22 September, 2015

"Behind The Scene" Educational Tour @ Genting Highlands

Hello from Genting International Showroom (GISR)!

Hi! Have you read about my previous experience of Superstars of Magic 4 at Genting International Showroom? Prior to the show, I was actually there at the venue for Genting "Behind The Scene" Tour.

Yes, it is quite a new series of activities for family and kids where you get to experience how different operations in Genting Highlands are being managed and run everyday. The 2.5-hour tour is divided into 4 parts: Genting International Showroom guided tour, First World Hotel Laundry, See, Do & Eat (DIY) Workshop and lastly Horizon 50 guided tour.

Picture credit to rwgenting.com

The first location was exactly the stage I watched the magic show. And I found it pretty amusing as Genting's technical experts explained to us the management of back stage, lighting and sound control involved during a show or event. The gadgets, to me, already looked complicated yet they were so good at creating different effects on stage to wow the audience. 

First World Hotel’s Laundry

Our next stop was the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia, spanning over 26,000 sq ft, which produces up to 38 tons of linens per day. Seriously, I couldn't imagine the amount of bedsheets they had to collect, clean, iron, fold and transfer each day!  

And this laundry unit was probably larger than any factory I've been to. Gigantic machines were arranged line by line, each and every one with different functions ranging from washing the linens with high-pressure steamer to ironing them using a large-sized ironer feeder. Definitely an eye-opener for me, looking at such huge operation ongoing here!

 See, Do & Eat Workshop

Moving on, the third stop was my favourite station among all, because I managed to DIY my very own cute bento set! Special thanks to the bento chef for teaching me little tricks and tips to beautify my bunny-shaped sushi with colorful ingredients such as flying fish roes, omelette, cucumber, crabstick, chicken ham and tuna. 

*my serious face while preparing a colorful and yummy bento set*


 The foodie workshop didn't just end there. Given a plain doughnut each, we also managed
to create our doughnut masterpiece with different toppings and fillings!
I seriously admired one of the male participants who crafted this beautiful doughnut!
Don't you think it's just too pretty to be eaten?

Horizon 50

Last but not least, the tour took us to the exclusive Horizon 50, which was literally a "journey through time", showcasing a glimpse of the past, current happenings and future of Genting Highlands. The huge exhibition space was well-equipped with state-of-the-art LED screens, portraying the group’s global expansion and interest in technology.

It felt really modern and futuristic inside! :D

 Can't wait for the grand opening of 20th Century Fox World Theme Park,
Sky Avenue and Sky Plaza shopping haven next year!

Overall, it is an one-of-a-kind eye-opening experience to discover things that I've not known about Genting. Definitely worth the price and time spent to gain such unique experience. 
Feel free to check out the available tour dates at 
2.15pm – Meetup point @ First World Tagging Counter / Vision City Video Games Park
2.30pm – Genting International Showroom
3.00pm – First World Hotel Laundry
3.30pm – See, Do & Eat Workshop
4.30pm – Horizon 50
5.00pm – End of Programme

Price -  RM28 per pax (RM25 for Genting Rewards Member)
Pre-booking is recommended by email to themepark.info@rwgenting.com(3 days before the tour date) or call 03-6101 1118 ext.55678

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