05 November, 2015

KKBOX FREE 90 Days Unlimited Music!

Hey dudes and babes!  Are you a music lover like me? 

....if yes, then I have some good stuff to share with you because it's FREEEE! :P 

Have you heard KKBOX, my current addiction for good music? If you do not already know, it has been the Taiwan’s largest music subscription service with over 4.5 million users to date, since its establishment in 2005! I am glad that it has expanded to Malaysia, and becoming an increasingly popular music service here.

I recently came across KKBOX Year End Sale promotion where I can download unlimited music for FREE for 90 days via any device-- PC, iPhone and Android-based phones. And I thought, "This is a really good deal! Why not give it a try?" It's very easy to sign up-- Just register via your Facebook account or email address. 

I tried the app on my smartphone, and totally amazed by the features.
KKBOX now allows us to enjoy music in 5 amazing ways:
(Actually there are more! But I'll just summarize them for you)

#1 Unlimited Music

KKBOX music library is just SO huge! There are over 20 million songs to be chosen from,
featuring a diverse mix of International, Malay, Chinese, Korean and Japanese songs.

#2 Music On The Go

You can  stream music online via your Smartphone, Tablet and PC, then cache songs for offline
access. Create your own playlists and sync them across different devices, anytime, anywhere.

#3 Karaoke On The Go

A very unique feature of KKBOX, which is also my personal favourite among all-- For each song I choose to play, the song lyric is displayed line-by-line in the “Karaoke” style. I can easily sing along with the rolling lyrics and throw spontaneous karaoke "parties" wherever I go. 

#4 Listen with Artists

Get closer to your favorite artists. How nice it is to be able to enjoy listening
to what they’re listening to and chat with them at the same time!

#5 Music Sharing

And of course, sharing the fun is a must! Just connect to Facebook and Twitter,
then share your favourite songs and playlists with your friends.

Overall, KKBOX is not only a platform to enjoy music, but also an entertainment e-paper, a pop-music magazine, and a community for music lovers. Definitely worth trying out if you have not! 

Year End Sale Promotion of FREE 90 Days Unlimited Music
 is valid from now till 31 December 2015 only, so be quick and enjoy! 

Let's M-U-S-I-C! 

For more information, visit KKBOX at:
Website: www.kkbox.com
Instagram: @kkboxmy
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