22 September, 2015

Beauty Haul: Trending MakeUp Tools

Hi girls!  Am here sharing my recent beauty haul with you guys because it has been the longest time ever since I actually replenish my beauty needs. Recently I have visited some local drugstores in town to get some good quality makeup tools. And guess what I have bought?

It is a very cute makeup sponge tool that I just can't get enough of it because it is SO good. It comes in a curvy shape that allows easy gripping and blending. I saw it is a trending tool in Korea when I watched those Youtube makeup gurus' videos, but it was quite pricey to buy in store :(

In fact, I regretted for getting it from the store as soon as I found the SAME product online at www.sammydress.com (Direct link: HERE) at only $2.31 !!! For real??? It even comes in 5 different colours that I couldn't resist. I should have bought it and save a bomb from there!

Apart from the one in bottle gourd shape, I also found the similar soft sponge powder cosmetic puff in a lovely candy color and raindrop shape at this online store (Direct link: HERE) which is having over 50% discount.

It is my personal favourite tool when it comes to makeup blending whether I am using liquid or cream foundation or eyeshadow. The pointy part allows me to reach the undereye corners more easily and apply precisely. I guess I should just stock up some of this, before the discount is gone!

Speaking of other makeup tools, I realise SammyDress offers a wide variety of good stuff here:

There are over 100 items to be chosen from, each and every one comes in an amazingly affordable price tag! Now, how can I resist myself from purchasing this beautiful 32 Pcs Makeup Brush Set with Faux Leather (Direct link: HERE)?

Or should I get some Professional Face Finishing Powder Brushes instead? (Direct link: HERE)

In fact, as I browse through SammyDress, I notice that it offers wide ranges of latest Women's and Men's Clothing, Shoes, Bags and Accessories, Wedding Dresses, Jewelry, Intimate Lingerie, Wigs, Cosplay Costumes, Children's Toys, Home Products and many more creative items and gift ideas.

With everything housed under one roof and international shipping service available,
I'm sure you'd enjoy your shopping routine at this online store too.

Have fun shopping at www.sammydress.com and stay beautiful x. 

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