11 July, 2015

US Potato Menu at Maria's Steakcafe @ Damansara Perdana

Nestled in the neighbourhoods of Bangsar, Damansara Perdana and Ipoh, Maria's Steakcafe has been around for the past decade and is well-known for its signature steaks. In celebration of US Potato Culinary Festival, Maria's has introduced 3 new dishes using the top-notch quality potatoes from US.  

Mashed US Potatoes with Smoked Salmon and Beef Bacon @ RM15.00

We begin our gastronomic adventure here with a large scoop of mashed US potatoes that are well-blended with bits of beef bacon and smoked salmon in it. Every spoonful of this creamy mash explodes with strong smoky aroma that lifts up the flavour of the dish instantly. Moreover, the generous portion can fill one's stomach very quickly, hence sharing is recommended.

Shepherd's Pie @ RM18

For something more filling and sizeable, we also have a meaty savoury classic. The layered casserole of US mashed potatoes, cheese and ground beef is indeed one of the best comfort foods especially when it is served fresh from the oven. 

US Potato and Pear Soup @ RM9.50

But nothing comforts the heart more than the piping hot, sweet and savoury soup. It has the savoury flavour and creaminess of a potato soup wrapped up with the sweetness of pears that add a nice twist to the overall taste. The puree-like consistency is just right for me, and it gives an interesting hint of sweet tartness.

Spicy Mussels @ RM22.00

Our visit to Maria's Steakcafe is not complete without trying out the signature dishes which can be easily spotted on the tables of our neighbouring diners during the lovely evening. For the appetizer, I love how the spicy tomato sauce gives an instant kick to the fresh mussels and it is great for dipping with the toasted garlic bread too.

Oriental Salad @ RM12.00

Our salad is a welcoming change from the usual western style, as it incorporates plenty of Japanese soy sauce and vinaigrette with sesame oil that exudes the Asian flavours of the dish. Topped with Bonito flakes and sauteed mushrooms, the refreshing salad is an excellent instant pick-me-up. 

New Zealand Baby Cutlets @ RM54.00

When it comes to the main courses, we are delighted that the grilled baby lamb cutlets served with mint sauce are well-marinated and retain lovely textures. They are easy to slice into and melt in the mouth, leaving a moist and juicy feeling,

Australian Black Angus @ RM48 per 100gram

However, the star of the evening is definitely the best-selling steak grilled to medium rare perfection. Our portion of 270gram yields full-flavored taste, well-rounded crust and sear that pleases all of us. It is my first time having my tender meat with mustard and wasabi sauce, and it surprises me with its wonderful synchronicity of taste and texture! 

Australian Wagyu 7 @ RM95 per 100gram

My personal favourite goes to the highly-prized 250gram wagyu beef that has a good marbling score of 7. As the steak is dripping in its own deep-flavoured jus, every bite offers an amazingly succulent taste as it melts in the mouth with great amount of fats. Definitely a special main dish that would keep their guests glued to their seats! 

Prune Cake @ RM9.50

Putting an endnote to our lovely dinner, we have a slice of homemade prune cake which is served warm from the oven. This decadent slice is incredibly soft and moist with mild prune taste. I love the lightness of the cake with almost no sugar for my liking.  

Tiramisu @ RM15

Lastly, tiramisu here is pretty decent with beautiful layers of mascarpones, espresso-soaked sponge and cream arranged in a glass. It may not be as rich as I'd expect but the mild coffee and Kahlua's flavour is lovely and worth a try. 

Good food and warm ambiance come hand in hand at Maria's. The interior exudes an European flair with antique chandeliers and wooden furniture which add a touch of romance to the space. This place is quiet and perfect for family gathering, or dinner dates.

Bangsar outlet:
58, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
+603-2282 2220

Damansara outlet:
Centre Wing, Level 3, Metropolitan Square,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
+603-7725 2313

Ipoh outlet:
Persiaran Greentown 1,
Greentown Business Centre,
30450 Ipoh, Perak.

Email: steakcafe@marias.com.my
Instagram: @marias.steakcafe

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