hair protection, I am using the Loretta series by MoltoBene as well. The packaging looks so pretty and adorable like perfumes right? My hair is applied with small pump of Loretta Base Care Oil (White transparent bottle on the most right) to create the smoothness. And it smells super good with sweet roses fragrance that melts my heart 

"Devil" Styling Range

To give a stronger holding power at the ends of my hair, I put on a little Devil Gel Wax from MoltoBene as it is impressively lightweight. You can choose the holding power: 5, 7 or 10, to complement with the style and texture. 

I'm in love my hairdo of the day! 


After enjoying a great pampering session, certainly I didn't forget about you! My readers can make reservation with IMP Hair Studio (03-4021 4148) to enjoy the treatment at only RM50 (Normal Price RM250!) from 1 August to 15 August.

You can also stand a chance to receive FREE gifts after their hair treatment* (T&C apply).
Be quick, because each day is only limited to 30 persons only!

Don't forget to keep stalking MoltoBene for more updates!

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  1. this sounds really great and your hair looks so beautiful :)


  2. Wah... gorgeous looking hair! The package indeed is a great deal. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HAIRTASTIC hair saloon at Cheras Business Centre also have this product and hair treatment too

  4. Love it so much:) Nice hair color u got. Sometimes really felt bored with same hair style for sometimes, maybe is time for think of something new and special for my hair. For more info click here now.


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